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if I was stranded on a desert island and I could only bring one make up product this product would be it hey guys it’s Natalie hey guys it’s Matt Elaine this is the third time I’ve shot this video every time something goes wrong the first time the lighting was wrong the second time I didn’t turn my microphone on and now this time my technical difficulty is this light in the background no that was not planned that’s the switch right there this light won’t stop turning on anyway hello welcome to my channel I am trying to stay serene during this mercury in retrograde [Music] today we’re going to be doing an updated makeup routine I haven’t done this in about a year it’s a very low maintenance routine it typically takes me 10 to 15 minutes to do all the products in this video are cruelty free which is very exciting so if you’re new to the cruelty free world or if you’re interested involved this is a great Bay into that world so this truly is like my running to meetings look today I have two meetings we have to do I did my hair before I saw the video I have 30 minutes until I’m eating if you’re curious as to how I achieved this look like this video and subscribe for my tenacity really let’s do it all for my tenacity I’ll wait anywho let’s just get into it shall we before I start actually applying makeup it’s so important to me that my lips are moisturized Sol de Janeiro Brazilian kiss lip butter is my absolute favorite you will find these a literally all over my house in my car in my purse they go with me everywhere I tend to not wear a lipstick in my personal life ironically because I do wear it a lot in my work life so this just keeps them nice and moisturized and plump throughout the day at this point I would typically tie my hair and I just did it and I can’t find my clip that won’t leave a kink so we’re gonna just go with it I’m gonna start with sanitizing my hands quickly would just wash my hands but you were actually perfectly balanced on top of my sink right now because this is where the best lighting is so we’re gonna go with hand sanitizer this is the basil scent from mrs. meyer’s so I have a disclaimer it’s gonna be hard for me to tell you this because I know a lot of you are gonna hate this but I apply my CC cream with these fingers right here I know I know I know it can be considered disgusting however I did just sanitize my hands I keep everything very clean and I find what I’m going for a natural look it just blends into my skin better so if you’re not a fan of that then just close your eyes or in this part or something I like to go in with the daily correct CC cream from supergroup in the shade fair light it’s so light and honestly I only have a little bit of discoloration on my face that I need to cover like my nose is a little red and then about like this little mark right here so for the most part I just like to go in with this and go out about that much but it’s SPF it’s very moisturizing I do already have my skincare and my SPF on but this is a great way to double up I am by no means a professional makeup artist so I’m not rubbing I’m not pulling or tugging I’m just gently massaging it into my skin like you would with a moisturizer I find with CC creams more so than regular foundations using a brush or a Beauty Blender to apply is not as efficient and almost creates missing spots and coagulation on your face so after the base again you can see it just barely covers those spots but it’s so nice on my skin and it feels good and that’s not super heavy and every day I do a different order and I do different products these are my staple products that will always be in my makeup bag so I’m gonna Reese and the tires so I am now going to take it’s funny because the last two times I’ve shot this I used a different concealer but now I’m onto this one I’m going to take the Fenty Beauty concealer in the shade lemon and I just put a little bit on my finger I’m gonna Pat it gently under my eye I’m using the wrong finger actually I usually like to use my ring finger but I’m not tugging at all I’m genuinely just patting it in so that’s kind of the under eyes covered and then I grabbed a little bit more I have a red nose sometimes so we got to go in and cover that bad boy up Wow I’ve only been shooting this for 11 minutes and my light has honestly turned on six times take a little bit cover those spots these two blend so well together to me moving on swiftly I like to go into blush next I haven’t cleaned this off yet because I literally shot this exact same video last night I just forgot to turn the microphone I got my little mixing palette here I’m gonna take a glossy a cloud paint in the shade beam turning a little dollop on there it’s coming up on this little stipple brush I think that’s what you call it a little bit of it and dab it out what I love about these brushes with a liquid blush is that I’ve disperses the makeup so evenly I noticed when I use a beauty blender or different brushes sometimes this doesn’t happen so smoothly I’m using my viewfinder as a mirror right now this is gonna kill me I think I might have used this in my last makeup tutorial I made it’s a staple oddly I haven’t really been doing much to my eyebrows except for using this one product if I was stranded on a desert island and I could only bring one makeup product this product would be it drumroll please the Pacifica stunning brows brow gel and the shade golden brown lip do my eyebrow just go through so ends up looking something like this okay and that’s the eyebrows all done this is the easiest makeup routine I’ve probably ever had it’s super low-maintenance gonna move on to the eyes and we’ll finish up with some powder and reaction so for the eyeballs I’ve currently been using just a little bit of brown eyeshadow just to define my eyes a little bit I know it’s probably not the proper technique but again I’m not going for a super made up look I’m just going for something very natural and easy tartlet in bloom palette smarty pants which is this one right here I’m like a blending brush off the excess and just go in to the crease and then we’ll just bring a little bit of it underneath my eyeball as well and then some mascara depending on the day I will or will not curl my lashes on a day like today and I want to look kind of natural I’ll just go in without any curler and use the wand to kind of curl my lashes I’ll show you how I do that sure that silvery full-fat lashes in this shade glossy black swirl the brush up as I do it stuff like this and then I will grab my little secret tool I use a contoured lash comb like this one and just comb through my lashes once or twice helps disperse the mascara evenly get rid of any clumps just kind of make it look more fluffy and natural and then we will go into the other side this is the level I like my eyelashes to be at on a day like today last but certainly not least while this isn’t working total dick the Charlotte Tilbury an airbrush flawless finished powder in a nice thick fluffy brush like so dip her in and just kind of this personal it’s really weird and I promise you it’s clean I don’t like to be too matte this is a great in-between okay that is it for my everyday updated natural makeup tutorial again I really do this everyday I’m not shooting a video and gabbing the whole time it’ll typically be about like a 15 minute process if you did enjoy this video don’t forget to give it a big ol thumbs up subscribe to the videos I have videos out most Wednesdays I hope to see you guys soon bye [Music] [Music] [Music]

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    All hail mad😍😍

  2. I love how your intro is so calm and nice and soft not this….


  3. if u search a "desert island", you can come in Renion Island, it's very beautiful and we have sun all the year !

  4. LOVE U SO MUCH, I HONESTLY DK WHAT TO SAY. LIKE, you give me true inspiration to keep on pushing and do what I want to do no matter what other ppl may think of it.  I'm going into sr yr so scared cuz I rly hv to make the most of it. I legit just took a risk last week or smith and restarted my channel , and am so scared. I also HATE THE shitty "SUBSCRIBE I'm a new youtuber" but I am one of those small youtubers too and it's been so hard, I AM from Cairo, EGYPT. I just uploaded a new vid today (natural MAKEUP),  it'd mean sm if u cld go check it out and give me some pointers. if not, thats OKAY

  5. Next time you come to France, make sure your friend accepts to take pictures with fans and teach him to be kind and social… (You know what I’m talking about)

  6. Ta voix française est très différente, elle colle plus à ton rôle de "méchante" ahah tu es adorable en vrai je trouve. Sinon je me demandais, pourquoi le titre et la description de cette vidéo est en français ? 😅

  7. Thanks you for the french sub because I speak english a little so it’s better when I understand all video 🤧❤️❤️

  8. Never ever dye your hair I am just warning you…you probably won’t…you have the most beautiful hair ever.❤️

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