My Dad Reacts To What Is Inside My Bag!

– Hey, guys, it’s Karina
– It’s Ronald from – [Both] SIS versus BRO. – And today, my brother and my
dad are going to be reacting to what I have inside my school bag. (dramatic music)
– Dun, dun, dun! – Whoa, I’m scared. What do you have? We’re about to find out. – And if you guys have been watching our videos for ages and you’ve been here since the beginning of school, you know that this is the
bag that I brought to school, and I still love it, it’s a good bag, but I don’t bring this
bag to school anymore, because now, I bring this bag. – What, where did that come from? – This one’s slightly
smaller and it can’t fit all my school necessities in it. So I just put it in my
locker and when I need it, I just take it out then, so I have everything in here. All my things, my goodies, all the things that I need during the day, right here. So we’ll get this one out of here. – Ah, its pretty heavy! – It is pretty heavy. – You carry stones in there? – Probably rabbits and dogs. (crickets chirping) – Okay, sure. – It’s meant to be school supplies. – Yeah, you bring rabbits to school. – Yeah, sure. (laughs) Okay. So these have all of my everyday needs. Well, maybe not everyday. Maybe things from ages ago
that I left in here, but still. What I take around with me everywhere. My school stuff are in my locker. Mmhmm.
– Okay. – So guys, rock, paper, scissors. Who’s gonna be taking out
one thing from my bag first? (Ronald laughs) – All right, go ahead. (crickets chirping) – I’m scared. I don’t wanna do it. – Just do rock and paper!
– No! – Come on! Don’t be scared.
– Okay. Rock, paper, scissors. – Rock, paper, scissor, shoot. Yay, I go first. – Is that a yay or nah? – I don’t know yet.
– You’re the winner. Go for it. – Okay, first, you’re gonna open up– – Which pocket? – The smaller one. Because the bigger one is better. – Okay, I’ll take it. (ominous music) Wait, what? How come you have Milka in here? – I ate that ages ago. – But you still carry this in your bag? What? – Do you know what you have in your bag? – Let me smell that. (wrapper crunching) (Dad sniffing) – Wait, check the expiration. – I think it’s pretty old. – If it has one. – Probably a week old. – Did you know you have this in here? – Yeah, but I kind of
forgotten about it now. – Okay.
– Wait, no. I still want that. (both laughs) – All right. – Your turn. – Oh, wow. Okay, Let’s go for it. (ominous music) – Oh, it’s a marker. – Good. – Okay. – All right. – Easy-peasy.
– Is that it? – Yeah.
– Not it. There’s plenty of things in here. But I don’t know. – [Ronald] A hair clip? – Oh, yeah a hair clip. I got hair clips in there. To do my hair whenever I feel like it. – Okay. – All right. – Okay, my turn. (ominous music) – It’s a mirror. It’s a donut mirror.
– It’s a mirror. – A donut mirror.
– It’s a school supply. Okay, let me check my hair. (children laugh) – You know, Karina, it’s
supposed to be a school bag. Just school supplies. – But I keep all my school
supplies in my locker. – This is not a makeup
and hair and nail kit. (laughing) – It’s just a mirror, Ronald. – And a hair clip. – Okay, here you go. – Please, please, please, please. – That’s a hairbrush and a mirror. Open it. – A hairbrush and a mirror, Oh. – And you just pop it out. – Oh, that’s cool! – Whoa, whoa, whoa! – It’s a lot of things in there. – What is going on in the big pocket? Chocolate? More chocolate? Karina! – Are you stacking up? – I bought that at school like, yesterday, and I ate some of it. – They sell this in schools? – Wait. – What’s going on? – You ate so much. I’ll have one. – Ronald. – That’s mine, Ronald! I only have two left.
