Hey guys, welcome back to my Channel today. I’m going to show you my favorite brushes So before I start I would just like to inform you that some of these brushes are gifted and sent to me but This video is not sponsored whatsoever. And this is my honest opinion I will list all the brushes like the names the price and A link in the description box. So if you want to pick up any of these brushes, you have the link down below You’re welcome. I’m also going to talk about my favorite brands for brushes at the end of the video. So stay tuned for that Ok, here we go. I’m going to start with my face brushes
This is really a good mix It’s mostly a Sigma and Spectrum. I have some Real Techniques. I have some morphe and some… like fake brushes that I bought on eBay So for foundation, I if I do use a brush I usually use kabuki brushes, so these 2 from Sigma are Really good. You have the 3DHD kabuki brush Which has an angle if you like that. I have been really into the f80 air lately and this one is more of a duo fiber brush. So I feel like this leaves It doesn’t get likes streaky That easily. I really like this one! I feel like this is the brush that gives the best application for medium to full coverage foundations For more light coverage foundations, BB Creams and things like that, I really love this one This is a Profusion foundation brush AKA this is really cheap I think I got it in a set with 7 or 10 brushes for NOK100 ($10), so It’s good, so as you can see this is a more flimsy brush. It’s not as stiff. So it’s really nice if you have lighter cream products. Moving on to concealer brushes I really just have these two that I like. This is the Sigma F70 concealer brush and I usually use this for more precision work like around the eyes around the lips because it’s actually very fine and sharp. And if I’m going to use a brush for my concealer everywhere else in the face I am using the spectrum B03 brush. This is so good and all the spectrum brushes are really soft. For cream bronzers, cream contour etc. I’m Always grabbing this brush. This is spectrum C02 brush. And what I like about this is that it has kind of short hair. So it’s stiffer. It’s a lot of hairs in here. So it’s really good to just get that jawline Yeah, I get this part Everywhere, it’s really nice. And I really like that. It’s not round that it’s like a rectangle So you can get under your lip the sides of your nose without having a too large brush so this one is very good And now we’re on to powder brushes and I’m going to start with a brush that I like to use for setting powder and I like to use one of these guys. This is really small I can show a comparison to the foundation brush, so it’s not very big and it’s also really fluffy. This is perfect to go under your eyes, the sides of your nose and I usually just use this for my whole face. I really like that It’s fluffy I feel like if it if you use a more fluffy brush, then you won’t get like patches that are more matte than others. So I really like this one. This is from kicks. I believe but most brands have a similar brush like this. This is just the one that I grab. And it also looks like a unicorn So for bronzer and contour I have four different brushes If I’m just going to bronze up my skin I really like to use a bigger brush and this is the spectrum A01 brush. I really like this. It’s pretty big and fluffy, so this one is good for every day. If I want a more defined bronzer, I’m going to use this one This is the Sigma duo fiber powder blush brush. I don’t use it for blush. But it’s really nice for a lighter application and more precise application of your bronzer You see here that you have the duo fibers. So I feel like this will define the product more and also blended more while they are applying it So this one is especially good if you have a more pigmented bronzer Because it won’t It won’t [email protected]#! up your face it won’t. No! I also like the size of it so you can use it all over the face and it’s not like this huge brush that will cover everything. For contour I actually have these fake Kiko brushes and these are Really good. I’ve had this for two years now, and I haven’t had any problems with them whatsoever I really like to use this to contour my cheeks and around my face and then I have this smaller one (you Can also use a large blending brush for your eyes) But this one is really nice to go under my lip, the sides of my nose etc. So yeah, these are really nice for contouring. I feel like I go so fast, but I have so many brushes and I don’t want this video to be like an hour long I’m sure that I’m going to miss so many points about these brushes! If I miss anything I’m going to write it in the description box and you can also leave a question in the comment section. So for blush I actually like to use a duo fiber brush and this is the Sigma f50 and this is it’s not really big but it’s It’s kind of meant for or foundation application But I really love to use this because it covers my cheeks like the area that I want blush and it’s really soft and diffuses the product more than Let me see then if you go in with a brush like this I don’t like that. I want more of a delicate touch, you know. And then we have the highlighting brushes so if you like more of a Regular brush for your highlight. This one is really good. It’s the Fenty 120 highlighting brush and this really hugs your cheeks. It’s so nice. And it’s really good to use on the cheeks. Yeah, it’s really good for all over the face it’s a little too big for the nose, I think, and it can like leave a stripe of Highlighter on your face if you apply too much, but I really like this for lighter makeup days when I have a more luminous, healthy thing going on and not when I’m really matte. But this one is really good if you want a more Yeah, if you want a brush that hugss your face. And if you like fan brushes, which I’m a fan of These ones from morphe are really good I use the G23 brush for bigger parts like my cheeks, my chin, my forehead etc. And then I have the M558 for smaller sections like my Cupid’s bow and my nose I’m shaking but yeah You can see the difference in the both the thickness and this really this size So this one is a lot fluffier and this one is more stiff But they are really great to use together I don’t really like using this one on my nose because I feel like I cover my whole nose with highlighter But this one is really good for that So this was all my face brushes