My Concealer Line Was Stolen & Leaked ($2.5 Million of Makeup Hijacked)

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi how are ya? now in today’s video there is no humor no sarcasm..
just a story and a confession that I have to tell you guys. the last month of
my life has been an insane roller coaster of emotions.. so many highs and so
many lows. I am in kind of a state of shock right now.
so this past weekend something that I have been waiting for a few weeks to
happen finally happened and a brand new product that I’ve been working on for
over a year has been leaked and that is the Magic Star concealer the things that
I’m about to tell you have been my nightmare that I have been living with
for a few weeks now so during this blue blood launch which was the biggest
success of my career the biggest launch it has been insane we were number one
trending topic all over the world the sales were astronomical and I cannot
believe we sold every unit so if you were a part of that magic thank you so
much but you guys probably noticed that I was very silent on social media
leading up to the launch a lot of you were like what is going on are you okay
that’s a two-part question part one is I’ve been dealing with my birth mom
being very sick my mom has been doing very bad and if you have been following
me for a while you know that we recently connected so this has been very
emotional with this massive launch dealing with the health of my mom
something else horrific happened I haven’t told anyone
this yet just me my team and my family know but two weeks ago the morning of
March 15th I uploaded the reveal video for the blueblood collection that night
at around 1:00 a.m. one of my stock and shipping facility warehouses was broken
into and over 2.5 million dollars of product was stolen from me this is the
biggest theft I have ever experienced in my
entire career this is the biggest hit as a brand I am still shocked about the
entire thing so I’m gonna explain to you the details because this weekend a photo
popped up online okay a lot of you saw this I did some very nice asking people
to remove photos that they graciously did but the leak happened it’s out there
and it started to trinkle and I was waiting it’s been about two weeks now
since the burglary right and I have been waiting for this moment I’ve been
sitting here like when is it gonna pop up online are they gonna try to sell it
what are they gonna do right so you guys were like okay what happened how did
what is going on so let me lay it out for you okay so there’s two parts of the
story there’s the robbery there’s the leak so the robbery happened like I said
about two weeks ago we have kept it very contained
of course blue blood was announced right that night full break in these people
were professional I fully believe it was an inside job I think that it was
someone who temporarily worked there who tipped them off we have been getting
deliveries at new facilities and things have been spread around with blue blood
I wanted to make sure it was a fortress so in the main building that you saw him
the Shane series last summer you saw a very big glimpse into one of my
warehouses right we have now several buildings in that complex and one of
them was not secure enough I am so horrified that someone knew it
wasn’t secure enough yet and they hit us really hard they came in through the
roof it was a very professional job it was a team of people and when you watch
footage of this stuff it is so gut-wrenching to see people
just take your shit and put it in a truck and steal something that I’ve been
working on for so long I don’t even know how to explain it so I get a call as I’m flying home from
Dallas me and my friend Nicole dipstick Nick we’re teaching some makeup classes
so the robbery happened Friday all weekend long I had no idea
Monday morning one of my employees shows up really early in the morning to start
the day notice the cameras moved the doors open and that’s when we figured
out wow we’ve been broken into so I’m getting on a plane I have so much
anxiety because I really don’t know what’s happening and you know you know
how stories are it starts with wow this happened and then all the information
starts shrinking in and at first I was like oh my god did they like take some
blue blood did they take all of it like you guys I’ll be very transparent I know
I’ve had production issues in the past of not being able to make things fast
enough I ordered the biggest quantity of blue
blood like I invest a lot of money into that project so I was like oh my god I
mean there’s no way they could have taken it all right we’re talking like a
million-plus units here so I’m like what the fuck is going on and I get news that
some of the Northern Lights highlighter pallets were stolen some of them
actually my entire shipment of new platinum ice which was about 5,000 units
right so how makeup works is you order let’s say 50,000 as the lab starts to
make them they will start delivering so from my purchase order I got five
thousand two days prior they took that they took thousands of Northern Lights
they took thousands of lip liners and they took an entire shade of fucking
concealer like I have 30 plus shades in this amazing line I am so proud of it
the formula is unreal and I’m so excited for you guys to experience it later this
month um I didn’t plan on talking about it or showing things off today
but hi things happen um right so you guys they took an entire shade so shade
I will dive into this in a minute but shade c5 I have a few hundred left they
took thousands of these and I can’t believe it
so a few days ago the box finally pops online we’ve been waiting
for this moment I have hired an whole entire investigative team to help me
with law enforcement we are in contact with FBI who are fully being amazing and
this is really scary it’s unreal and when millions of dollars are involved
and taken I have never taken anything more serious it’s heartbreaking I’ve
been living with this inside and trying to keep happy and then it’s like BAM
this crazy launch and then here we are I knew it was gonna happen the first leak
it hits so here’s where the story gets a little weird
because for everyone out there watching you may have never heard of the story
before I know there’s millions of you out there who are like what is happening
I’m so sorry that you have to hear this a lot of you saw some packaging you saw
the leak so this picture right here is what one of my investigators found they
put it on the Facebook marketplace and it was the first sign ever right I had I
have a team of people scouring the internet anywhere in different countries
seeing where it would pop up right and it finally did so the people who broke
into my facility they are black market makeup dealers they have hid honest
hacia about a year and half ago like this news story was in sane I don’t know
if it’s the same people we are of course fully trying to figure out what happened
so whoever stole thousands and thousands of shade c5 then I think because I don’t
obviously know how this fully works I think that they then go to black market
