Naturally Perfect Eyebrows | Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today’s video is going to be a brow tutorial. I know my makeup looks so crazy right now,
I’m in the middle of filming another tutorial on the eye look that I’m wearing today and
I decided to take a moment to show you guys how I do my brows. Because it’s pretty much the same thing every
single day. I use the same products, the same techniques
so I wanted to take a moment to show you guys how I do them and also give you some detailed
tips and tricks for how to accomplish a natural looking brow when you don’t have a lot of
hair. So instead of just doing a regular brow routine,
I wanted to go pretty in-depth and make this a beginner-friendly eyebrow tutorial so that
somebody who doesn’t really know how to fill in their brows can accomplish a natural looking
brow even if you don’t really have any eyebrow hair like I do. So it’s going to be pretty detailed, it might
be redundant for some people. But I wanted to so that I can show you guys
how I do my brows. So I hope this tutorial is helpful for those
of you who are still kind of learning how to apply product to your brows or create a
natural looking brow because I know it is a little bit difficult sometimes. So I’m going to stop rambling and show you
guys how I do my brows. So you have a few different options with brow
products: you have powder, pencil and pomade, I believe. Whatever dip brow is, I think it’s a gel pomade. I personally think powders are best for natural
looking brows because the look tends to be a lot softer and it’s a lot more forgiving
if you apply too much product and it’s just kind of easier to work with overall. The only thing, for me, is that it takes a
little bit longer to work with, for me anyway. And I don’t like doing my brows, I think it’s
very time consuming sometimes and I’d rather spend that time doing other things. My favorite product is the Anastasia Beverly
Hills Brow Wiz, which looks like this. And I use mine is the shade Medium Brown. And the nice thing about this is that it has
the pencil on one side and it’s supposed to have a spooli on the other side but mine randomly
broke off so mine doesn’t have it but it normally does when you buy the product. So it’s really convenient when you’re filling
in your brows, you can quickly turn it to the other end and brush through your brows
to create a more natural look. But for me the Brow Wiz is easier to work
with so I’m going to be using this product. Feel free to use whatever product that you
find is the easiest, you can still follow the tips and tricks that I give you. So the first tip that I have for you guys
is a little bit weird, but I recommend using a big mirror (something that you can see your
entire face in). I’ve had times where I’ve done my eyebrows
with a smaller mirror thinking that they were symmetrical and perfect. And then I look at myself in a bigger mirror
and one eyebrow is way higher than the other, the other one is like a completely different
shape and it just looks like a disaster. I mean your eyebrows don’t need to be identical,
they’re supposed to look like sisters not twins, which is what everyone says. I’ve noticed that when I use a bigger mirror
it’s a lot easier to get symmetrical eyebrows and I don’t end up having that moment where
I Iook at myself in a bigger mirror and notice my eyebrows are completely different. My second tip for getting symmetrical eyebrows
is to map out the different points of your brows: so the beginning, the arch and then
end. So I like to take my eyebrow pencil and lay
it against the side of my nose. You don’t want to put it against your nostril,
unless you have really small nostrils then you can get away with that, because you don’t
want your eyebrows going inside past your tear duct. That’ll be too short. I like to take it so it’s kind of in the middle
between the bridge of my nose and the end of my nostril and make a line like that. Next you want to define the arch. And you do that by taking it against the same
spot on your nose and making a mark right above the pupil–at the end of the pupil. And for the end of your arch, you want to
take the pencil and place it against the same area on your nose and put it against the outer
corner of your eye in the far end of your eye. And lay it like that and make a mark. Now I’m going to do the same thing for the
other eye. So lay it against your nose and make a mark
in the front. Turn it so it’s right through your pupil,
and make a mark right over here. And then turn it again and make a mark for
the end of your arch. So my tip tip is for those of you who might
have issues with once eyebrow being lower than the other or one arch being higher than
the other. I always have that problem because my eyebrows
are not even. You want to use a flat surface, so I like
to go in with a ruler. I like this one because it’s flexible so I
can shape it to my face. And I like to go in with the eyebrow that
tends to be higher, which is this one for me. The arch usually tends to be a lot higher. And kind of fill it in a little bit. And then take the ruler, and take it against
the top of my eyebrow there. And then wrap it around so that it looks even. And make a mark on the other eyebrow. So this mark is where I should start the arch
of my brow, that’s as high as I need to go so that it matches this side. The next thing that I like to do because this
eyebrow is a little bit thicker than this one so the arch tends to be thicker over here,
I’m going to mark down here where the end of my arch is. Take the ruler and place it right at the base
of the arch and wrap the ruler on the other side. And mark it right over here. And that’s how thick my eyebrow should be
so that it matches on both sides. So I like to do the same thing for the beginning
of my brow because one tends to be higher than the other so I’m going to mark the side
that tends to be a little bit lower. And take the ruler and move it over to the
other side, and make a mark. And I like to do it for the tail of my brow
also so I’m going to take it from the point where the arch should start to the end of
my brow and make a line. And then do the same thing on the other side. So take it from the arch point and hold it
