Nightcrawler (X-Men: Apocalypse) Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys, so today I’ve teamed up with X-Men to bring you this Nightcrawler look To celebrate the release of the film X-Men Apocalypse on blueray, DVD, and digital download Nightcrawler is one of my favourite mutants, I think he’s adorable and I love his look Especially this newer version of him, so this is the one I really wanted to have a go at doing So instead of buying ears for this look, I decided to make my own, which was a bit of an adventure I’ve never done this before, but I’m really happy with how they turned out So I sculpted my ears on a cast of my own ears, my casts are a bit messy And I really need to re-do them, but I will link to my friend Klaire’s video Teaching you how to make your own down below, if you’re interested in making your own So I bulked out the ear shape first and then I started adding details And taking clay away and then adding clay back and just Messing around with it until I was happy with it I’m sculpting with Chavant plasteline, but you can use plasticine if it’s just easier for you to get your hands on So while you’re going through this process, try to keep the edges blended out nicely So that they’ll be nice and thin and easy to blend into the skin when it comes to applying them later on Then you wanna go ahead and layer some liquid latex over top You’ll wanna do a few layers, I did around 5 layers or so But this is gonna totally depend on the kind of latex you’re using It might be different depending on how thick the formula is Some are thick, some are quite watery, this bit is definitely the most boring bit And it does take some time between layers for it to dry So what you can do to speed up that process is just blast it with a hair dryer Just don’t use high heat, the clay I used melts underneath high heat So obviously I didn’t wanna melt my ears Once that latex is dried, you wanna powder it with talcum powder, or translucent powder And then you wanna find and edge you can peel up and then brush on more of that powder underneath As you pull the ear off Latex does stick to itself and that would ruin all of your hard work, so make sure you powder And it’ll stop that from happening So if your ears turn out to be a little bit flimsy because they’re quite big, you can also Put a little bit of liquid latex inside and then put some cotton wool in there too And then that way it’s gonna keep its shape and you’ll be able to paint it a lot easier When it’s stuck to your ear, and it won’t just be like collapsing in on itself and flapping around So I’m gonna start the makeup by applying these guys, so I’m using Pros-Aide adhesive And I’m applying it on my ears and also on the fake ears around the inside Then I’m gonna let that dry, Pros-Aide turns clear so just wait for that to happen And then the two surfaces are gonna stick really nicely together Now these ears aren’t gonna blend into the skin perfectly Because you can’t melt away these edges with anything So I’m gonna go over the edges with that Pros-Aide aswell Or you can use liquid latex, or spirit gum, or lash glue. Just work with what you’ve got Now, something I’ve noticed when I apply ear tips is how they always sit differently at like different angles I guess my ears must be uneven because this happens with professionally made tips as well It’s not just because I’ve sculpted them wrong or something, I think they were pretty even I just wanted to point it out in case you thought they looked a little bit iffy from the front Which they do, but it’s fine So applying the ears is definitely the hardest bit, the rest of this look is pretty straightforward And I’m not even sure how much I’ll be able to talk about it to be honest So, moving onto the patterns on his skin, I actually found it really useful to draw the shapes out on paper first So I kind of knew what I was doing and I could kind of feel it out on paper first Before committing to doing it on my face It was pretty difficult to find any photos of the side of his face So I think some of these shapes on the side could be wrong, but I have no idea until I watch the film again So once you’ve kind of planned out what you’re gonna do on the paper, you wanna map out the shapes With an eyeliner pencil on your face, preferably in a colour similar to your skin tone So it’s gonna be easy to wipe away if you mess up, which you probably will I did loads of times, I find symmetry really difficult so for me This process was a lot of drawing, a lot of wiping off, a lot of re-drawing So don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t go right straight away Just keep at it, try again, and I actually found it useful as well to kind of check in the camera every Now and then, cus what you see in real life is often different to how it kind of translates on camera So, just keep checking So once you’ve marked out your shapes and you’re happy with it Next you wanna go over everything with liquid latex or lash glue I don’t like this lash glue, so I didn’t mind using it all up, I quite like applying with a little squeezy tube Like this, but if you don’t wanna waste a tube of glue, which is completely understandable You can just pour out some liquid latex and use a thin brush to go over all of the shapes I also used this little sculpting tool as well, just to clean up and reshape those edges if I needed to Using the little eyelash tube this way actually made the markings a lot thicker than his So maybe you’ll have more control over thickness if you do actually use the liquid latex and the brush So once you’re done and the latex is dry, if you’ve applied it quite thick you’re gonna need to Wait a little bit longer for it to dry, but once it is dry you wanna Powder everything with translucent powder, and then we can move onto adding the colour I’ve gone ahead and put my contacts in now, because I know I’m gonna be using a Water activated paint, so if my eyes water after I’ve applied the makeup then It’s just gonna streak and it’s gonna ruin everyone’s day, so bear that in mind If you’re also gonna be wearing water activated face paints So for the skin, I used Snazaroo’s dark blue face and body paint And I applied this all over, just as a flat colour Around the eyes, it is gonna crease and crack, so you might wanna apply a similar coloured eye-shadow If you have one, I did that and then I actually decided to add a little bit of a darker shade around the eyes too Just because I like how that looks on me personally, but it’s up to you whether you wanna do that or not Personally, I would really love to see Nightcrawler rocking a smokey eye with some lashes But maybe I’ll save that for another day I did add some black liner to my upper and lower waterline though Next I added some dark blue lipstick to the lips because it’s gonna hold up a lot longer than the facepaint will I guess I got lucky that I actually have a dark blue lipstick, I guess most people won’t So, alternatively I guess you could use a dark blue greasepaint if you don’t wanna buy a blue lipstick Then I went back to that darker eyeshadow from before And I added some of that onto the shadowed parts of the ears So moving onto the brows, I wanted to define them a little bit So I’m using black eyeshadow on a thin angled brush, and I’m just following the natural shape of my brow You could also use small strokes to mimic natural hairs if you wanted a natural looking thicker brow Which would be closer to what his actually look like Now you can leave it like this if you want, you’re definitely gonna Be able to see that texture in real life from up close, but if you’re taking photos it might look a little bit flat So you probably wanna add a highlight So I added the tiniest bit of watered down sky blue facepaint to the highest points So moving onto the hair, I actually used this 70’s shag wig because it was the only thing In the costume shop that was anywhere near the kind of thing I wanted And I didn’t have time to order one, so I really just had to work with what I had So I sprayed a bunch of hairspray on the fringe, and then I weighed that down and kept it all together With a clip while that dried, and then I cut off a bunch of the length at the back And then you can kind of just messy it up with the hairspray as well Then the fringe wasn’t quite long enough and the fringe is one of my favourite bits And I feel like it’s pretty important for his new look, so I added these extensions that I never ever wear So I didn’t mind cutting them up or anything, then I cut them down And I sprayed a ton of hairspray again, to keep it in place Then I’d planned to add his blue streaks with a coloured hair spray, but it just wouldn’t pick up on the black at all So, I used some of that face paint again and it actually worked out pretty well If you have longer to get everything ready for this project than I did, then you’d Be much better off getting some clip-in extensions, some blue ones if you can find some Cus face paints and hairsprays are crispy and… no one wants crispy hair But then that’s it! I really hope you enjoyed this video X-Men Apocalypse is already available for digital download and it comes out on blue ray and DVD On November 7th, so make sure you check that out As always. thank you guys for watching and I’ll speak to you next time

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