what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channel! hi how are ya? Nathan’s back and where’d you just come back home from?
Turks and Caicos! how was that? it was amazing the water was so blue was it I
was amazing now I’ve never been there before Nate
just did a boy’s trip for his birthday which is so weird not being with you on
your birthday yeah we have a liquid frost which is actually out right this
second so hiii shameless plug how are you doing so these are out into the
world eight shades how are ya now today mean Nate you haven’t done
this in a long time now but just in a while two and a half years ago yeah
something like that makes it too long too long yeah so Nate did my makeup it
was pretty funny you think you gave me one of the most iconic eyebrow looks of
my career I would like to think so I’m like he has expression of like oh
yeah alright so what’s next and there has been so many requests to have Nate
back and to try to do my makeup again now Nate is not a makeup artist but he
has been around all of this for going on three and a half over almost four years
next year so you know what all this stuff is oh yeah no I definitely know
what everything is okay so today what are you gonna do I was thinking maybe
gonna think it made me just like doing some cool cartoonish things for eyes
maybe oh okay just like you know kind of like some
things James Charles does in history work James you might be retiring when
this video is that mean we’ll see just kidding James is doing just fine
yeah all right so you’re gonna do a sister slay I might and we’ll try the
slay part okay I think today well he talked about this morning doing no
eyebrows and just letting me live my alien fantasy like we’ve been doing all
year yeah so let’s see what happens yeah we’ll see how everything goes
all right so we’re gonna get very lit have fun and who knows what what is
about to happen but if you guys do not already follow Nathan on Instagram and
snapchat he has no other social media so when people tagged him on Twitter I’m
like that’s not Nate it’s like real boy Michigan Nate you’re some weird shit I’m
like that’s funny I don’t know I’m like Nate doesn’t have a Twitter or so much
happen IG it will be linked down below Nate’s finally verified on Instagram
thanks IG um there’s a lot of fake accounts there are we’re about to dive
into the video and if you want to see what happens to this face then keep on
watching hey dude he’s like good morning hi
sleepyhead I don’t think dogs Michael de Beauty
lights I’m sure it’s a little bright for sure he’s like what is happening all
right his first step we’re gonna give you this alrighty remember the first
time you ever did this what were your thoughts like holy Shh like well there’s
only shiitake mushrooms what is that from Spy Kids
I need primer my skin is like what’s happening here now this is gonna be a
good thing because this primer is about to hit the market from far Solley skin
tune blur look at this stunning bottle mmm like real live face to thank Lee so
this is actually gonna be applied with your fingers
all right oh that was a lot be careful Oh lower a little bit yeah usually you
do that yeah paint your face like kiss with this nut when it runs out what that
kiss you said that’s done did you fall from through six laughs yeah Oh
thought you said kiss that’s Reese isn’t in that song paint your face that kiss
okay this is really good by the way it was like a first impressions because
I’ve actually never used it Nate’s putting on me first it smells fresh what do you come first
does it yeah okay Doolittle my neck has a smell now does anything look blurred
like this area look any less I mean I guess I could see the little blur effect
effect cool fresh all right foundation do you want drugstore or bougie I’m
buzzing I’m still a pretty simple man but you
are baby we gotta we gotta put the good ok let’s go with the YSL all ours
foundation with SPF 20 so you’re gonna apply it with this we’re doing two
colors it’s more to like get my exact shade since we’ve been going to a lot of
exotic locations I’m a little more tan if you will yeah we’re just gonna mix
all right Nathan – you suck – use of twos Oh cut it this morphe sponge i love
the beauty sponge they’re amazing probably my new favorite Beauty Blender
I’m so sorry someone’s gonna do this on the back of my hand for you and then to
mix it or how you mix it like that you just do that I think this will be like
the base so you can use like this part of it the whole anything you want
come on makeup demonstration teaching Nate how to do makeup for ten minutes
straight mm-hmm yes pressure they love watching artists work now that the
beauty community is like exploding and all like the toxic people are like being
purged out I think there’s room for Nate just artists on Channel yeah the blender
the blending master remember the first time you did this you just swiped it all
over my face I never would have thought meeting you a year ago you’d be Beauty
blending my skin likewise yeah I think I remember that now Nate
see me do my makeup about a billion times we gotta bounce it baby mm-hmm
tell everyone why you don’t like to get high anymore on camera cuz everyone
judges you I mean I’m skating Nate doesn’t really care but I don’t people
don’t know this but I’ve been smoking weed since I was 14 or 12 sorry yeah so