down against the end of the arch or the end of the brow. The draw a line connecting the two. And this is what you should have so far. It look very crazy right now but the good
thing is we’re going to blend everything out so that it looks very natural. Another tip is to follow the natural shape
of you brows. You don’t want to deviate too much from that
because the natural shape of your brows usually suits you the best so just keep that in mind
when you’re doing this also. But right now I have the shape that I want
for my brows. And so I’m just going to be connecting everything
and filling it in . So I like to start in the front of my brows and start making really
light strokes upward so that it mimics the shape in the front of the brows. You want to follow the natural direction of
your brow hairs so you’ll notice that the hairs in the front tend to go straight up,
and the hairs into the rest of your brow kind of start curving downwards. So when I move over here I’ll start brushing
it kind of in a curve towards the tail end of my brow. And that’ll give you the most natural look
for your brows. So I’m just doing really light strokes. So for the hairs on the top of my brow, I’m
brushing downwards because that’s the natural direction that my hair goes. And for the bottom of my brows, I’m brushing
upwards. And I’m still keeping a pretty light hand,
I don’t want to go too heavy. Just to create those natural, hair-like strokes. And while you’re doing your brows, every now
and then you want to brush through the hairs with a spooli just to make sure that you’re
blending out the product and it’s not building up so that it’s super heavy. For the tail, I like to kind of draw the hairs
horizontally, I think that gives the most natural appearance. Sometimes when I’m doing my brows and I’m
looking just straight forward, it’ll look like I’ve filled in all of the patchy areas,
and then I’ll notice that if I look to the side and look in the mirror I’ll still be
able to see some skin. And that’s not something that I obviously
want so look to the side, you’ll be able to see what areas you need to fill in a little
bit more, maybe you missed a certain spot, then you could fill it in that way. And I’m putting a little more pressure on
the outer portion of my eyebrows because you want there to be a little bit of a gradient
effect. You want the beginning of your brows to have
the least amount of product, the middle of your brows to have a little bit more product,
and then the tail of your brow to be the darkest. Once you’re at this point, you can kind of
look at both of your brows and see what kind of changes you need to make. There may be some minor things like right
now I’m noticing that this arch is a little bit more round than this arch so I’m going
to go ahead and fix that. So once you’re happy with the way that you’ve
shaped your brows and the way that they’re filled in, you want to clean things up a little
bit. Now if you want a really sharp line you can
take some concealer and a brush and apply it along the base of your eyebrow. So you can drag it along and clean up any
little mistakes that you might have made. And you can even take it above your brow over
here and on the tail. I personally don’t like cleaning up my eyebrows
with concealer on a day to day basis because I don’t think it looks very natural. I like a little bit of an imperfection and
I don’t want a super straight line because it looks like little hairs to me. I actually just like to go in with a pointy-ended
q-tip this is like a makeup q-tip or something. And just clean up any areas where I might
have done out too far. So I’ll just rub it against the edge of my
brows and clean up any areas. So I just like to rub this along my brow just
to make sure that everything is nice and clean and nice and sharp. And so that it still looks natural. I also like to take this in the front of my
brow and wipe away some of the product so that it looks even more natural. So once you’re happy with the way that your
brows look, you want to make sure that it lasts all day long so I like to go in and
actually set my brows with some setting powder. And just rub along anywhere that we applied
brow powder and it’ll make sure that it stays in place all day. I’m actually just noticing this, but setting
your brows also makes your brows look a little bit more natural. It kind of softens up the product so it looks
even more like your hair. And the last step to getting natural looking
brows is to use a brow gel. I like to use a tinted brow gel like this
NYX tinted brow mascara and this is in the shade Brunette. I personally like a tinted brow gel because
I feel like it defines my natural brow hairs a lot more and makes it look a lot more natural
overall. But if you prefer a clear brow gel you can
definitely go in with that. So when I’m applying this I like to push the
hairs upwards like this. Just to make sure that all of the hairs are
nice and coated. And I especially like to focus the product
on the tail of my brow because my brow hairs tend to grow downwards on my tail end of the
brow so I’ll have little hairs sticking out of the brow that I created and this definitely
helps prevent that from happening. And once you have everything coated you just
want to kind of gently brush it down. I like a little bit more of an unkempt brow,
I don’t like it to look too perfect so I like to kind of keep it up a little bit still. But you can brush it down completely if you
prefer that. So this is what the brows looks like with
makeup on. As you can see, they still look natural, they
are a lot thicker than my natural brows because I have little to no brow hair. But you can still see the brow hair in my
eyebrow and the techniques that we use definitely helped with creating a more natural looking
brow that’s still defined and shapes your face. But doesn’t look so defined that it looks
drawn on. So hopefully you find these tips and tricks
that I gave you helpful. if you like this video, please give it a thumbs
up and my next video is going to be on the makeup look that I’m wearing right now. It’s a peachy daytime glam video, so if you’d
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