1. IF YOU'RE NOT FOLLOWING MY INSTA, YOU PLAYED YOURSELF https://www.instagram.com/sylviagani/
    (thank you to everyone who participated in this video – love you guys!!)

  2. You should do this exact same thing again, but instead do the ones that won on the left and the one that lost on the right!

  3. I have super dry skin. Most foundations on me look caky and patchy. I started using Rodan and fields hydrating serum, it’s absolutely amazing and I love it

  4. just a little tip….if you are dealing with a sheer coverage concealer or foundation, let them dry down a bit and then blend for more full coverage

  5. Sylvia love you but them S-club on instagram chose the gold liner not the black and you can’t even see the gold liner love ya but not happy w/ the video

  6. When I see bueaty gurus put a lighter shade of foundain I'm like "do you what to be a ghost " then when it's finished it looks good

  7. You should do this again but do half of your face with the makeup product that won and half of the face of your face with the makeup product that lose……

  8. try Glamourous face cosmetics.. from Pakistan.. it has an eyeshadow palette which is 12 dollars and contains 48 matte and 48 metallic and shimmery shades… do try it I really want to see you trying that.. also do try their baked blushes and whatever else you like . thanks

  9. This look was over 416 US dollars ( not including products she didn't show the price for AND all the brushes )


  10. you should do a insta picks the order of my makeup! I just think it would be fun and no one else has done it yet

  11. You are an amazing makeup artist. I just recently got into makeup and I hope some day my looks come out that beautiful!😊😁❤️💖😍

  12. I have dry skin in winter and I tired mark Jacobs foundation it’s pretty good on drier skin but don’t use pore covering primer it’s gets really bad build up and makes you look like you just put 10 pounds of powder on your face but ether then that it’s a really good foundation but then again that’s how my skin works p.s love your videos

  13. Hey
    I am a huge fan of your work
    I wanted to know where to purchase your pallete from in india? Is it available online? What’s the authentic website through which i could get it?

  14. Can u do a video on seeing how much your makeup collection is worth or maybe putting all ur makeup on ur face

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