My Dream Closet, Afternoon Tea, & Washing Makeup Brushes | #Vlogmas Day¹²

Good afternoon everyone! Today, I am starting off my day near Gyeonbokgung. There’s an afternoon party with rewardStyle and mytheresa and I got invited so let’s go on inside. At this place called ploi. – My favourite twins!
– Hi! – Hello.
– We’re in Joan’s vlog. – And then I met Korean influencers
– Hii! mytheresa. – It’s been so long.
– I know! We’re gonna go make flower crowns. I’m allergic to flowers, so we’ll see how… – how I can endure this session.
– Are you gonna be okay though? I’ll be okay. I’ll be okay. I hope. Over the last years, just to name a few, we have coorporations with Off-White, with Dolce and Gabbana, with Prada, with Miu Miu. Here we go. Here is my flower crown. Thank you. – This is ours.
– It’s so cute. I’m gonna try the sunglasses. – Try the heart one, that’s so cute.
– Oh really? Okay, I will. These are Laurent, Saint Laurent. – So cute right?
– That’s so cute! – I like that.
– You look so cool with that. These are so pretty. Wah, thank you. – They’re leaving early.
– Bye guys. – I’ll see them soon though!
– Next week.
– Yeah. – Next weekend?
– Next week. Tuesday? I think. QQ. I’m now leaving the event and they gave us our flowers. I’m back home. And what do you guys think of my I guess Christmasy plant shelf? I did this, this morning. And I wanted to film a quick unboxing in front of my only festive decoration in my apartment right now. So mytheresa and rewardStyle. rewardStyle is actually the website I use for affiliate linking. I always include in the bottom of my description box letting you guys know that some of the links are affiliate links which means that I can earn a little commission whenever you guys purchase something using them and mytheresa, they actually contacted me a very long time ago, asking if I wanted to collab with Off-White from their exclusive line. And then eventually I also worked with them for Ganni so you guys might be familiar with mytheresa if you follow me on Instagram. But the two brands decided to have a tea party and invited me over. I met a lot of Korean fashion bloggers not YouTubers, except for Q2Han and it was really great seeing them. I actually didn’t know that they were going to be there. It’s always good seeing them, and yeah, it was really nice to meet all the fashion bloggers. They’re so nice and everyone seemed to already know each other already, but they were just very welcoming, and they were just like super sweet. There’s this box that they gave us and let’s open it up! On top of the box, it says rewardStyle and mytheresa. And in here we have My flower crown! I am allergic to flowers but surprisingly I think I’m only allergic to them during the spring and summer time. Because I didn’t get an allergic reaction and I made sure I did not touch my face after touching the flowers Super fun to make. There’s also a postcard in here. It’s all written in Korean, but just give me a minute. Okay, so if you guys want to buy anything from, you can use this code right here. Screenshot it and you can get 10% off, so check out their website because they have so many different brands. And here, there’s one more thing in here. Says “open me”. Ohh, it’s a Ganni shirt! Ooh. It says Love Society on it. Wow thank you so much mytheresa. Alright. Now I am going to wash my makeup brushes. I actually have a shopping bag full of unwashed ones so after that I’ll probably eat dinner and then get some work done and go to the gym because it’s been a couple of days. Let’s go wash my makeup brushes. My shopping bag full of unwashed makeup brushes. So I like to first dunk them in water like this, And then I’m going to use my rice scooper so that I can brush off all the makeup off of the brush using the Sigma brush shampoo and all of these. It’s gonna take like 30 minutes, but we got this guys. I changed into my Marvel shirt, and I’m gonna clip my bangs, and I’m ready. So using the brush shampoo I’m gonna squirt a little bit of it, and then I like to start with the small brushes first. So you guys will be shocked by how much makeup Ugh so much. Yeah, this is actually one of my favourite ways to wash my brushes. And I’ve done a video on this a while back on my main channel, so if you guys are curious, I’ll link that video up there. But yeah, it’s very cheap. I bought this rice scooper for like 500 won, which is like less than 50 cents. So, super affordable and efficient. Yeah, I have a makeup cleansing mat from Sigma, and that works well too, but I just feel like this is quicker. So I usually put a towel down and then arrange my brushes like this. They’re not touching the ground which is good. But yeah, this will help dry and, Because the floor is hot during the winter time these will probably be ready for use tomorrow which is exciting. But yeah, finally done, and it feels so good. But now I am ready for dinner, and then I’m gonna head to the gym. I won’t be vlogging the gym because usually when I go at night, there are so many people there so when I wake up early and go in the morning, I’ll take you guys along with me because a lot of you guys seemed interested. Um but yeah, the vlog will end here tonight. Here’s the shout out of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed this vlog right here. And I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s, have a Joan day! Byee!