people who sell makeup whether it’s counterfeit or under the table but there
are obviously people who do that which is very illegal I couldn’t believe that
they were ballsy enough to post the photo holding it like that on itself
is insane it’s so illegal to show something that you stole from our
facility so in my in a lot of my where we have cold storage right so when it
gets hot in the summer you put certain like lip ammunition skin frost certain
type of things in cold storage so it’s a controlled temperature 70 degrees always
right the concealer was there and it was tucked away so the first hour when the
police came and were fingerprinting and we were looking at things we didn’t even
know they conceal that was taken it took us doing inventory and the
entire building to discover this shade missing I couldn’t believe it I thought
it was some sick joke I’m like an entire mother fucking shade out like no so c5
is floating out there the picture that a lot of you saw online was from a girl
that stole the original picture my investigator saw this photo right we
have been working with law enforcement and we actually tracked down this person
this person is now in jail currently while we investigate how they got access
to my product to then illegally sell it okay so this person is in jail the girl
that leaked the photo she is part of the problem because she hit up the black
market dealer on Facebook stole that person’s photo and then posted it in a
Facebook makeup group going hi who wants this basically the black market person
told her we can give you as much as you want we have it early and I’m like
common sense says maybe run away from that that’s like illegal drugs like
makeup is hot commodity and if something is if I’ve never shown anything if I’ve
never talked about something and someone is holding it before me you know it’s
wrong but this girl took it upon herself to post it and spread it all over
Facebook saying that she was gonna sell it as well
that girl has since I guess put up some dumb apology she knew exactly what she
was doing she got in trouble so now she’s trying to backtrack I’m not even
gonna say her name I’ve lured out everything in these screenshots because
this is not about specific people this is an entire insane situation so here we
are we’ve tracked down some of the product but there are still so many
units floating out there so if you guys see this
packaging or see five before the launch just know that it is stolen it is
illegal goods and I would love to try to get more of it back to finish this
entire story I want to talk about the future okay I am a fighter I’m a
survivor I’ve been through so many horrific things throughout my entire
life so how I view this is it is a massive learning experience for me and
my company let’s talk about some of the positives good news is you know bitch
has full coverage insurance so every single unit that was stolen from me I
will get the money back thank you God that the system works sometimes will I
get all the units back absolutely not there’s already some being sold out
there while we were filming this video there is a app where you buy and trade
things like Poshmark and someone else has it so these people
are breaking off my product probably giving a thousand here thousands of this
person sending it out to who-knows-where so they’re spelling my name wrong on
purpose so you can’t fully track it and there’s my concealer like right there
it’s just like it’s hot it’s a devastating just it’s that this is even
real it’s not gonna ruin my launch a lot of there’s so many speculations like are
you gonna cancel the launch or you’re gonna move it are you gonna change the
packaging I’m like first of all not everyone’s seen it now they have um but
I have been working so hard on this baby I am so proud of it you guys know right
like here’s my lip liners I love cool funky custom amazing packaging this top
alone this plastic molded just this right this took six months to make this
may be just a cute little thing just someone else but I put so much
blood sweat and tears into my brand and all this stuff costs extra money right
remember when I first started I picked a blank component from my liquid lip off
the wall which so many people have used now but everything I do moving forward I
want to do it custom and you know makeup takes months and months to make so in
saying that I am NOT doing a full reveal of my magic star concealer and setting
powders today you guys know I want to control my reveal and I still can and
the launch will be later in April I am so proud of it I cannot wait for you
guys to touch play with the formulas and see the full
the full story of all 30 concealer shades and everything else there’s eight
setting powders now I know a lot of you have seen this component online now
there’s a lot of mixed opinions about it because the picture looks shitty girl a
lot of you loved it a lot of you hated it a lot of you had mixed feelings
because you thought it was counterfeit and maybe not real but I customized this
beautiful princess cut diamond shape packaging with with gold with the star
on top and no it is not cheap is very nice metal and it is really really
beautiful I am so proud of it I’m sure a lot of you have seen the blueprints of
this leaked I know it was on a trademark website for so it has kind of been
buzzing around but for something to be stolen shown and sold before it’s even
out is so crazy to me and I can’t even believe it’s me I’m sitting here still –
so numb now right there’s so much going on in my life and like we’re all gonna
take a deep breath after this but um in ending this video I don’t know what’s
gonna happen in the future I know that I will never be broken into again I know
that I know that these boxes of my concealer right I’m just gonna show
y’all this is what the box has come like these are heavy and they stole hundreds
of these boxes and this is how they come right and I can’t believe it I’m just
sitting here like wow this is crazy so when will the official launch be I am
how to fast track that and probably push it up a little bit but I have spent so
much time love and energy and so is my entire team on this from the campaign
images we haven’t shown yet to the product shots to the new feature on the
website to everything so I’m gonna do the reveal on my terms in a few weeks
and I cannot wait for you guys to come on the new journey of the jeffree star
cosmetics first-ever skin products so if you’ve made it this far thank you for
listening I just had to get this off of my chest and share what has been going
on because I know a lot of you have noticed I’ve been a little off lately
and here’s why so thank you guys so much for
watching this video if you see any stolen makeup or counterfeit makeup even
because that is a whole nother subject please report it you know my social
media is always open if you want to share anything that you see for us to
track down or investigate I really appreciate it so thank you and I will
see you guys on the next one bye guys

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