My Simple Human Vanity Mirror Review

Here is a review of the Simple Human Vanity
Mirror. This is not a sponsored video. This is my
review based on my experience. This is the 8 inch 5x magnification cordless
mirror. The mirror is adjusted by going up and down
and tilts forward and back. The mirror comes with a cleaning cloth. The power button is located at the base of
the mirror. The Simple Human Vanity Mirror is rechargeable
and uses a USB cord and adapter to charge. The plugs on the adapter fold away for easy
storage and travel. Once you plug in the USB and adaptor the light
will flash green indicating it has begun charging. When the green light stops flashing and remains
on, the mirror has completed charging. One charge lasts up to 3-4 weeks depending
on how often and long you use it. This mirror automatically lights up as your
face approaches the mirror and as your face departs the mirror the light goes off.
The tru-lux LED lighting is designed to simulate natural sunlight and be long lasting. This is a great mirror and a valuable investment.
Since I began using this mirror grooming and makeup application has been a breeze. For more straight to the point videos subscribe
to my channel The Single DIY Project. Don�t forget to rate, comment, and subscribe.

2 thoughts on “My Simple Human Vanity Mirror Review

  1. how is this diy in any way shape or form. Jesus. I thought i found a diy. Can you please do an actual diy on this mirror.

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