and now we’re going to move on to the eyes. These are all my go-to blending brushes. These are really good and are the brushes that I grab for whenever I do my makeup so we have three spectrum brushes we have the B06. Oh we have two B06 so these are the same only different colors. Then we have a A08, which is my biggest blending brush that I love to use when I do only bronzer for my eyeshadow. These are so good. So soft. They Do not leave your eye sore from blending. They are amazing! And then I have 2 blending brushes from Sigma. These are both E35, only different color again. And these are really good. It’s the perfect size to like get in the crease. I love these Very nice, but not as soft as the spectrum brushes. Then we have morphe These also are really good These two are the R38. No!! These are R34 brushes and These are my favorites from morphe. Those are really similar to the Sigma ones only cheaper so these are practically dupes for each others and then you have the R38 and This one is stiffer. And if you use this in your crease and doing a lot of blending your eye will be sore Yeah I don’t like this as much as the others, but it’s really nice if you have a really easy look and you just need to swipe on one color then is Nice, then you don’t get sore. This is also a sigma brush, but this is a smaller brush than I’ve shown you. Now you can see the difference here. So this one is more tapered and smaller and are great if you want a more detailed crease And this is the Sigma E45 This one is so good. And it’s also really nice If you want to just smoke out your lower lash line since it’s so small. It won’t get color all the way down here Love it. Then I’m going to show you the brushes that I like for my lids. And this is really traditional eye shader brush. This is the e55 from Sigma This is really nice to just pack on the color on the lid. This is the one I use the most I also use the spectrum B04 brush if I want just a kiss some shimmer I dip it into the shimmer and apply it and it’s not like intense it just It’s just a kiss of color Great explanatory skills. Oh my god. But yeah, this is really nice. If you just want a tiny bit of color or just yeah, just a wash and Nothing too intense For more detailed work I use these brushes. So you have two pencil brushes this one is from Sigma and is the E30 this one is from a spectrum and is the A12 So this I really love to use both under my eyes in the inner corner if I do some yeah, more detail stuff since they’re smaller. And then I had the spectrum A16 brush Which is also really good for detail. And I also like to use this if I cut my crease since it’s so small and just more rounded I feel like I get a better shape. And my liner brushes here I also have Sigma and spectrum. So the two Spectrum brushes are a little bit bigger than the Sigma brush and the angle one is the spectrum A17 And the not angled one is the A15 so these are really nice to just go over your lash line, but I don’t think that these are as fine as I want them to be to do a wing so for my wings, I really love to use this one It’s so tiny. It won’t focus. There we go. Okay, here it is And this is the winged liner E06 brush from sigma and this is it’s so small It’s so cute, but it’s so small, but it’s really nice to either Use for detail work or liner Yeah, it’s really tiny and really angled so it gets the job done And these are all my favorite brushes. It’s a lot I am surprised actually myself. Now I’m going to talk about my favorite brands You’re probably not shocked that my favorite brands are Spectrum and Sigma and that is because the quality of those brushes are amazing. So I have about the same amount of both brands and I love them both The pros with the Sigma brushes it that it has a two-year warranty. If your brush gets ruined Because of the glue or yeah, it doesn’t hold up you get a new one If it’s under two years since you bought it, and that’s amazing As I said, I haven’t had any problems with my Sigma brushes yet. I haven’t had them for two years But I’ve had them for almost two years I think. The Sigma brushes are more expensive than the other brands I got here so it’s more expensive but you have the two-year warranty. I’m actually also an affiliate with Sigma. So if you want you can use my code For 10% of it’s just “MALINBEAUTY”, I’ll leave it down below. With the Spectrum brushes you don’t have a warranty that I’ve seen, but these are like the same price as morphe brushes. so these are actually really affordable and I think they are much better than Morphe brushes because I’ve had some problems with the Morphe brushes. Mostly shedding These haven’t shed anything and as I said they’re so soft and they’re just a soft now as when I got them and I think that’s amazing because I’ve had this for a long time and I always use them Yeah, I have also these brushes From morphe and that I like I have a Lot more brushes from morphe and I’ve had a lot more brushes from morphe But yeah, these are my favorites and I think these are the brushes that I have bought separately. For my birthday one year. I actually got like a big set of Morphe brushes from my mom. But I felt like the quality of those brushes we’re So much worse than the ones I bought separately and I think that’s so weird. But yeah because when I wash them and dry them and stuff hairs would come out and when I use them I just feel brush hairs on my face and So I would say if you want like cheaper brushes that have a good quality go for Spectrum or buy morphe brushes that are separately or like in a special collection I guess So yeah, these are all my favorite brushes that I can’t live without. Thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to leave your comments down below Don’t forget to subscribe, like and everything and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye guys!


  1. I need that 3HD brush! Sigma def fall into my fav category for brushes! Been using them for about 5 years! Great review ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  2. first off ! love love your eye makeup ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜F70 is my favourite to carve my eyebrows ! i have the spectrum brush set i am insanely in love with their products๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜šfan brushes are so cute ! hehe i am a big fan to!๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š

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