Natural Mascara VS Chemical Mascara

Hello everyone, Celina from Anthesy here. And today’s review is on this luxury high-end mascara By Kjaer Weis but not just that It’s our first comparison video and we’re going to compare Kajer Weis with the ever popular, They’re Real by Benefit As many of you may have heard, this is the amazing mascara that’s been raved about in many magazines a top seller at Sephora, and has an amazing brush that seperates, elongates and volumizes. Though one of my past personal favorites, this is not all natural and we’ll be going into more detail about the ingredients later in the video Now focusing on the Kjaer Weis, the mascara does come in nice weighty saturated red box similar to the texture of Saffiano leather. Giving it that luxury, high end appeal. Ingredients are also all natural and 99.8 percent organic. with a branded sticker that is connected to keep the container closed. The box has a glossy finishes, with silver embossed text and inside, the actual mascara is contained within an all polished steel casing making it modern and chic The logo is embedded into the cap of the mascara wand With the full name embedded onto the body of the casing The size as you can tell is quite small, even though it will fit into your makeup pouch much more easily, and is great for travel, but the product is good up until three months up until the time you use it and is recommended for replacement after that time frame to avoid bacteria growth, of course this also reflects in the proucts’ sizing. The brushes are spread out allowing for more product to transfer from the brush to your eyelashes, this also the mascara will focus more on volumizing and thickening This is probably the best smelling mascara, because it doesn’t have the chemical, chlorine like scent most commercial mascaras have. Instead it smells like a creamy rose Another nice touch for Kjaer Weis products are that it has a refillable cartridge, and to change the cartridge just make sure your mascara is screwed tightly, then pull the top and bottom casing off, and pop in the new refill and you’re good to go! The product retails for $38 USD for 0.2 grams, which doesn’t seem like a lot but this is a higher end product and for cartridge replacement , it’s only $26 making your lifetime repurchases a lot more wallet friendly. As you can see, my natural lashes are quite short and thin so let’s see what this mascara can do. I’ll be adding one coat of mascara onto the top and bottom I’ll be adding one coat of mascara onto the top and bottom lashes, and making sure I evenly distribute the product throughout. If you have never tried working the product into your lashes by brushing the wand back and forth You should as it helps to define your lashes by getting the product evenly distributed throughout To be honest with your, I’ve used this product prior to filming and I can tell you that this mascara does hold well and does not flake or smudge. I have created a comparison table back on the blog The link is down below if you would like to take a look. So here are my lashes with the Kjaer Weis mascara on and already you can see that there is more definition and thickness to the lashes Here is a clear comparison against my natural lashes which are to the left of the screen and you can tell that my lashes were not curled prior to application but you can see the lengthening, thickness and darkness As well, here is a top view to give you a clearer comparison Now onto Benefit, I’ll be adding one coat as well to the top and bottom lashes, and working in the product the same way. So despite They’re Real mascara being a well performing mascara, there are so not so nice ingredients in it it contains polybutene which is an irritant especially when used in products for the skin or eyes, and it’s also expected to be toxic or harmful. As well, since polybutene is the third chemical listed in the ingredients list, that means it also takes up more volume in the actual product Another ingredient is Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is an irritant that can be contaminated with Ethylene Oxide and 1-4, Dioxane which can cause damage to your kidneys, respiratory system and your central nervous system as a neurotoxicant There were more toxic ingredients and effects but for more information, you can visit the blog post and the link will also be down in the description box below Now onto comparison, Kjaer Weis’ colour payoff seems to look darker than Benefits, but both do give the lashes the natural but better look. Kjaer weis’ does look a little thicker and for lengthening both seem to be about the same. The brush designed in the Benefit does give the effect of false lashes, that are feathery and wispy as it really combs through the little hairs, but the results are actually quite comparable! Fun fact: most standard mascaras use similar formulas So having an all natural formulation in a well performing mascara is a big deal! If you ask me, if Kjaer Weis passes the test, I say yes! And you guys should definitely, check this mascara out. If you enjoyed this review, be sure to like and subscribe Do you have a product you’re curious about? Let me know in the comments below and i’ll do a review! Anthesy is active on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Like and follow for more skin tips, links are in the info box And thanks for watching!

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