so when people think you’re like Nate’s just high and quiet on camera can you
explain that please cuz everyone thinks that I just talk for you I mean we had a
lot of questions yeah I mean to be honest I was really just kind of like
one of those people who kept himself you know like the kids in the school carry
their backpack to every classroom and never go there Locker that was mean was
that Nate Zac yeah but yeah right very much I’m pretty sure yeah no I mean I
just never really lived my life online before so you know it’s a culture shock
oh yeah pretty did bad that your your life was so normal before Irie man
yeah yeah and it’s like change so drastically
I never went out I never went to clubs never did anything so I was just kind of
like the chill kid who didn’t do much mm-hmm how are we looking good you’re
just gonna get this forehead a little bit all right now it’s time for
concealer under behind you were gonna highlight and maybe a little bit there I
keep using this drugstore one it’s like seven dollars and I’ve been using it all
year and it’s really good makeup revolution that one’s huge beat
me huh don’t judge me I’m not it’s great yes Nathan Charles work Nate actually
goes all those on the weekends and teaches the employees how to do you do
all the new stuff I do sometimes yeah isn’t sometimes you know too slender
that knows whoa and then same sponge we’ll try this out whoo lend me out if
lipstick Nix ever busy you’re gonna have to start learning oh yeah what if I’m
too tired I can only model on set we’re gonna need you to do this mmm get in the
crevices of my eyes the pressure it’s like exactly how I do it which is crazy
yeah okay all right then go I’m so sorry all right now we’ve got to set the work
before it creases cuz we want we want me to look like a bad bitch always yeah
exactly you don’t want it to crack we really don’t know socio creases so work
helped us where’s the powder where’s the powder oh you want the lemare the powder
the powder so a bougie-ass powder and then yeah same sponge literally it’s the
same tool again see how it kind of melts into the skin making me look airbrushed
and flawless how’s it looking I mean sealed I’m pushing it in there I’m a
cook right now why does my skin look so good you didn’t you got me good I think so
okay I mean there’s a lot of powder Hairston I know you I just
I always go overboard all right you know that okay all right I’m ready for some
more powder more powder foundation we’re gonna lock it all in let’s do is we’re
gonna give you a little more fiji v not the g5 and g5 and then we’re gonna go in
with a little Chanel powder we love her this is this is butterfingers today must
be this is one of my favorite powders of all time I don’t know why it don’t drop
it again don’t drop it actually you drop it it doesn’t really
break we left shouldn’t watch it burn all right dip in I’m ready to dab after
this oh yeah now I mean smoke me on camera
yeah everywhere so you guys when I first heard of my channel YouTube wasn’t a
strict we would smoke bowls we had Nate review something where we’ve rolled up
in the milk blotting paper remember that yeah okay I’m just gonna press it on my
dozed look I’m gonna put that over my hand oh you can definitely see it oh yes
look at that and then YouTube was like nope one and done one and done I’ve been
with other that once with other Creators acting out and being crazy the rules
changed again in January I’m like I just want to smoke a ball into a tutorial
again alright they’re so fun the old days two years ago snatched yeah I mean
it’s hard to tell whether or not I’m putting anything on but I’m sure
something definitely yeah would you really wanna know how you can tell like
take your fingers lightly and if it’s sticky oh no it’s powder is in there
just feel feels like velvet we’re good all right now we’re gonna contour okay
we’re gonna contour Nate’s gonna contour yes we have some tools for you anthem we
have some brush he’s actually all morphe brushes actually good for them we have
an m3 ten we have an m5 – seven I’ve been using this I think for three years
now okay and of course only the best for Nathan a
little lemare bougie bronzer you go for it
yeah cool you can swirl that around I know it looks a little more color to do
I just kind of like like that okay I don’t know if you’d like just kind of
like knock it around and then I get that little powder for there the boat oh yeah
yeah I don’t even feel like you touched my skin oh oh I’m sorry
Oh subtle contour yeah I love that mm-hmm I’ll hold my hair back for you so
soft smell the powder where they remind you have six skin care huh Nate loves
lemare moisturizer smells good and then if you ever wanna like diffuse it or
take it away we go back in with this one assistant I’m assisting Nate ready yeah
a little bit yes there we go I’m not helping anymore that was all you got
Vanna White moment okay everyone what a hair color should
Nate do next his the roots are growing in he’s not
sure what were you seeing babe baby blue or green or yeah I’ll sing like a baby
blue or a baby green or something like that well like a mint would be sick
yeah like a fall sorry my baby here’s your good baby
I’ve had blonde hair for over a year now how do you think like what do you think
