My Boyfriend Does My Makeup

[Music] mmm this is Dominic he is my boyfriend and he has agreed to do this video challenge boyfriend does girlfriend’s makeup challenge are you up for this challenge I’m up for this challenge great okay so I’m gonna remove my makeup because right now I have a full face of makeup so I want to show you guys he’s really doing this from the beginning I’m going to enjoy watching you wrestle these thoughts in your head on what to start with first okay so I guess funny I’m start what pushing your hair maybe back romantic okay so let’s try with a big one okay I think I’m gonna do well the babies I don’t know you call it you know Labov you know let’s try the medium one okay and I’m gonna have to try to find a good one right the right color as you can see he’s gonna try and find the right color all right mm-hmm it gives it a little bit away too because this one is already used and I can see which one you used down then you got it so you can start to smart you can see probably it’s gonna be toes here I’m trying to do all this and try try to find some clues cuz obviously nobody’s getting them to me you didn’t do any homework you didn’t study and watch Romeo I don’t know so let’s try me laugh feel nothing it’s making things difficult for me I will think of terrible sad things I don’t laugh you’re like when I poke your nose that’s pretty much my time to do whatever I want her face so I’m like you know yeah I’m giving paybacks for everything you don’t know guys up until the hair right moment you know to your discretion this is your challenge I can’t really help you from here thank you are you almonds done with my finest yet I’m just pausing in between do you think I look beautiful without makeup I didn’t expect an answer you expect that off [Music] dude you’ve been doing this for ten minutes I know it takes time to help you right I could do my entire face in five minutes how long will it take you to like I don’t know change your time if I watched a YouTube video no no like you know like my you know like my boyfriend does my makeup my girlfriend repairs my motorcycle all right changes designer if I was working at [Music] okay voila voila I’m done with the formation okay now what next a little bit of powder close your eyes I’m scared hey and look at me straight no straight no I know if I want the camera to see I wanted to do something maybe dark on the eyes yeah what do we call that smokey eye okay so that’s the smokey eye isn’t like for everything right I mean if it’s dark it’s a smokey eye not necessarily smokey means it’s more like smoke it’s you’re basically creating the look of smoke on your eyes which is why it’s smokey cuz it’s very soft and hazy and it’s not as harsh looking it was very sexy so this is what he has to work with I’ll be your makeup assistant okay from the light to the dark as his safe scholars I mean me fun which means something I would do like this because the dark is hard to to take it back like to to make it look less dark it’s actually difficult that we start with something maybe lighter feels like you’re applying it in the right area so do you like it when girls wear makeup I do when he’s well done it’s beautiful no no it’s it’s it’s a favor and now I’m gonna use another color can you can you see what you’re doing right now what’s going on here what’s going on in my head is that I see that the makeup is falling on your cheek so I should protect it but I don’t have any time keep going mix so much bitch it’s like it’s like I’m sorry apart mommy don’t move no no I’m not okay every time there’s a little bit falling on your cheek it feel like a failure even more and more do I look like a chimney cleaner no because I blow sometimes on you close your eyes please looks so bad this brush that you’re using on my eye is meant to be on the face fYI no it’s on your eyes so you want so sealed up which means it’s for your eyebrows Klan lazy okay y’all Cleon hey you I saw cle-cle on exam and I am committing I think back did you ever think you would apply makeup on someone no ever let alone apply makeup on your girlfriend’s ever it’s okay it’s your first time I remember my first time applying makeup on smokey eyes it was a disaster I look like a straight-up drugged up panda is what I look like yeah that’s what do you look like I think so it’s gonna be the remake of it the next step is gonna be the lips very magical I love is beautiful it looks at everybody okay this is done with a lash curler don’t this one yes oh no you have to absolutely it is very intimidating you can cut someone’s lashes off with that what do you see that I see why do you think I’m looking at Harley you’re always moving I’m watching it it’s so bad I initiate your effort it looks so bad Wow okay now your brushes okay I have to stand still hopefully I’m not moving no it was a muscle man on the moon [Music] [Laughter] I can’t do it I’m sorry I’ll show you I’ll show you okay okay I’ll show you actually on your eye no no yes okay feels horrible it’s really awful it’s a very unpleasant feeling I hated gentle squeeze squeeze it I would tell you if it hurts okay how’s the lip is it curled yeah a little bit but it makes like okay it’s good enough okay okay okay lips no no no we have to spray that thing on my face I know are you okay I mean it’s gonna fix it so when you see the results you’re gonna probably be you’re gonna want to remove it really quick sorry I just forgot what was what was on the bottle I should have made and yes so are you doing well there’s my whole face is wet how do I look I haven’t seen myself in the Marriott okay I want you to show me you have to show me the mirror is there a camera on that Mary I’m just trying to press the button right yeah okay my eyes mmm holy crap I look like a hot mess I look like a clown it’s too much I can’t see too much in the cheek too much on the lips my my smoky eye looks long yellow he tried his best I’m going to go out on a dinner date and I’m gonna hide and that’s it great I’ll be enjoying dinner all by myself good luck bun Charles but look you’re directly you clucking like this okay how much physical I have to make a little cat oh ho yeah it’s a little carpet time yeah okay your turn [Music]

100 thoughts on “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup

  1. Her face at the beginning of the video (intro) where she had put on her own full face of makeup looks almost exactly the same as her face and skin does when she takes it all off. Like wow 😍

  2. I am pretty late for this but I just had to say that your boyfriend would have easily deadass passed for the role of a third Salvatore brother if they'd ever casted one.

  3. 1:46 -"Do you like it when I poke your nose?"…….man that sentence is normal, but the way he said it😳….. made me remind of something else😙!

  4. Hello, I just posted a new video "BOYFRIEND DOES MY MAKE UP." So much fun. You'll enjoy it. Check it out!

    Anyways, small youtuber here. 🙂

  5. To everyone asking, yes they're still together. Mish doesn't like posting updates about them on social media but she uploaded a photo of them on her birthday. (IG story)

  6. Man I go back to this video and realised I miss Michelle so much (and my noob, low-class makeup game). I remember myself really loving Michelle and looking up to her as my guide in the beauty world :') i'm kinda sad

  7. She’s so cute actually when she speaks Vietnamese :)))) em không biết nói tiếng Pháp hahaaha so funny

  8. I love the part when she forced Dom to try the eyelash curler. The face that she made is really the same like i do when i'm on the similar situation

  9. Damn Swiss guys are damn attractive. 1st time I'm attracted to Europeans😂
    Edit: I legit said "Close your eyes please," to Michelle then Dominique said "Close your eyes please," and I was shook

  10. So romantic and cuuuute! Aghhhhhh its that time of the month toooo! 😩😣😣😣😍😍😍😍😤😤🤒🤒🤒🤒

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