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what’s up welcome back I know that
festival season is fast approaching for some of you guys I believe it is in
about two weeks so what better thing to do than bring you guys an extremely neon
a festival makeup look today we don’t have festivals really where I am from we
do have one big country fest in the summertime but we don’t have any kind of
festival where it would be like really appropriate to wear I looks like this
but if we did let’s just say I would not go unnoticed with this look because it’s
neon and bright um I did go in and add a splatter of neon pigment all across the
cheek area where I applied my highlight I don’t know if the camera is really
picking it up or not but I just want it to be a little bit more dramatic as if
there is not enough on the lids already okay if you guys do enjoy today’s look
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if housefull at makeup look today then please keep watching alright guys so I think I wouldn’t prep
my live with my P Louise face I’m gonna be going in and creating this look today
using three of the hell and E neon pigments one is neon mango one is neon
orange and the other one is neon at Ruby so I am gonna start off by going into
neon Ruby starting off with this one because I really want to shape out the
eye with the shadow before I go in with the ones on the lid so I’m just making
sure that I get it placed nice and properly where I want it okay now I’m
going to go in with a separate t56 brush and I’m going to go into the shade neon
orange and then I’m gonna pack this shadow right on the center of the lid
and drag it up to the center of the crease I’m also making sure to kind of
pause at certain times as well and to look at myself in the mirror to make
sure that I’m getting at the pigment place exactly where I want it in the
crease because I do have hooded eyes you want to drag it up a little bit higher
than you normally would just so that when you have your eyes open that you
can still see the pigment when you’re looking at somebody I’m just so obsessed
with neon look lately like I could wear these every fucking day I’m just
flipping this brush over and I’m gonna go into neon mango at this point and
then I’m gonna place that directly on the inner part of the lid these pigments
guys you really want to go in it with a light hand if you go in with too much
product it’s just gonna end up dusting off your brush and creating a really big
mess on your face and you’re just gonna waste a lot of product so take your time
with these pigments and just really work them in and pack them on so that you
don’t waste them because these pigments were not cheap and I am actually gonna
switch over to an m56 – at this point I just want to add a little bit more I
forgot that I use this brush guys I just want to add a little bit more pigment up
towards the brow bone area because this eye is a little bit higher than this eye
and I want to make them match so I forgot to use this brush just that off
and then I’m going into neon and mango again and then I’m just going to buff
that in the crease as well a little bit higher now that that hurts pretty much
done I’m going to switch over to my super beauty hydra liner in the shade
space panda this is a water activated liner so i’m going to use this to create
that white line in the crease and i’m just going to shut up for a few minutes
because i literally can’t breathe when i do this otherwise i always end up
getting transferring and fucking my look up so while that’s drying I’m just going
to go in and create those three dots on the outer part of the eye so now I’m
going to go into my other super Beauty hydro liner in the shade acid trip and
then I’m going to place the six dots on the outer part of the eye as well and
I’m still using my makeup Shakti 75 brush for this so I did hop off-camera I
went and did my foundation and all that stuff and I applied my lashes and we’re
gonna move in underneath the lower lash line now so we’re just gonna keep it
really basic underneath the lower lash line I’m just gonna go back in with my
makeup check t56 brush into the shade Ruby and then I’m just gonna pop this
right underneath the lower lash line again when doing this you’re gonna want
to use patting motions and not swirling motions because you will get a lot of
fallout and kick up when you do that and you don’t want that especially after you
did your foundation and stuff so just go in with really light patting motions and
I switch over to my other one and I’m gonna go in to neon mango and then I’m
gonna place this directly on the inner part of the lower lash line now we’re
going to move in to the part of the look where you’re going to splash all that
neon pigment on underneath your eyes just to kind of add a little bit more
color and creativity to this look so I’m gonna go in see if this works get a wet
base down I’m gonna go in and give my face a spray with my skin to Navy a
setting spray I’m just gonna do one tiny little spray and while that is drying
down I am gonna go in to neon orange I’m just going to let this fall all over the
face tap it there that’s better here we go to be
super precise with this guy’s just have fun with it it’s just meant to be really
fun and creative it doesn’t really just have to be precise or anything all right
guys I will say that if you do decide to do the powder all over the face like I
just did do your lashes after the happy because I have pigment in my eyelashes
now but it’s really not that big of a deal I just think splattering the neon
pigment on your face like that just kind of gives it a little bit more of a
creative feel to the eye look because I know people that go to these types of
festivals and stuff really like to stand out and pop with their color you can
totally skip this step though if you want if you’re not into it and you can
just do the eye look and move on with the rest of the face but I thought it
was really cute so I thought I’d at it okay I’m gonna move in it now and do
lips and I’m going to keep the lips really really bright as well so I’m
going in with my Rimmel the only one lipstick in the shade in cupon CH and
not even bothering to line my lips today alright guys so that is it for my knee
on a festival makeup look today I really hope that you guys enjoyed it if any of
you guys decided to recreate this look for festival season please tag me on
Instagram I will have all that information listed in the description
box below don’t forget to give this video thumbs up if you did enjoy today’s
look and with that being said guys thank you so much I love you and I’ll catch
you in my next video

32 thoughts on “Neon Festival Makeup Look | Coachella Makeup

  1. I would definitely rock this look! Iโ€™m loving these neon colours. Great video ๐Ÿ’–โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘

  2. WOW! I'm loving it. ๐Ÿ˜ Still out of my comfort zone ๐Ÿ˜‚ but if I was younger I'd be rocking this look for sure. Gives me Hawaiian feels. Also reminds me of something from the 80s that Cyndi Lauper would've sported back in the day.
    #CuzGirlsJustWannaHaveFun! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ’•

  3. Wow!! This is so bright and fun. I know you said this was for Coachella – but have you worn it there or anywhere else? I would love to know what made this your color choices (so fun!!)

  4. great video we have a lot of festivals in the UK i don't go to any not my scene but i can see a lot of people braking out the neon and this would be perfect it's beautiful loving all the creativity you bring xx

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