New Year’s Eve Makeup – Black Smoky Eye – CHANEL and Urban Decay NAKED 2

Hi Loves! Happy New Year! Today, we’re doing
a dazzling black smoky eye using what has quickly become one of my favorite Christmas
presents gifts — shout out to my big brother for this one — this is the CHANEL Illusion
D’Ombre long wear eye shadow in “Mirifique”. And, as you can see, it’s a soft shimmering
solid, it also works wonderfully as a liner and it comes with a cute little narrow brush,
but I’m swatching with my finger to show you the thick, creamy texture of the product.
It’s full of glitter, it’s full of pigment, and it sticks VERY well. You don’t even need
a primer, but I do use one in this tutorial anyway, just to give the look a hint of gold.
Now, before we get started, I have to know what your new year’s resolution is. I always
try to stick to mine, I even write them down. And, this year, I plan on filming them, so
I’d love a little inspiration, so please make sure to leave yours in the comments below.
I’m starting out with a yellow-gold primer all over my eyelids, around my tear ducts,
around the creases and also a hint along my lower lash line. Now, I’m grabbing one of
my favorite favorite palettes and dusting a glittery peach color along the outer edges
of my creases. We’ll be loading up with a lot more of this one a little later. Using
the baby CHANEL brush that came with the product, I’m going to apply a thick coat of the black
eye shadow all over my eyelids. And then, I’m flipping the brush over, using the narrow
side, to carefully trace around my tear ducts and to round out my eyelids, so that I can
avoid raccoon-eyed craziness. I’m drawing a little bit of a wing to wake up the look
by leading the edges upward, and this is also going to add some depth to the upcoming contour
action. Going back to that sparkly peach color, I’m going to go over that wing we just created.
Now, this is a really stubborn long wear shadow and I used primer, so I’m gonna use a firmer
brush and even my fingers to blend the colors together and to also soften the edges of the
shadow. I’m now brushing a gold metallic shadow mostly to the inner, but also all around the
outer creases to open up the look and add even more shimmer and shine. Next, I’m brushing
gold into an ivory and baby pink for a metallic highlight inside the corners, underneath the
brow bone and along the outer edges of my lower lash line. I LOVE a dramatic eye, I
Iove my liner, so I’m going back over my lash line with the black shadow for a little more
definition. And then, I’m softly blending it upwards. Then, I’m taking a narrow angle
brush to smoke up the lower lash line. And, of course, I have to take advantage of that
fine, flat edge of the brush to clean up the shape and do any necessary extra blending
in the outer creases. Quick curl to the lashes, and I’m ready for falsies! After applying
a good amount of glue, I like to rock my lashes in the shape of a smiley face, so that the
glue will harden in a curved shape similar to my eyelid, making the falsies easier to
apply. Watch how easy it is to apply the lash with only one hand because of it. I press
on the inner and outer edges until I’m sure that that baby is not going ANYWHERE. And
then I’ll comb and wiggle the lash tips lightly with my finger, so that the fake strip angles
in the direction of my actual lashes. I’ll let those dry for a bit, and I’m going ahead
and applying black pencil liner on my waterline. Then — last step — I’m applying volumizing
mascara to my lower lashes and working my way up. The falsies already give me extra
length and volume, so I’m really only apply mascara to the tips of my lashes. But I still
prefer to use volumizing mascara because it’s usually a thicker formula, which helps the
fake and the real lashes to adhere together, so then ultimately you can’t tell which are
which! And there you are: dazzling black smoky eyes! I hope you enjoyed this video. Please
follow me @GiselleUgarte. And if you want to see more videos, make sure you “Like” this
video, give me some requests in the comment box and, of course, don’t forget to subscribe!
I’ll see you next time! These glasses make me feel like I’m wasted — Yikes!

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