NEUTRAL Eye Shadow Tutorial

okay just to even out the skin tone on my lid
I’m going to use this color from the BH Cosmetics concealer palette. over the lid and bottom lash line. okay now I’m gonna take my 217 Mac brush and I’m gonna start off with a
color that kinda reminds me of sketch by Mac it’s a dark plum color. Just gonna make a tap here and begin a circular
motion blending it inward. into my crease Keep blending. windshield wiper movements as well. I’m also gonna take that color onto
the bottom lash line right here in the outer corner most of the colors in this Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette are Matte but there’s a beautiful peachy
color here with some sparkle in it. I’m gonna use that for my mobile lid. now I’m gonna take that same blending brush, the 217, and just go around that color no extra color on the 217 just kinda
blending out the harsh edges, Of that Peach eye shadow. now at you blended that color out to
your liking let me go on to the next darkest color
and this color is like that deep brownish color this color reminds me of “Handwritten”
by Mac Cosmetics so if you have that color reach for that, and we’re gonna take it in the outer corner, and outer corner under the lash line and we’re just going a little bit
underneath the crease color For our highlight color there’s a Beige tone it’s a matte color that’s
in the palette just gonna sweep that into the brow bone now gonna take the kohl pencil by Mac.
This is “Feline” Any black eyeliner will do fine just take that into the waterline and
the lash line now take a very stiff brush dip into some black eye shadow and set the black liner you’ve just applied, especially if you have watery eyes. Notice I’m smudging it as I apply it for a smokier effect. As you sweep the color outward, create a V shape on your outer corner. don’t go too far in… just right here
in the corner. we’re gonna go back to that 217 brush and just use that in circular
motions right here in our outer corner. and blend that black a bit alright if you have a water line like mine
its always a little damp everything kind irritates me and causes
me to tear up so what I’m gonna do is take a little
bit of Ruby kisses gel liner and then
apply that to my waterline because if I don’t I’m going to lose to
smoke in this look I’m also going to add some mascara to my bottom and top lash line you can use any mascara of your choice, I’m using the Loreal “black smoke” okay now I’m gonna take the
Ruby Kisses gel liner in “RIch Black” I’m going to apply that t my top lash line very carefully take your time so as you can see doing eyeliner
on myself is very difficult to do while trying to film so I just basically
take my time work it-in that direction from the
Middle out then I go back into the inner corner and up to meet the line and usually what i’ll
do is apply my lash like I’m about to do and then I’ll go over that line again with liquid liner so we’re gonna apply
lash right now I’m using the kiss lash number 20 and this is what they look like very pretty from applying that with my “Lash Grip”
eyelash adhesive just gonna apply a very thin layer Now that the glue is on, I’m going to wait til it gets a bit tacky tacky meaning sticky I already have my tweezers in my hand
ready to go and now what I usually do is just place
the lash all my lid with my fingers as close to the lash line as possible but still on the skin of the lid… at
the very bottom up the lid and then I just push the lash into place I wait a few seconds while it begins to dry and then I go along the edges the lash
with my tweezers to basically blend my lash with
the false lashes okay…so this is what we have So, I’m going to add a little of a sparkly color here in the inner corner…like I did on my other eye I’m gonna take that 217 blending brush And the darkest brown we used, and just go around my outer corners again. okay so I’ll be right back with the rest
of my face and my lips This the completed makeup look, I decided to go with a nude lip Mac lip pencil in “Chestnut” looks like
this okay just your average brown I also used Mac’s lipstick in “Hug Me” looks like that okay swatches like this K and on top of that lipstick and used the NYX lip gloss in… “Desert” looks like that and swatches like this okay pretty taupe color so I hope that you guys enjoyed the
tutorial hope that you feel like it was easy
enough that you can do for yourself I hope that I used products that you may have around or products that were
close to what you guys have or if you decide to do the look for
yourself and you decide to make a video please I
would love to see it go it leave it in the comments section and that’s about it so “CYBER KISSES” and I’ll see you guys in the next video and please stay tuned for the pics at
the end BYE!!!

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