– Yeah, you have the rest because she already had enough. – No! – Okay, guys. So now it’s my turn to take something out of Karina’s unexpectable bag. – Okay. (ominous music) – What’s this? – Chips that I brought to school. (loud crashing) – What? – I ate this today, I think. Or was it yesterday? – You’re sneaking chips in a Ziploc? – Wait. Is this like a food gallery where you eat? – Not just food. – You know this is junk. You’re not supposed to eat this. – But it taste good. – Okay. – All right. Now, it’s your turn. – Face palm. – My turn. Okay, let’s go. (ominous music) – Please be something good. (bag crunching) (loud coughing) – Is that McDonald’s? – What? It’s McDonald’s bag? – Oh, yeah. – Oh, yeah? That’s what you say all the time. – French fries and ketchup? – It’s good! (Ronald laughs) You need to try it. – No, Disgusting. – It doesn’t even smell good, actually. – Oh, my gosh! – It’s been in my bag for a while. Okay, Ronald, are you excited? – No. – Okay. (ominous music) – Sephora mask (mumbles)
green tea face mask. This isn’t even open. – I’m saving it. – For what? Right now? – I don’t know. (children laugh) – Here. – How would you use it in school? Science experiment? – I think. Yeah, and then you melt
it down or something. (Ronald laughing) – Good idea. My turn, guys. (ominous music) (hand slam on table) – Empty. – Oh, it’s my empty–
– Empty gum. – Empty gum container. (loud explosion) – Okay.
– Bunch of junk in there. (Karina laughs) – Okay, I’m not excited for my turn. More gum? – This one’s full. That one was empty. I finished that one. – That smells good. – Are you even allowed
to have gum in school? – Not during class, like at
break times and after school. Well, sometimes I sneak them in class. – [Dad] I need to calm down. It’s my turn. (ominous music) – Okay.
– Let’s go. – What’s that? – It’s perfume. – Whoa, hold on. A bottle of perfume.
– Can I try? – Oh, whew, Nice one.
– Can I try? – But why do you take it to school? – To smell good. Okay, Ronald. Are you excited?
– Yeah, no. (children laugh) – You’re like, Yeah. Wait, no I’m not. – Well, I just realized
I’m getting out of her bag. Okay. Please, please, please. Okay. That’s not too bad. – It’s my hair elastic. (Dad and Ronald laugh) – My turn. Let’s go. (ominous music) – Oh, sunglasses. – Oh, I brought those to school Monday. And I left them in my bag
and I forgot about them. – So you can pay attention in the class? (confident rock music) – No! For when it’s sunny. These ones are my second
favorite sunglasses. My favorite ones I’ve lost. I don’t know where they are. I like this one a lot because they make me look suspicious. – Okay, you could take it for vacation, but not really to school. Doesn’t fit to your school bag. – No! During break times when it’s sunny. – Now, it’s time for me not to be excited. – Okay. All right. (ominous music) – Tissues. (dial-up tone ringing) – Karina’s like, “Oh, yeah.” “I remember those.” – Oh, look. There’s one used one right there. – Ew! (children laugh loudly) – All right. Now, it’s your turn.
– Aww, okay. My turn. I’m scared. – [Ronald] Please help me. – Okay, I got something. What’s this? – My headphones. – Hold on, I got… – You got two things. – I got two things. I got a lollipop, guys. – I remember buying that. And headphones. – I remember– Wait, so we’re looking at the lollipop, but not the headphones. These are some expensive
300 euro headphones, and you just stuff it in that bag? – So I can bring it to
school and listen to things. (Ronald laughs) – I think I bought this– – But what is this doing in your bag? – I think I bough it on
Tuesday or Wednesday. No, I think my friend gave it to me. My friend gave it to me,
and I forgot about it. – So guys, if you have already forgotten, these are actually from Karina’s birthday. I gave them to her because I’m so nice! – All right. – Off to the side, headphones. – It’s your turn. – Okay, Your turn. – Yes, I know it’s (mumbles). (ominous music) – It’s a pencil. – What’s this? – I got that at the dentist once. Googly eye frog thing and
I put it on my pencil. – And isn’t this supposed
to be in a pencil case? – Well, I don’t have room
in my bag for a pencil case. (Ronald laughs) So I just put my pens in it– – I think this is the
first school supply item we’ve found in your bag. – What about my lunch? My McDonald’s lunch. – Maybe the highlighter,
but I’m not sure but– – Maybe the sunglasses– – It’s maybe makeup. – Maybe the sunglasses, you never know. – So my turn. Let’s go. – Okay. (ominous music) – And I got what? (Ronald screams) – You got lots of things. – A used hairbrush with also hair in it. – But a hair elastic and two bobby pins. – Okay. – I think this is the
second or third hairbrush you carry in there. – Oh, yeah. – Okay, I’m gonna go in right
now because it’s my turn. Please be something good. – Two makeup brushes. – Makeup brushes?