you met me with pink hair yeah I did what do you like more um I mean both but
different yeah I mean I like both baby I like you for you so not done they’re
pink so let me shave my head dude shave your head I won’t go pink yeah I want to
do like Amber Rose hair one day oh yeah like baby’s so cool one day I
got to do it before I die I mean MA definitely be a statement yeah
a big one pink buzzcut with full face GI Jane okay in case you guys didn’t know
Nathan is a contestant on season 12 we’re both drag race just kidding vlog
and that’d be a sight to see would imagine if you were like secretly you’re
just killing it and doing really good at makeup I’m just like this is me
bullshitting you guys right now yeah you’re pretending to flop no actually I
look in the monitor my skin looks yeah I’m sure Oh ooh bitch it’s a little dark
but yeah you James child me and I’m helping again I’m cheating I know you
just take a powder and veil over exactly sorry I just can’t see over here so dark
look darker yeah okay now it’s time to highlight we got to use our new liquid
frost today okay I think it’s a must this one is so pretty as a yellow
undertone with beautiful like reflex in there yes it’s um isn’t it cute I asked
you I really okay the shade is called canary bling can I
put some on your tattoo for fun sure let’s show it off come on Medusa
how are you girl really well that was a lot just a little bit Lynn went
overboard this is so pretty and the light ooh gasps glitter mm-hmm come on
Medusa there we go I need to add it way more ah all right let’s put some on my
cheekbones we’ll put some skin Frost over it and have a frost party all right
mm-hmm we don’t need as much as I put on you know try that for once I don’t need
to mess this up over some highlight right now oh my god can’t really see it
from my angle mm-hmm Mary bling baby yeah she got a little bit more some
highlight you talk yeah a little bit more highlighter I mean you can never go
wrong with that okay let’s dip into oh my god okay so
it’s fun hitting pan on your own product look at candy floss you guys like my
baby’s been using that one it’s a really pretty high light color
oh is it yeah I’ve been using a little more Phoebe’s guys Murphy 310 ya know
the 510 oh yeah this one use this one a little bit of candy floss yeah keep
looking that way I do yeah harder I don’t know like that tight
looks pretty huh yeah I can even see it make uh-huh it doesn’t made a more pink
Chris can you explain what candy floss says okay
it’s the English version isn’t it cotton candy candy yeah so the first time I
went to England was like 12 years ago and there are like candy floss and I’m
like oh my god for my teeth and they’re like no you idiot it’s cotton candy I’m
like oh didn’t you name him something like that on your song oh yeah the color
you’re using like a song to that you named back in the day lyrics in there
that’s what I yeah yeah yeah I know it was like something from a long time ago
to you okay so lately me and Nate have been
talking about getting a sixth child yeah we have been actually expanding our
family drama is gonna turn a year old on Halloween yes she is a little Halloween
baby yeah and we’re thinking about getting
our final dog in tow if we ever moved into a bigger home but we’ll definitely
have room for one more yeah I would say so so we’re thinking
about getting a little boy we have a name in mind over and out gonna tell you
yet it’s gonna be a very traditional American name very I think we’re gonna
do it yeah I mean it’s a cute puppy I can’t lie
oh we’re revealing he’s already born he’s born I were gonna get one soon if
he’s not born you’re right okay so delicious our black Pomeranian
his mother just gave birth to a letter so there’s five little babies I’m having
baby fever yeah so we’ll see what happens in the future I’m really excited
but maybe for my birthday we maybe get or maybe before yeah maybe before if
somebody’s ready mm-hmm okay cool let’s move on to the eyes all right you ready
for this uh-huh so Nate wants to do some artistic
eyes today yeah send my artistic I mean I’ll try to be as artistic as pie yeah
it’s fine yeah okay so Nate told me his vision and I grabbed
some products that I think would work we’re gonna go with some liquid lips
first venus flytrap ya know usually people do is you know they just do in
the back of their hand and dip in cool come on lipstick Nick
the beauty about my liquid lips you guys they’re vegan they’re i safe they’re
cruelty free and I have a billion color so you can use them for liquid
hiding out the crease every dragon on the planet uses druglord and if they
don’t they hate me Nate’s going in with a little Cosette detailing brush and
love that Brown do they definitely need more clout you can’t erase I know trust
me I know I have a very good steady hands let’s maybe quit you know what’s so hot about this isn’t
your concentration space it was like it was really cute all right dude I’m
actually really excited to see this I know it looks like we’re doing somewhere
brought up not too dark BAM yeah thanks cute okay I’m not
looking at mm-hmm I like it all right so you want to do some white
highlights you said so we grabbed druglord
it looks like white ink when you’re ready for the tattoo all right almost
done exactly I’ve had this drug lord for like
