My Very First Giveaway!!!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. Today I am so excited because I am announcing
my very first ever youtube giveaway. So this giveaway will happen when I reach
one thousand subscribers. So as you know youtube has recently updated
their monetization policy and they now require you to have one thousand subscribers to be
eligible for monetization. So I figured this is the perfect time to go
ahead and grow my audience as well as to give back to all of my loyal followers. So this isn’t going to be a overly expensive
fancy giveaway. I am not made of money. I am a struggling YouTube artist but I promise
you I am going to try and keep it very unique and interesting. So I have a few prizes to share with you that
are included in this giveaway but because it does take some time to reach that one thousand
subscribers I will continue to add prizes throughout that time period until I reach
that threshold. And I will continue to keep you updated with
the prizes that are being added to the giveaway. So you’re probably wondering how you go about
winning this giveaway. Stay tuned at the end of the video that’s
when I’m going to state the rules and regulations to be eligible for this prize. So in the meantime let’s jump right in and
I am going to share with you the current prizes. So first everything is going to come included
in this adorable Instagram themed makeup bag. So first I will be adding in some very cute
modern temporary tattoos. So first we have some metallic ones. And then I also have a henna inspired temporary
tattoo. So I’m also going to add in some really beautiful
nail decals. There will be two packages of those. I’m also including some more nail decorations
and these are kind of like pearl little stones that you can add to your nails and they come
in a variety of colours. You’re going to get this really cute floral
compact mirror. I did feature this in one of my other haul
videos. So you’re going to get one in the same colour. Next included in the bag is one of these eyelash
applicator tools. It makes applying false eyelashes super easy. So you’re going to get one of these as well
but it is going to be in a teal colour. So of course I can’t give you the applicator
without giving you some false eyelashes. So you are going to get one of my favourite
pairs of false eyelashes and that is the Ardell Double Wispies. So I’m also including this adorable makeup
brush cleaning tool and it is in a heart shape. It is also in a beautiful lilac colour. So what you do is when you’re cleaning your
brushes under water you just use your brush and scrub it all over those little grooves
and they’re going to help your brush get extra clean. I have also included this peel off lipstain
which has been a huge trending product all over social media. I’m also including this mini neutral eyeshadow
palette from Nyx cosmetics. You’re also going to be getting this adorable
makeup brush that I featured in one of my previous haul videos. How adorable is that? Now I can’t just include beauty items. I do have to add in some fashion items. You are going to be getting this adorable
pineapple necklace. As well it does comes with a matching set
of pineapple earrings. And I’m also going to be including a set of
awesome face jewels. Okay guys that’s it. I know it doesn’t seem like much but like
I said I will be including more products in the meantime until I reach one thousand subscriber
threshold. Okay so what you’ve been waiting for. What is required to be eligible to win this
prize pack. One. First and foremost you must subscribe to my
YouTube channel. Number two. Please give me a thumbs up on the video. Also you must leave a comment down below about
an item that you are most excited for that I have showed and also maybe leave a comment
about something that you would like to see included in the giveaway. Next you must follow me on all my social media
channels and I will put all those links down below. And also subscribe to my weekly newsletter
and that link will be down below as well. So this contest is open to Canadian and U.S
residents. Please feel free to share this video because
the sooner I reach that thousandth subscriber the sooner I can do this giveaway. Okay guys that’s it. Thank you so much for watching. I will list all the rules down below in case
you missed them. Also please feel free to check out some of
my latest videos and I look forward to seeing you guys next time.

23 thoughts on “My Very First Giveaway!!!

  1. Hello! Great video! I just came across your channel and I’m in love with your content already! I just subscribed.💜 I also have a channel and it would mean to world to me if you could sub back and we continue to support eachother?💖

  2. Hi girl, Happy early Valentine's Day!!! I love the Instagram makeup bag! So cute! Thanks for hosting such a thoughtful giveaway

  3. GOOD LOCK ON YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!! Just thought I would help you out just a little bit by Subscribing. I do like the nail jewelry. Wish you lock!!!!

  4. We are getting closer to doing the giveaway!! Currently sitting at just over 700 subs. We can do this. Feel free to share the video and help me reach that 1000 subscribers quicker. Good luck everyone ❤️

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