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hey guys we are in our empty Nashville
house and I am going to film get ready with me but really woke up this way
because this is how I woke up no filters no skin care haven’t even brushed my
teeth I truly woke up this way if you want a very real youtube channel here
you go you don’t get more real than this so I’m going to show you guys exactly
what I packed with me as I got here or traveled here to Nashville from Ohio
I didn’t bring very much with me makeup and beauty wise I’m going to show you
all of the stuff that I travel with and you my everyday makeup look using it but
first off I’m going to take a shower so I’ll be right back
so we just got a shower that’s when we came in because I cannot take a shower
alone can you see hi hey check out my tweet story PJs on
Dada Dada Dada but I’m not dead mama she loves me Dada nope and she doll
okay I’m gonna get dressed alright just got a shower and my baby hairs coming in
hot I’m gonna do some skincare really quick
with you guys this is what my skincare bag looks like wow it looks really dusty
it’s not I just cleaned it but I’m gonna do some skincare really quick before we
do my makeup this is my everyday routine so I’m gonna do a little bit of toner
like cotton around toner is pixie glow tonic in the morning I like to use my
SkinCeuticals I do the ce4 rule ik and I do about 4 or
5 drops and then I use my favorite eye cream right now is skin suitable Zhai
balm I’m not a big believer in eye creams but this one I actually really do
like and for daytime I really really really like the drunk
elephant this is the Lala retro whipped whipped cream I love their products a
lot and you just push down and it comes up I like to use a little bit of aqua
for my lips too I use aqua whore constantly I love Lana
lips too I’m just out of it right now I need to
go buy something they can get that at Ulta right I have eczema really bad
around my ears so I always just take a little bit of extra dough around my ears
too that’s it that’s my daily skin care I’m
the only other thing that I do other than those steps as I do like to use the
Fusaro first so far Solly far Solly why is that
so hard for me first of all this is the unicorn essence I love that a lot and
I’m gonna apply that really quick too and this I do about six drops and this I
have honestly just been using as a serum and a primer most days every day that I
wear makeup I definitely use it but sometimes I won’t wear moisturizer I’ll
just use this over the sweeper lick but um I’ve been having really really dry
skin the last few days to the point of like products are actually burning my
skin that’s because I’ve started using more retinol at night so that’s why I
use that as my base above the height the the moisturizer but normally I don’t
wear my moisturizer during the day I just use that with this ee Berlocq now
for makeup this is all the makeup that I brought for this trip right here in this
case this case is from tape up they just sent it to me and I really liked it um
it’s black with rose gold and it’s a great little travel case it’s perfect
for what I need typically I bring more makeup than this
if I’m going to be doing something like say we’re traveling for business and we
have a red carpet or whatever then obviously I’m gonna bring more makeup
things then what this can fit but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere dramatic so I
don’t really need it my skin is getting better I still have this thing that I
have to cover up and have some questionable bumps right there
but other than that it is getting better so I’m gonna use my green cover-up which
is the dermablend it’s the quick fix that you guys seem use this all the time
I have changed the way that I’ve used this the last few days and I like it so
much better so this is what I do I apply the green directly to the red like a
good amount and I do not blend I do it just like that and then I have some more
red up here because I got crazy with my extracting tool the other day okay and
so that’s all I do right there I do not blend
I feel like this does much better job mask I feel like I’ve been making like
doing my skin a disservice by blending and then same with the under eyes I’m
using peach under my eyes and you I only apply it directly where the purple is
because I want to correct that purple but I don’t want any area that isn’t
purple to have the peach because then it’s gonna look orange there that’s not
what I want so I’m just putting it directly on the purple spots like that
and again I’m not going to blend and honestly this is so much better
covering up by not blending it out and I maybe this is something that other
people already knew but I did not know and I just discovered it and one day I
just tried it and I was like oh my gosh this is so much better so it’s still
summer time here so I’m going to mix my CC from it cosmetics and my drops I
showed you guys this in my last video for my glowy
I’m still loving this combination I actually I think I used the Pacifica
last time which I love Pacifica but today I’m using CC because we’re in
Nashville and it’s hot so what matte and see I’m just putting
it directly over that green and I do the same under my eyes and just that little
layer of foundation already covered up with all the coverage oh not the cover
to the color covered up like all the grain covered up all the peach it’s like
you don’t even see it anymore but it completely took away the redness I have
no redness there at all that’s honestly the
thing that I’ve found recently with makeup is do not blend your color
correcting I’m sure there’s people out there who we disagree with me but using
my dark circle cover-up right on the circles I blend it all out with a beauty
blender here in just a minute okay putting some concealer on this is a very
fast makeup look that’s why I’m moving so fast is because everyday makeup I
don’t go crazy with my makeup and I’ve started to apply my concealer this way
because I feel like it really gets all the spots that I need it to with just
that little shape that I make there I don’t even know what you call that shape
reminds you have corbels you know those if you’re in a home interior you would
know what corbels are and i take it around to the edge of my eye as well and
whatever’s left all over I use it where my pimples were I mean look at that my
boo-boos are like gone I’m telling you that is the trick maybe I’m late to the
game and everybody already knows this and you’re all like shaking your heads
at me like what but I don’t take time to watch a ton of makeup tutorials to learn
stuff from other people which maybe I should I just don’t have the time so
everything I learn its self learned okay now that I’ve done that I’m going to use
some powder under my eyes and on my t-zone by the way this is my makeup brush
holder I feel like I’ve showed this to you guys before but if I have it that’s
what it looks like bought it on Amazon it was like I want to say $7.99 best
purchase if you travel a lot or if you’re like doing stuff like away in the
gym everyday and like doing your makeup at the gym or whatever it is awesome and
it fits just the right amount of brushes to do a full face it’s great adding a
little blush these are my normal products like Milani blush and
everything because I’m traveling so I just grab grabbed impact the items that
I typically use on an everyday basis adding a little highlighter I typically
like to do this before I contour but I forgot
and that happens guys not perfect hashtag not perfect throw some mascara
on right quick because we want our mascara to dry while we do the rest of
our makeup so we can go back and curl them and everything I am in the camp
that curls my lashes after mascara – which I know is dangerous and you can
lose eyelashes that way and I have in the past but yet here we are
I still do it for eye shadow I’m not doing anything except for taking my
bronzer and just applying it right into my crease and then my eyes I just sat
with my loose translucent powder which is the magic powder from Charlotte
Tilbury and then now all I’m gonna do is put my brows on a little bit of lips and
we’re done like this is just my basic everyday look one more traveling because
we not that busy so using my Urban Decay double down brow you guys know I love
this I use it every video brushing it through just applied a nude liner it’s
my Maybelline nude liner and some nude lipstick from Becca and that’s about it
I mean I do apply my magnetic lashes and that’s my everyday look super simple
clean skin fresh skin do we so somewhere back there
all right put my magnetic lashes on brush my hair
out my finished look super simple makeup honestly the magnetic lashes just take
up the look by a million and I did my makeup down there which my child is not
getting into penny I can’t put your makeup on she is already taking makeup
brushes and putting makeup on any mother like daughter but this is the finished
look and we’re gonna go out and explore Nashville today and just have a good
time alright guys thank you so much for watching love you all so much or what

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  2. THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!! LOVE THIS!!!! – the cameos from Matt and Mackenlee att the beginning and end were so adorable!!!!! really enjoyed this learned even more new tips to use

  3. Okay so I’ve heard about toners but I still don’t know what they do or what they’re for. Any information is 100% welcome and wanted!

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