two years hi yeah same brush oh the green notes you can dip in like a
painter yeah just went ahead and Pat it over the
way a little bit to make it more I almost did okay you mind to the other
side yeah let’s do the other side now all right look we should do something
different like it well it’s is your vision sorry I mean
you know you down what’s something different in the stood let’s do two
colors okay all right Nate pick liquid lip
shade Breakfast at Tiffany’s yeah which used to be the color of your
old Jeep yeah it’s definitely a favorite color for a little while okay mmm-hmm why is that tender I should not
have a thank you oh right the slime tears are done they kind of like epic
I’ve never even done this on myself I was gonna say you don’t have anything
like that really whoa it looks so cool I’m like living my Nickelodeon fantasy
oh really you just got slimed oh yeah all right now Nate is about to dive into
the blood sugar palate and if you didn’t know it’s finally back in stock on my
website not for long those fast quick what shades gonna dive
into um let’s taste some maybe some cake mix okay or something’s Browns
no no no Linda cake mix and cavity I’ve had plenty of those all right cake mix
okay makes know that we should get sex toys made of our dicks and holes maybe
just my my dick cuz my Hall doesn’t get fucked enough mm how did you mold your
anus hmm tutorial coming soon I love that you’re actually blending I don’t
know what the hell you’re doing up there but it feels good I mean it’s probably a
little dark but right now what are you doing let’s throw a little cavity cavity
in this all right going where the neons on
mmm-hmm no you can do hard if you want we don’t have a say for itself I sure
don’t know what you may not be ready oh my chuckles he doesn’t it feels weird
mmm-hmm why how hard should I be pushing okay I mean it’s cool I like the colors
they look cool together new me they do okay okay so Nate’s in the bathroom
really quickly I have a late birthday present for him while he was in Turks I
got his Bentley wrapped all custom metal red so my assistant is about to come up
the hill with it and surprise him so hey babe I got a surprise for you baby huh happy late birthday babe you testify ha
ha oh hi Ethan oh hi million a way in on my mango how
you feel baby damn dope this bread like you yeah that is sickening that is crazy
this red is like on point love it that’s funny cuz I said yeah I’m at red would
be sick on this but metal the metal yeah baby yeah but all that all the badges
grill everything yeah all powder-coated free babe shoutout to Dean from sticker city you
killed this this is so beautiful alright I know we want to drive it around
I need my makeup finish let’s finish this makeup and let’s go on a date love
that I had no idea was coming down this video this is like the perfect timing
so what you thought when Mady said she was gonna I was like isn’t your car here
she’s like yeah she’s like I got a couple things I gotta does like alright
cool so two days ago I told Nate I got a flat tire I was trying to be like
incognito when you’re in your black car yeah I got a flat and Nate doesn’t he’s
like great I’m like oh yeah yeah I mean that’s what happens wow it looks so
beautiful okay let’s finish this makeup on a date
baby it is so hard that it surprised each other yeah that was a good surprise
I was not expecting that yeah yeah his tire was low before he left for Turk’s
yeah so I was like I already knew that the tire was kind of low and I already
knew that there was something wrong with the tire so I was like oh yeah that’s
normal I was like I’ve been dealing with it so that’s so cool wow they killed it
how do you really did I’ve seen like a sneak peak of like them wrapping one
side for color oh yeah and now I’m still shook I’m like ooh I’m sweating
alright our skittle collection is coming together look how great this looks like
are you yeah I mean I’m trying here haha and you said that you wanted to put in a
little bit of highlight in my inner corner which now I’m mad at that
can’t go wrong with a highlight we’ll give you a little Tom for it a brush
alright so we got to wet the brush boom we love saliva gotta wet it a little bit
so live a setting spray launching this spring what do you know mm-hmm the dogs
are licking my feet right now no drama well you better stop it girl
it’s like I don’t even know if I need to go in again yeah yes I mean whose brand
is it hi delicious come on buddy they’ve seen a real sarcophagus in
person is it sir coffee guy if it’s several because circuses sounds so down
sarcophagi that means Ixtapa guys so Nate went to Egypt you went to Cairo
here yes I did it was the historical monuments are amazing and so cool
Nate got to climb in a pyramid I actually got to climb in the biggest
Pyramid of Giza we got to go to the tomb up inside of it mm-hmm it was awesome
it was definitely an experience yeah I would actually I’m going to see that
stuff it’s yeah it’s quite breathtaking that’s awesome really that was inspired
by Nate’s trip yeah we’re actually gonna do a brand trip there and then it didn’t
work out yeah you know logistics hey what’s y’all stealing down there no
there there Chris what are they doing they’re probably getting into makeup all
right there’s not many steps I’m like yeah scary man setting spray where’s
