Hi guys, welcome back to my channel! Today I am going to review and demo for you
guys the new PAC Steelwheel Eyeliner. I have only one shade but I think that is
enough for you to understand how the other shades would fair. I think I should give one disclaimer that
this is not a sponsored video. I bought it for myself and if you want an
honest opinion about how the PAC Seel Wheel eyeliner really is, keep on watching! So first and foremost, the Steel WHeel eyeliner
comes in packaging like this. This is a very nice posh packaging, I love
this kind of fuss-free packaging. I have this in the shade 04 thunder Strike. PAC has come out with 6 shades which are really
nice, as you can see, the shades are so nice, not the usual kind of colors we find in the
mainstream market. So I really appreciate PAC for coming out
with these colors. This SteelWheel eyeliner retails for Rs. 645/-
on Amazon.in, from where I bought it, but I had to pay Rs. 50 shipping, so that came
to a total of Rs. 695/-. Is it really worth it, let’s find out? So the eyeliner comes in packaging like this. This is so posh. As the wand is tapered like this, it is really
easy to grip the eyeliner and draw the wing. That is something I really love. When you open it up, the main attraction is
the pizza-cutter style of a pin-wheel eyeliner. This is very reminiscent of the MAC PIn Wheel
eyeliner, I will have the side-to-side image of the MAC one here. MAC has said that this pinwheel eyeliner makes
the wings much easier and precise, and that is reminiscent in this PAC eyeliner as well. Another very nice thing which I found in the
PAC one, I haven’t used the MAC one, so I don’t know how it is, is this. This kind of an opening for the packaging
is really nice and I haven’t seen any other eyeliner to come with packaging like this. This ensures that you get the exact amount
of eyeliner you need and not more, not less, exactly the amount you need. So I’ll just swatch it for you guys. Thunder Strike is a very nice greyish black
sparkly eyeliner. I like it and you can see how thin the lines
are. As you can see, my winged eyeliner is very
precise today and I will demo for you guys, how easy it was to draw this wing, with this
eyeliner. So now, you saw how easy it was to draw my
wings, I will just mention for you guys, the PROs and CONs of this eyeliner. PRO number1, it really makes the wings precise
and sharp, and it’s very easy and I like that thing about this eyeliner. NUMBER 2, the eyeliner is smudge-proof and
waterproof. I have worn it for 2 days now, and it didn’t
budge from my eyes even in the Summer, sweaty weather. NUMBER 3, there are many eyeliners that crack
after a certain period of time, but this doesn’t. NUMBER 4, the wand is such a nice shape that
it makes holding the wand very easy and that is something that gives extra grip to the
eyeliner. For the CONs,
Number 1, the pricing. It is quite at 650 rupees, for an eyeliner
in the Indian market. I have already told you guys that I also use
the Essence Ink Dip Eyeliner which is my go-to black eyeliner, for my wings. That retails for around 250 RUpees. If I am investing in this, it’s going to be
a great jump for me. NUMBER 2, as it has a pin-wheel kind of an
applicator, it doesn’t have much of the product in it. So, to do one eye, I have to go twice into
the pot to have some product. And that can be a challenge because once I
have that grip, I want to go in one swipe and get done with the eye. If I have to go again in the pot, my eyeliners
can go haywire. NUMBER3, the shade range. I know that PAC was going for a very colorful
and vibrant and sparkly kind of a range but yet, I would have loved if they had a jet
black eyeliner in this series because as an applicator for doing my wings, I really like
this, so, if they come out with a black one. So there it was the PROs and CONs of the PACSteelWHeel
eyeliner. For me, after weighing both of them, if I
am going out for the night and I want my eyes to be jazzy with all the dark grey sparkle,
I would definitely go for this eyeliner and I also want to try out the other shades because
the red and green one they have, they are really intriguing. I hope all of you found this video to be helpful,
and if you did, don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel. Also, comment down below, what are your ride
or die eyeliners. I would love to try it out!. I hope all of you are doing great, till the
next time, bye!


  1. Heyyyy babe!! 👀
    My go to eyeliner is Lakmé Insta Liquid liner… I've been using it since the 1st time I started using an eye liner and I lovve it! 🖤
    Absolutely loved this video and your way of reviewing the stuff!
    Loads of love hon ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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