hey guys welcome back to my Channel! today I’m gonna show you how to make your eyelashes look amazing! longer thicker and beautiful and I’m very excited because I’m using my new mascara from julep. I will read a little bit about this mascara why I’m so excited 🙂 Large boosting bamboo mascara, clinically proven results three times more length and thickness on bare lashes. well I need all of this for my eyelashes! let’s get started. for my eyelashes I’m always using lash curler because my lashes grows up so straight forward and I just don’t like when I apply mascara without curling them. I love false eyelashes but for everyday I don’t glue them on I just don’t. I like to wear mascara and I’m very very picky with mascara just because my eyelashes goes whatever and I always need to make sure I’m managing them and make them look even and nice. We’ll see if this mascara will do a good job. This is how it’s looks when it’s out of box and it’s super cute it has all over this eyes open and closed with beautiful lashes and I just think it’s look very elegant and very cute. You can actually make it make your wand a little bit shorter and fuller a little bit longer and spread out. now with a short wand I’m building the volume so I just twist it to the left all the way and made it short and now I’m going to build the volume. it seems this one works really well for my stubborn eyelashes. What I like it spread mascara very evenly. Very nice!! and now I want to create length and separate eyelashes. I will twist all the way to the right. now I’m going to build length and separate eyelashes. I love how I was able to create such a beautiful volume with this mascara and I do see increasing of my length I just think my eyelashes look very pretty with this mascara. I will continue to use this mascara! and I love how they created adjustable wand in this mascara you can create volume and create length, it’s a great idea! Guys, one more thing I’m sharing with you. this is the sleep mask and it’s pure silk sleep mask. under eye area is very tender and fragile and since we while sleeping really don’t realize how we do it we can damage and stretch under eye area so they created this sleep mask that helps you to relax and just have a better rest for your under-eye skin I am very excited to use this mask. and I didn’t use it yet and I will tell you later on how I like it. so this is the box I think it’s a great idea so you can protect and take care of your under-eye area while you’re sleeping for eight hours. And I really like in the box how it says sweet dreams 🙂 that’s such a great idea! That is all for right now guys. See you later

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