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Hi guys! Since you have been nagging me about doing a tutorial with one of the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay I will do one today! Why I haven’t done one before is quite simple, I haven’t owned a Palette by Urban Decay before this I haven’t tried anything from Urban Decay before this actually! And so I thought, now is the time I will begin by adding a primer, on my eyelids I will do a pretty classic makeup which could be suitable for everyday as well as parties It of course depends on you lipstick or fake lashes and such I will use colors with and without shimmer Because I think it’s nice to mix it up a bit I will just see if I can find a suitable brush for this So I will begin using, let’s see…. I think I wan’t to use something golden, such as this one Which is called YDK I will add this one… at the outer corners Of my eyelids, I will not blend the color upwards, because I don’t like to work with shimmer on top of my crease It always looks best if you work with matt shades If you think that the light in this video is a bit strange, it’s only due to the weather, today it is cloudy.. Or at least we will blame the weather Now I will use a lighter color which is called “shopper” I will use it on the inner corner of my eyes And then I will use ‘half baked’, I think… No.. I think I will go with ‘Booty call’ instead It’s a tad bit lighter, so I will use this one in the inner corners of my eyes To get a clear gaze Then, towards the crease… I will use the color ‘5 minute tease’ which is more of a dusty color I use this one to avoid shimmer next to my crease I prefer to work with dusty or mat colors here I blend it quite much I want this look to be smokey or soft, I mean Now I add some more of the golden color on my eyelids Alright, Now I will use a kohl pencil and use beneath my eyes Woops, now I lost a lipstick This one is called Earth Line, it’s a technikohl liner by Mac which I use here I like to use kohl pencil’s as a base, since the color or pigment gets really nice And now I will blend it with the first brush I used I will also use eyeshadow on top of this The same eyeshadow as I used before, the one called ‘Tease’ which has some sort of grey-brownish color I will not a liquid eyeliner in this makeup, but I will use the color ‘Blackout’ I will add it with a skewed brush, to get a nice lining very close to my lashes, but also because I want to blend it as well I don’t want a sharp eyeliner Alright, Okey then, now it’s time for Mascara! I will start by curling my lashes I always do this and then I will use a mascara, If I can find one in this mess It’s called, the one, lash resistance mascara by Oriflame I like water-proof mascaras since then are good at keeping my lashes in this shape As you can see, I have lost one lash right here, So I have a tiny glitch right there, no lash whatsoever Okey then, this was the plan with this makeup, I didn’t want it to be too much, but just enough color and a nice everyday-makeup by using the Naked2 palette which you have asked me about before I actually don’t think that it is a must to own one of these palettes, There are so many great Nude-palette’s which have the same colors as this one does It’s not better or worse in comparison with other palettes But it’s a really nice palette, and you can do lot’s with it, such as everyday makeups, and more intense, smoky eyes and such Okey, now the sun is shining and burning my neck so I really need to stop this tutorial, Otherwise, you will not see a thing! But I hope that you liked this clip and that you subscribe to Bangerbeauty and I will see you next week! Take care! Bye!

66 thoughts on “Naked 2 Palette (with subs) – Linda Hallberg Makeup Tutorials

  1. veryyy beautiful !!! Dear Linda I am a big fan of your blog and your tutorials !!! 
    I always try to blend the eyeshadow at my outer corner like u , but sometimes i don`t get it even and end up with color click , even though i use a light hand and sometimes same real techniques brushes ! please upload more everyday makeup tutorials with neutral pallets such as Nude Tude by The Balm  <3 !!! 

  2. Naked 3 är den bästa och är inte alls lika brun och guldig som de två första, utan har en mer
    Rosig underton!

  3. Hej Linda, jag är ute efter någon nude palett av något slag, men jag vet inte vad som är bra och inte heller vet jag vad som finns. Det skulle vara hur snällt som helst om du skulle kunna ge några exempel på paletter som du tycker är bra och är värda priset. Du är ju trots allt medveten om din marknad. 🙂

  4. Dem paletterna är de bästa som finns.. är oxå makeup artist och youtuber så har testat massor med smink men dem här paletterna är bara TOP! :))))))

  5. Vi ska ha bal snart, och kan du göra en Fresh enkelt look. Gärna lite Victoria secret inspirerad!
    Älskar dig kanal!!

  6. Love the Naked 2 Palette! The shades are incredible and there are so many options to combine it! Your Tutorial is great! Have a wonderful day 🙂

  7. Du känns så neutral i de flesta av dina videos. kan du inte säga mer dina egna åsikter om produkterna osv. Tycker det är roligt att höra vad du tycker 🙂

  8. så duktig du är!! 
    Please checkout/follow our fashion and beauty channel with lots of makeup and hair tutorials and hauls! 
    XoXo <3
    Kolla gärna in/följ våran beautychannel med massor utav sminktutorials och hårvideos och hauls! 
    Puss och Kram <3

  9. Väldigt fin sminkning. Håller med om att det inte är ett måste att äga en dyr Naked palett för att fixa en naturlig makeup. Ett väldigt prisvärt alternativ till Naked2 är Viva la Divas palett Nudie. Finns på bl.a Åhléns för ca 150 kr jämfört med Naked paletterna som man får hosta upp en 500 kr för.

  10. I did not understand what you said but I love the tutorial. Thanks for sharing a tutorial with the naked 2.

  11. Linda can you show a video how to achieve beautiful base without looking wash out for brown/olive skin colour? and please feel free to share any tips for my skin colour. thank you

  12. Linda!!! You one of my favourite you tubers…..I like the way you do your make up you make it look sooooo easy….I tried a few and it was great!

  13. Everyone has made such a big deal over these palettes and I even got sucked into buying the first three that I didn't even want to bother with the Naked HEAT palette which as it turned out was the best one for colours out of all of them. Go figure. I don't reach for these palettes at all and when I do reach for shadows … I am for more likely to go for my Jane Airedale singles instead. I just found these to have a lot of fallout, they didn't blend well and the colour didn't last like they should've for that price (yes, I even used a primer, but if you work with makeup enough you should be able to get the same affect with your concealer or foundation as a base anyway).

  14. Wow this was so amazing ! This is my favorite tutorial I’ve found thus far with this palette and you made it so easy to follow along and accomplish it ! Thank you so much !!!!

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