100 thoughts on “My Dream Closet, Afternoon Tea, & Washing Makeup Brushes | #Vlogmas Day¹²

  1. I don't think I have seen you going so…did you see the marvel experience center in Busan??? are you planning to go with Abe? I saw yesterday in this week running man episode and looks really cool!!
    ps: I love the rice paddle for the cleaning haha

  2. Joan~ Try not to get the ferrule of your brushes wet. It'll loosen the glue and shorten the lifespan of your brushes! ): To dry your brushes upside down, you could get an acrylic brush stand (link below). I own one and it works great. It's detachable too so you can store it away when not needed.

  3. Hmmm I used my palm instead when washing the brushes. And oh maybe you should dry them facing downwards, the water will drip down easily and better result.

  4. Brushes dumped in the water. SMH. I guess when you get free stuff you don’t care about ruining the glue in your brushes. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Joan! so bummed out that I can't attend the fanmeet when you are in Singapore but hope to see you during the cherry blossoms period next year!!! preparing for my trip now and I am so excited!! Love ya <3

  6. Hi Joan! Love your vlogs and glad you’re back for vlogmas! Just wanted to let you know that dumping your brushes and getting the barrel wet on your make up brushes will loosen the glue that holds the bristles together… you should wash the brushes w the bristles pointing down so no water goes in…helps makes the life of the brush much longer.

  7. What a special way to wash make up brushes! First time hearing this way…
    Nice lightings to your plants in the living room area

  8. Hhh the title of this Vlogmas… I wish to make a vlog just about this !!! 😂😂😂

  9. One of your videos a few months ago actually introduced me to watching q2han so I love a video with you three together!!! I watch both channels religiously, it's not ok lol

  10. JOAN! IM TOTALLY DIGGING THAT GOTHIC STYLED PHOTO OF YOURS IN THE THUMBNAIL! My goodness, you're rocking it! And i always knew you would!! ❤

  11. joan have you ever tried the spinning brush cleaner? I think it will help you save a lot of time washing your brushes!

  12. Hi Joan – It has been some time since I commented but I have been watching all your videos here and on your main channel. The daily vlogs are great to see but I am glad to see that you are going to be focusing on other areas this coming year so I look forward to seeing your main channel content. I am sure you will have many travel and professional adventures that you will still share through vlogging so will look forward to seeing those too.
    You mentioned in your previous vlog that you are now having more time to read, journal and have more time for yourself which is excellent. Joan Day 365 was an amazing accomplishment and an adventure in itself, now onto the new chapter!
    Love the new purple look and I think you will look amazing with a fringe should you choose to do one in the future btw.
    Nice job on the flower crown 🙂

  13. you shouldn't put your whole brush in water, it could damage the glue and the hairs will fall out much quicker. just the bit that has make up on it is enough! also less drying time hehe

  14. Not sure if this info is still accurate but I read somewhere a while back that you’re not supposed to soak or get the brush handles wet because it may loosen the glue and the brush hairs may become loose or fall out…you’re also supposed to dry the brushes bristle side down for the same reason – so that the water doesn’t drip down and soak into the handle.

  15. I was like "Noooo…the brushes" 😱😱😭😭 I think you shouldn't soak them in the water. That's really bad for the brushes. I even feel bad when I have to wet them one by one before I wash them.

  16. Hi Joan……………………………………
    Things what I need in this vlog.
    Arrange an arm wrestling match between q2han girls and me
    I will get you to wear black sneakers.
    I want to see you in gym

  17. That looks like it was so much fun! It’s fun to see both your vlog and the QQ twins blog b cause you guys show a different perspective. Btw that shirt is adorable on you!

  18. I just found your channel a month or so ago and I've been obsessed with ur videos ever since, I love that you're not one of those completely over the top youtubers, you're really just the way you are and I love that, apart from the fact that your videos are always super nice and helpful. I feel like you deserve so much more followers and love. Keep going! ♥

  19. Omg I died watching you wash your makeup brushes. You're completely ruining them by soaking the whole thing in water…. And using a rice scooper is WAY too harsh for the bristles *facepalm

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