MZ Wallace Savoy Flat Pouch: Review & What Fits Inside

hello everyone wanted to do a review for
you of an MZ Wallace accessory piece this is called the flat savoy cosmetic bag
and I have it featured here in a newer color of theirs, this is called army
oxford and this is just such a nice nice color i’m usually not drawn to a lot of
greens but this one really caught my eye because it’s more of a like a grayish
green and i am a huge fan of gray in general so I thought it would be kind of
nice to branch out and go into something like a gray-green and this just fit
the bill it’s beautiful it is I think army is a pretty good description
for it or a good name for this color it kind of goes along with the army or
camouflage type green color so it’s really really nice and that when i open
up open it up in the inside you’ll see that it has a gorgeous bright orange
lining for contrast so this again is the flat savoy cosmetic bag it retails for
thirty-five dollars and you can find it on the website right
now and the overall material this is the oxford material so this is the same
material that their Metro Tote and Sutton totes come in so really really
nice and smooth and soft very very flexible and just easy to maintain super
lightweight as well which is a big big one in my book so as you can see on the
front here just really really simple no pockets on the front of the bag however it does have a nice little flat
zipper pocket on the back and this is actually my newest piece that I have
acquired from MZ Wallace so you can see that i still have the plastic wrap on
these zippers here so this is how their zippers are normally how they
normally come out of the box they’re just nicely wrapped up in plastic to keep
them protected but the nice silver hardware has the MZ Wallace kind of
engraved there with some nice detailing as you can see so two silver zippers on
this as well as the nice MZ Wallace logo
on the front there that’s all silver so this bag just has two pockets one main
top zip compartment and a flat kind of slip pocket on the back and so just for
size comparison this is the flat savoy cosmetic I happen to have the medium
savoy cosmetic kind of handy so just a size comparison here you can see that
the flat savoy cosmetic is a little bit bigger a little bit taller and a little
bit wider than the medium savoy cosmetic and i actually have an in-depth review
of this bag available on my channel so i will go ahead and provide a link as well
just in case you’re interested in in this bag and you’ll see that the things
that i have in the flat savoy cosmetic are pretty much the same as what i had in
this one so just to give you a comparison and size reference i wanted
to put them kind of in the same video so that you could see the size differences
as well as the feature differences so i will note right away that obviously the
flat one does not have any doesn’t have these two exterior pockets like the
medium savoy cosmetic does they both do have a main zippered compartment and
then they both have a zippered pocket on the back also you can see that the
medium savoy cosmetic has two little d-rings and in the review that i
mentioned of this bag I was saying that you could you could attach a little
wristlet strap to these d-rings so that you could grab and go with this bag if
you wanted to however the flat savoy cosmetic does
not have anything like that on the sides so that was something that i noted and
honestly that’s something that I kind of wish they would have included i wish
they would have included some nice little d-rings either just one but even
two would be great but be but one would be perfect just on the side here so that
I could attach my own wristlet wristlet strap if I really needed to and I could just
grab this as a clutch or wristlet and just go so I would really like that i
missed having this little feature here on this bag here so that’s one thing i
will definitely note and point out so just go ahead and open it up right now the
main compartment you’ll see is quite wide and spacious and it is divided by a
little flap here so there’s actually two main compartments within the bag which I
thought was a very nice touch and you can see the bright very very bright
orange lining for contrast and can definitely see all of your items very
very easily in there it’s not a big black hole so in here i just have some
real simple toiletry items some lotions as well as like a rollerball perfume
some lip gloss and lipstick and then at the bottom there I’ve got some chapstick
and eye drops so just kind of all crammed that in there and then got some Kleenex
as well as those Colgate wisp toothbrushes so that’s all that I had in there but
there was plenty more room to spare I definitely could have thrown my iphone
6s as well as my wallet which is currently just a little tiny coin purse
right now I definitely could have thrown those in there as well easily so no
problem there so that’s just the top compartment just
zips up like that and you’ll notice that these zippers are plastic zippers not
metal zippers like medium savoy cosmetic has I think they did that to sort of
mirror the Metro Tote and the Sutton that come with plastic zippers rather
than metal zippers so i wanted to point that out for you as well and the back
pocket I just not much in here at all i just
have my little purse hook that’s featured in some of my other videos as
well as a hair tie also for size reference i can also still throw my
iphone 6s in there even a wallet too just zips up fine it bulks it up a little
bit but it still fits in there no problem ok so that is generally the
features of the flat savoy cosmetic bag i think it’s a nice little versatile bag
that you can throw in any larger bag and then grab it out and use as a clutch if
you need unfortunately they don’t have a little D
ring so you can’t attach a wristlet or crossbody strap to it but I think that’s
fine it wasn’t a deal-breaker for me I was kind of missing the metal zippers i
do prefer those to the plastic ones but this was fine doesn’t bother me it’s
smooth enough so it’s fine for my needs but yeah that was something that I was
kind of missing I do tend to prefer the metal zippers because they are a bit
smoother in general but again not a deal breaker i think that this particular
style is really nice and simple and clean and sleek and you can definitely
just toss it into a lot of your larger bags and use it for travel toiletries
and things like that really easily too so it’s a handy little bag and i
absolutely love this new color army oxford that they came out with for I
think it’s fall of 2016 so I’m really enjoying it if you have
any questions feel free to let me know thank you very much for watching

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