– What? Makeup? – Isn’t it supposed to be in
a makeup kit or something? Or a box or something? – I just put it in. – What? – It’s school touch-up? – Yeah. – During class? (all laughing) – Maybe not during class! All right, now it’s your turn. – Okay, it’s pretty scary. Okay, my turn. Let’s go. (ominous music) – Wallet? (cash register ding)
– Oh! I get the goodies. I got the wallet. Let’s see what’s inside. – Don’t open it, please. – Wait, how much money
do you have in there? – [Dad] Do you even know what’s inside? – I do. I check it a lot. That’s how I buy all these things. – What? (cash register ding) – A hundred. Karina. 50. 50. (cash register ding) Why do you take money to school? What’s going on? – To buy food. And I got a lot of coins. – Okay, I think this
is way too much money. You shouldn’t bring so much to school. – I’m keeping this. – Maybe five or ten is enough. – Hey! That’s my money. That’s stealing. – Okay, this is unacceptable. We’re gonna have to talk about this. (Ronald giggles) – Okay, guys. So I’m gonna reach over
and get the jackpot. (ominous music) I’m gonna get a handful. – Okay. You’re getting a lot of things. A lot of different things. – Are these more makeup? – You’ve got liquid lipstick. – Makeup? This is honey lip scrub
and a makeup brush. – Do you use it for your cheeks? – Yeah, that would be
used for your cheeks. – Are you sure this is
your school supply bag, not your makeup kit? (Ronald laughs) – My school supplies are in my locker, I keep on telling you. – My turn. What’s in there? – I felt a box in there when I reached in. – I feel a box. – What’s that? Jewelry? – Pretty Rich. What is this? – A makeup palette. – Okay. Why do you need this in school? – ‘Cause it’s a makeup kit, of course. Look, it’s a bag. – You have an art class everyday? – No. Sometimes you just need
to do little touch-ups. I don’t know . Someone splashes water on your face and your makeup gets all ruined so you need to fix it. – Emergency water-splashing rescue device. – Yes. Okay, Ronald, You ready? – Not really. – Okay. – Handful. No, wait, I can feel lots in there. I’m gonna get a lot. – A watch? – A box. – It’s another makeup palette. – Is this? It says chocolate bar. – Well, this one smells like
chocolate, Ron, smell it. – Ah! It smells so good. – I think it smells nice,
but I think it’s a little bit too much for a school supply. – It’s not a school
supply, it’s for touch-ups. – It’s a makeup supply. – It’s my favorite palette. – (mumbles) makeup
classes six hours a day. – Let’s go. – It’s my sunglasses. My favorite sunglasses. – The ones that you lost? – What do you mean I found it? You didn’t know they were there? – No, they were– – Sort of. – Pencil? – What’s this? Wait. – A shampoo? (Karina laughs) – “A shampoo?” – Is this body wash? – No! It’s face cream. They make your face soft and stuff. – At school? – Karina, I think the
bathroom is your favorite place in school. – Okay, I think it’s my turn. – And we have two items. – Another makeup brush. – Make–
– And more tissues. – What a makeup brush. – Karina, you just stuff
so much makeup things. – I’m gonna do my eyes. – It’s all very necessary. – Okay, guys. It’s my turn to reach into the vortex. – There’s not very many
things left in there. – Okay, I’m gonna– – The vortex of goodies. – I’m gonna grab a handful. – You’re taking a real-life handful. – Just dump it. – Oh, my god. – Okay. First of all, what’s this? – Oh, my goodness. – More perfume. We got another makeup brush, and Ronald also found a lipstick. It’s my second favorite. – Should I put them on? – No!
– No! Ronald! Now, my bag is fully empty. – Karina, do you really need
all of this in your bag? – Well, the truth is I don’t
really know I had some of this in my bag, but I do need most of it. – So guys, comment below what do you have inside your backpack besides school supplies
because I don’t have very many school supplies in my bag. – Yeah.
– Just a few pens and– – Yeah, because there’s no more room for school supplies, that’s why. – I have it in my locker! And comment down below
if we should do this with Ronald’s bag. Not so much the smelly things in there. – No, No!
(Dad laughs) Don’t comment down below! We hope this video, if you did – [Both] Smash that like button! – Or else! – And we’ll see you all next time. Good bye! (lively rock music)

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