Nagellack Schmetterling * DIY * Nail Polish Butterfly [eng sub]

To create this butterfly, we take a wire which has a thickness of approximately 0,5mm. And I cut off a piece with the length of 20cm. Then we fold it in the middle and twist the wire together. Now we add a bead to the ends of the wire. These are the feelers of the butterfly. We bend the wire in a way that the bead stays in place. We cut off the rest of the wire. And we do the same with the other side. We proceed with the wings. We cut of a longer piece and form a loop. Don´t make the loop too big, otherwise it will be difficult to apply the nail polish. We wrap the wire around the body of the butterfly. And we do the same on the other side. Now, we proceed with the lower part of the wing. We form a loop, which is a little bit smaller. When the wings are ready we take the ends of the wire and twist them together. Now, we bend the wings, in order to get a form that looks more like a wing of a butterfly. We form a little tip and the side is going to be curved to the inside. And we do the same with the lower part of the wing, with the difference that the tip is at the bottom. When it looks like this, we are going to apply the nail polish. Make sure that the brush touches both sides of the wing. You need to put quite a lot of nail polish on your brush. And now I let it dry. If you want you can add another color of nail polish and add dots or any kinds of patterns. Next, I take a little stone and wrap the wire around it. You can see that I used thicker wire on the right side. And on the left side I used wire with a thickness of 0,25mm. So now we are finished.

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