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  1. hey Jackie, I am a huge fan of yours and I have pretty much watched everyone of your videos within ten minutes you up loaded for over 2 years. however, last week my boyfriend died ( five days before our six year anniversary ) and ever since then I have been in such a funk. granted its only been 14 days, it feels like a lifetime. I am so broken and lost, but today I forced myself to get online and get out of my head for a little while.
    I just wanted you to know that this is the first time I have smiled and or laughed since the day of the accident. and I just wanted to say thank you. ive been catching up on your last few videos since it happened and finally decided to comment and let you know that I really appreciate you, for just being you. you have given me the strength to be myself and make sure that I continue to be the woman the my boyfriend loved. because like you I have been myself undeniably forever and that's what he loved about me most. and you have reminded me to be myself and go out to be my best self and make him proud. so thank you for that xoxo lots of love Jackie xoxo

  2. I know im super late!!! alas, as a mom life is so busy!! But you are so beautiful, and have such a great personality!!! I absolutely love watching your videos!!

  3. bro i thought you were wearing falsies when you just was wearing mascara. then you put your falsies on and i was like WOAH

  4. Hey Jackie are you ever going to review the box of crayons pallet?? Just askin for me ?? 👀💁🏾‍♀️

  5. i thought u had on falsies with just that mascara!!! what mascara is that?! also, can you please do a video with your brush recommendations? i know you've mentioned which brushes you use randomly throughout different videos, but one video with all of your latest ride ormdies would be appreciated!!!

  6. Did anyone else notice how she did tell you how much product comes in the Laura Mercier loose setting powder. I checked mines it only has one once.

  7. Every time there's a peach anything in a collection, I know for a fact you're going to use it somehow. I roll my eyes every time lmfaoooo

  8. I forgot which video you did that made me start setting my primer (long time ago) but it makes such a difference in the longevity of your foundation! One of my favorite tricks!

  9. Im late to the party butt…..those shadows dont look all that impressive?
    The HG setting powder, for me, is better as a finishing powder. After I bake or set a client ive been using it as just a sheer cover over the areas i set. I films/photos better that way

  10. Does anyone know where in canada to purchase the lemonade palette? I went on the website but they don't ship outside of the US

  11. You remind of my VERY BEST FRIEND Valerie. She has an amazing personality just like you. You guys would get along so good. I think that’s why I love watching you so much. She is my sister from another Mister.

  12. Read on Allure that this contains diamond powder😅😍😳 talk about bougey 😅 haha just bought this today. Jup I caved and gave in! 😂😂

  13. Dude you look gorgeous and glowing and FLAWLESS in that flash test photo. and if it looks good in person also EVEN BETTER cause sometimes its the other way around and uh…thats the worse know what im saying?

  14. The hourglass translucent powder and something I'm going to skip. Way too pricey for little results. That's just me. Jackie do you wear false lashes on your bottom lashes? Or is that even possible?? Because yours look great and I want some😉

  15. I'm watching this in my living room and every time she said orgasm my finger couldn't cover my speaker in time lmao

  16. I am OBSESSED with this powder.

    I have dry skin and have never found a powder I loved. I hate the look of powder. I love this one because it is so finely milled, you can put a shit ton on and it doesn't look like powder.

    I had tried the No7 from target and it was too thick. Then I tried the Cover Fx one for dry skin and that was a heck nope.

    This one is everything!

  17. Do you use the wowder to set your primer still??and thanks for the review Cuz I love hourglass foundation stick amongst their other products I have bought several over the years but I might pass on this powder.

  18. She was trying soooo hard to make that eyeshadow palette work. But I can tell the difference between Jackie’s real reactions and her staged ones.

  19. I was just watching an asmr video in my watch later, half asleep, and this video automatically played next and woke me up SO FAST i love you jackie

  20. Jackie gives me life and I can wt
    Watch her talk 20 minutes about translucent powder and I don't even wear makeup. Jackie you are that amazing. 😘😍😍

  21. “Jackie aina being Jackie aina for 2 minutes straight”please!!! LOVE YOU JACKIE❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. I know this video is from a couple of months ago. But I only just subscribed and am catching up on your videos but girl. YOU GIVE ME LIFE. You are so funny. Xx

  23. how do you get that sheen? you look like healthy, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, fresh, just went on vacation… you get what I mean hahaha!

  24. Auntie Jackie, does powdering my primer work with stick foundations? I have oily combination skin too and I'm a stick kind of girl. ♡

  25. Hm after watching half of this video,i decided to subscribe& the notification bell. Really enjoy watching u jackie! I am lisa from jakarta.

  26. Is Jackie O ur real last name and aina is Denises last name and y’all married so u took his last name if that makes since cas every know and then u say jackie o and every time u said aina I’m just kinda confused by it.

  27. I love those lashes on you! 😍 They just look like a fuller version of your already beautiful natural lashes

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