Nail Art For Short Nails | #ChipperNails (Giveaway Closed)

Hi guys! I hope you all are doing great 🙂 So first of all there are a lot of crows outside and i’ll try my best to overpower their
voice and secondly if I sound a little nasal it’s because i have a really choked nose so please don’t get annoyed. So I was
challenged by a friend ok. She has like the tiniest nails ever i shared a
picture on twitter and i also mentioned it in my August
favorites video so i did two designs on her and i’ll be showing you guys
obviously you’re watching, you’re going to watch the video now and I really hope you like it please don’t mind the lighting in this video
it’s because we could not carry our DSLR that day it was raining outside. So we had to
use our cell phones to film it. So there are going to be shots where the footage
is kind of a little jittery because of the focus I hope you guys don’t mind that. So let’s
get into the video so this first design is going to be
YouTube’s play button. The first thing you want to do is paint your nails with a
reddish coral color. Now because her nails were so tiny I had to pick another brush to actually
paint her nails like the paint brush from the bottle was too big for her nails so that’s what i’m doing here. The next
thing you want to do is take a detailing brush and dip it in some white nail polish or
some white acrylic paint which i think would be better just make a tiny triangle and fill it in. That
completes our play button. On her index and ring finger I made polka dots with the opposite
colors. Now for the middle finger just make three dots then followed by two and
one to create a triangular shape that is another play button there and for the rest
of the nail, paint it white now this nail polish that I had was kinda dry, so it’s a little clumpy but you could use acrylic paints they
work perfectly fine now the last step is to seal everything
in with a top coat and I made another play button on her pinky finger So that completes the first design guys
i hope you liked it make sure you thumbs up I think this looks really really cute on
short nails and it’s not really difficult to recreate. So moving on to the
next one which is going to be a really cute floral design which i’m sure you
guys already know so this is what it looks like now let’s
get started. So I first painted her nails with a pretty purple color. Then I took
a yellow polish and a dotting tool and made three tiny dots and trust me it’s
not as easy as it looks it was really hard for me to put those
dots in place so once you have like your flowers laid
out just put in a white dot in the center of each of these yellow flowers to
complete the flower now I felt that the yellow was kind of a
little sheer so I went back and added three more dots on top of each of the
yellow dot so that it’s bright enough make sure you use an opaque polish to actually you know, avoid this step so I had to retouch the yellow flower
and then just add a couple of white dots here and there to complete the design once that is done just complete it with a
top coat and there you have your cute floral nails on like the cutest nails ever 🙂
look at how tiny they are! I hope you guys liked the video and now
it’s time for the giveaway so they’re going to be two lucky winners who are
going to win this youtube branded flask and its
international. I’ll ship it anywhere. All you have to do is be a subscriber of my
channel and secondly just leave a comment below telling me which one of
these two design for your favorite or you could just suggest any design that you want to see on either short nails or long nails I’ll try my best to get my friend to film
another video with me she’s gonna be here in a couple of weeks or
in a week or so so let me see if we get time to film
something together. Let me know if you want to see more short nail videos. I would
love to do them and yup that’s pretty much it. Make sure you
check out my August favorites because i have a giveaway running in that video as
well and all the giveaway rules and everything are going to be in the
description below so I’ve missed out on anything read the description always read the
description they’re always extra things in there ok make sure you subscribe if you
haven’t already i love you guys so much I don’t know what this is but yup i love
you guys so much! Bubye! Have a nice day, night, evening. I’ll see you guys in a couple of days make sure you check me in your
subscription box i’ll be there two more days

100 thoughts on “Nail Art For Short Nails | #ChipperNails (Giveaway Closed)

  1. My nails used to be shorter than this. I've stopped biting them for about a month now, but it wasn't easy as I've been biting them for as long as I can remember. Really gotta thank my aunt for it because she hated it when I bit them and when I went over to her house, she gave me one of those "no nail-bite" polishes. The horrible taste of the polish is supposed to prevent you from putting your fingers in your mouth, but I think what really motivated me to stop was that I wanted my aunt to stop judging me lol. Every now and then I still put my nails into my mouth but I don't bite them anymore! But anyway, thank you for this tutorial.

  2. I used to bite my nails when I was really young maybe like 3 or 4 and I would get in trouble. So i stopped the habit and my whole nail bed grew back but they look like grapes

  3. How about we do a little game like…….guess my age

    I have turquoise and black on the top hair

    I have long nails

    I am a teen

    I am born in Canada 🇨🇦

    I live in Canada too

    I am NOT girly more of a rebel (like if your a rebel too )

    Like wearing backwords hat (spelled wrong ? No need to tell me )

    SOoooOoOOooO I gave y’all a hint and I said I am a TEEN so ya reply of want and let me guess your age if you want and reply to answer

  4. I loved ur short nail videos.. Cause of course it's so useful… And do more… Try the bug design, animal print & more!! Waiting for more of ur videos!! ❤

  5. I stop biting my nails, it’s helped me I used nail treatment and now I have long strong nails.. if I can do it you can😺😸👍🏼

  6. my nails look like that.. i decided to stop biting for a month and they were getting so pretty… then i ruined them a few days ago and bit them back just like that 🤦‍♂️:(

  7. for everyone who says they cringed at her nails most likely she bit her nails and was not very confident in her nails like i was. when i used to bite my nails i once went to a nail salon and they refused to do my nails because they were to short, as a previous nail biter i say this girl has very pretty nails and it is nice someone did her nails for her

  8. I feel for your friend. I have the same problem. I have very small hands and fingernail beds. Looks cute what you did for her. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Everyone on other short nail tutorials: “my nails are so short compared to this!”

    Everyone on this video: “and I thought I had short nails”

    Me: 🤦‍♀️

  10. My nails used to look like this because I would bite them but I broke my habit and my nail beds grew a lot and so did my free edge! They actually are very long now and hardly chip

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