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hello beauties so this is my soft natural almost no makeup makeup look so if you want to know how to recreate this look continue watching and don’t forget to Like comment subscribe and hit that notification bell to see more of those awesome looks so let’s get into it [Music] to see let’s get into it right away I’m gonna start with the elf poreless putty primal which is this one put it on your face you’re gonna wait one minute to make sure that everything is absorbed in the skin all right now that everything is properly in and moisturised we’re going to start with the foundation born this way I’m gonna take the morphe sponge and you’re gonna blend all over your face I’m pretty heavy-handed with the Beautyblender you know you tap your sponge like you want I like to really press it hard in the skin make sure everything is in to cover these pores cover these pimples covers cover these imperfections oh and by the way this foundation is medium to full coverage depending on the primer you put under and your discoloration on your skin I’m going to conceal or under eyes a little bit of the acne that I have here here and along the nose as well so we’re gonna take the Born This Way multi sculpt concealer and cream puff so it’s this one [Music] we’re gonna take this sponge [Music] together so you look up concealer down and on your eyes then we’re gonna set everything before it creases I’m gonna use the Rimmel London match perfection silky loose face powder so this so it’s not too matte because it’s if it’s too matte it dries out my under eyes and it’s gonna crease it’s gonna create those lines under my eyes which you don’t want to have [Music] to continue this look we’re gonna make sure that to have a little bit more filled in brows but not full Instagram all right you don’t want to have like an extremely shortly and contoured brow you really want to keep it natural so if your ship is like this you’re not gonna change the shape you’re just gonna fill in the little spot that’s missing in your brows the next professional in the color taupe you brush your hair up and you want to also put color because you might have blended foundation into your eyebrows and then they might have they raced a little bit of this shit that you have already depending on your under color of your eyebrows we go anymore just natural people everyday look you don’t want a hug full-blown you want to go just out the door do whatever you want just to feel so now my brows are probably filled in this is to my liking so you have to like it obviously and after that what we can do is if you want your brows is to in place you can take a brow gel so you apply it to your hair to the place where you want them to be and it’s gonna last all day so I’m gonna take the Annabelle brow show this is the eyebrow [Music] they are definitely sisters not twins because they do not put the thing but that’s their move we’re not symmetrical 100% so so after that you want still to have put a little bit of color to your face that means bronzer and blush which we’re going to use as well as eye shadow to keep their look extremely natural so the brands open that I’m gonna use is the butter bronzer from Physicians Formula and I’m gonna use this brush as well the bronze the face to prom Thanks it smells like coconut you really have to go and smell it like it smells like summer since fall is coming and it’s cold here well I kind of need this dose of things a little bit on the forehead and you don’t want to overdo it you know you just want to have something more natural so you just bronze up the face just a tiny bit so you don’t look dead you know like a white pale like me that doesn’t have a tan anywhere in my face I tan all my done my whole body but my face is like it stays extremely white and then you bronze the whole neck because you want your neck a little bit darker than your face always never the same color just a tiny bit lighter we’re gonna take the Marcel block bro blush sorry Marcel blush just a tiny bit and when you’re happy with your life contour and blush as you can see you don’t see a lot there but it’s supposed to be natural its natural natural but you know little glam glitter and stuff so now what we’re gonna do we’re gonna take the same colors that means the bronzer and the blush and we’re gonna apply it to the eye just a little bit to add shape we’re gonna use the bronzer so I can see something you’re just gonna put it in the crease and it’s just a little tiny bit so we’re not gonna put more than that so now we’re gonna continue the eyes the natural look so we’re gonna take the blush and we’re gonna put it in the middle of our eye and a little bit under so it creates a nice pinky look I’m gonna pack it on your lid but really really lightly cuz you don’t want to have too much pigment and under it as well then we’re gonna prep the lashes with the Lancome still booster extra excel we’re gonna put it all over my lashes it is a white and we’re gonna put it under lashes and though I’m not looking at a mirror I’m trying to look in the camera and doing it without stabbing my eye so I just did it basically looks like a torture tool for your eyes Oh the difference you guys can use push mascara and it really smells like hat like I don’t know you can go in Sephora but it really really smells like the plant not like cannabis but have like when you buy hemp protein powder or have seeds or anything that has happen it it smells exactly the same it’s literally you’re smelling the client light so you can see the difference between this eye and then this [Music] the planner and some lipstick on top of it so they’ll pick the Mac holy bear [Music] just to have a little bit more depth in the lips I’m just gonna take the shade melancholia from a Kat Von D so it’s this thanks prey and I can show you false lashes as well so that’s what I’m gonna do right now just to put a little bit of more pumps to the face there you go that’s what the fake lashes on what do you think just comment down below if you see any kind of difference with my previous video those ones where the lashes those one they’re just really cheap lashes that you can buy really at the drugstore and you know if you have long lashes you can put the good mascara on I think sometimes that non expensive lashes can be nice as well so you tell me that you tell me that [Music] so this is the final look completed and this is more like an everyday look that you will want to wear every single day to look natural but snatch to the gods all right snatch to the gods like time you’re gonna see this is gonna be your favorite look something that is natural but still a little bit glammed okay all the time there’s no highlight okay there’s a natural shine on your foundation we’ll have this awesome little look but if you want more glam I mean I’m not gonna stop you like you can use your finger that’s for people that want more glam again but this is less natural and you want to stay natural and even the false lashes it’s less natural but if you prefer a little bit of more hmm you will fit those lashes and you will put this highlight so we’ll see you in the next one okay so thank you guys for watching really I love you guys and you

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