Natural Everyday Makeup Routine

hey guys it’s Chloe thanks so much for joining me today so today I thought that I would just do a little makeup tutorial which is right here this is just everyday makeup that I would wear to school or out if I didn’t want to do anything special for the day so I hope you guys enjoy it don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on instagram and snapchat and i will see you guys at the end by after I have finished moisturizing my face I go in with my makeup forever step 1 nourishing primer and put that all over and then I go in with my original Beauty Blender and this is me bare faced I take my Kat Von D lock it liquid foundation and light 41 neutral which is very pale but I put that on my Beauty Blender and then I put it all around and yeah you know I really wish I could do my make up this fast in the morning oh my gosh don’t look crazy what if I could actually move that fast well and then I take my Mac Studio Fix fluid foundation in NC 10 and I just put that underneath my eyes and that just kind of brings more color to my face because well I about blend in with my white walls and there I found the dog hair on my head nothing new then I take my bye bye under eye by eight cosmetics in light and well Lake goes under my eyes and it helps to conceal and cover my dark circles after that I take my Maybelline fit me foundation stick and shade 355 coconut and I use this as a contour stick so I put it on the sides of my face my forehead and the bridge of my nose after that I take my Beauty Blender and I just bounce I am oh yeah what’s a good makeup tutorial without funny faces let’s be honest then I take my cinema secrets colorless setting powder and I take another Beauty Blender that is just from olga and i will dip that into the powder and all over my face that powder goes i actually have very dry skin so I am very sparing when I use this powder as I don’t want to be even drier than i already am I then take my Anastasia Beverly Hills brush I think it’s number 12 I’m not really sure I take my dip brow pomade in ebony and I do my eyebrows which I’m gonna do off camera because y’all it is so hard to do eyebrows on camera then I take my lash curler and I was being weird oh my gosh this honestly is one of the most stressful parts I feel like I’m gonna rip out half my eyelashes at the time which is very very very stressful but you know the things we do for beauty oh my then I take my Too Faced better than sex mascara and I use it as a mascara I think it says enough oh goodness after that I take my Anastasia Beverly Hills gleam glow kit and I use the lightest shade and I just put that as a highlighter on my face then I take my Maybelline sculpting brow mascara and deep brown and just go over my eyebrows with that to make sure that they stay in place all day and I hope you guys enjoyed the video I forgot to film an outro so here it is thanks so much for watching guys don’t forget to follow me subscribe like and comment any suggestions see ya

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