that weed mascara over cush yeah we was there when you tested that oh my god in
Alaska I hit that pen where’s that lucky day hey all right
let’s do the mini one this is I love this for travel we go the milk makeup
push mascara I need my new favorite mascara I’ve been living for that one me
I mean the name gets me so get the excess product off that tip there you go
done and done mmm how do you start you go from the egg in there just just go
right there it’s going all right like I got like half of them okay the
front happy yeah Mikey you can’t go on top of a can you oh my god that’s great
okay yeah dude it didn’t even need to do that side and in the bottoms okay so you
can’t do this bottom because I want to look down it will fuck it up oh right up no already yeah let’s do
this I’m like a statue trying not to move all
right all right time for lips now something we were talking about
off-camera is obviously besides my life changing very drastically recently with
the Shane series airing a lot of truths and stuff about Nathan was revealed a
lot exposed we talked about a lot and I’d be getting a lot of questions about
how you’re feeling about us me after the series is aired oh and oh that’s a
random but I’ve been getting so many questions about it oh yeah no and I’m
I’m glad that you know the series actually happened you know cuz not many
people really get to see behind the scenes and see what I see and you know
and it’s nice to actually see that you’re happier afterwards you know like
yeah people don’t get to see it that much and I’m glad that people really get
to see you for you now you know it’s like it means a lot baby and I’m glad
that Shane helped you with that I love him yeah he’s awesome he really is
they’ve seen a lot of people in the YouTube community can go in Adam and you
know and it’s such a sad thing you know it’s like you’d think people would you
know you think people would have more common sense you know and just like be
more respectful but you know it’s just kind of like a vicious it’s a vicious
world out there really in this community exactly yes I never would have seen four
seen anything like you know things that happened are unveiled you know just like
happen so it’s like it’s been it’s it’s nice to see that you know the people
that have come and gone are gone so and that’s Nathan approve amen to that
a lot has thanked God well I’m just glad that you’re in my life and I’m I’m in
such a good place mentally this whole year has just been beautiful and amazing
a whirlwind as we’re saying this I’m like hmm what
lips Nathan gonna pick I know I was looking over there a minute ago
I want to do some more stuff with Nathan some more lifestyle stuff people want
you to do something where you try to follow one of my tutorials oh yeah where
I’m not in the room oh wow just doing Christian that would
be a sight to say yeah you guys want to see that comment down below and any
other ideas you have Renee stand off Nate may be working on some other
ventures right now of course we have a lot of other stuff that we are already
doing but we love expanding and we’re always you know what’s next always have
new new passions and new things you know I always wanted to do I’ve never been
you know able to do so now we can yeah amazing okay I want to live on a night
what do you say off-camera I mean I did grab one a nude yes I did grab birthday
suit oh I love this one okay yeah I mean it was pretty what tickles okay isn’t that like too
light uh-huh harder delicious is gone like going
cross-eyed trying to do this over here but your uh yeah there you go cool okay
um we got us at the face yes there’s about thirty setting sprays behind you
oh whoa I know let’s go baby BAM all right kill it
whoa give him a shake good you guys ready mm-hmm I’m ready are you guys
ready blast off yes
I mean a family that sets together stays together all right guys I peeked throughout the
video but it’s time for me to BAM oh my god Wow
okay okay Wow okay first of all my skin looks really good um my own liquid lips
are looking flawless a little cracking because you did layer a lot I did I
tried to make it as green as possible yeah it’s a liquid over foundation
primer concealer it’s a lot it looks really good though well no it looks
great for my god looking in the monitor like this looks so sick looks like a
weird painting right I really loved it you did my contour like Nicole did yeah
look I don’t do this like this this way on myself I do it a little more like
look like I love it yes lipstick name it looks amazing
thank you did you have fun I did actually it was really good was really
fun what was your favorite part I actually really liked trying to put on
the slime and stuff like that it was definitely challenge I mean I’m
yeah so what was the moat so the most fun and the most challenging was the
boat definitely was yeah it was definitely
challenging I mean I’m not pro at this but mm-hmm okay I mean it was I
accomplished yeah I accomplished it some it looks at me as an amateur I think you
can die think you can tackle this look so yeah
okay please recreate Nathan’s look on me Wow I actually have to go out tonight
and I don’t have time to do my makeup so it’s either this or blank face so I
think I’m gonna go with this yeah yeah I gotta be honest looks pretty sick good
lip choice perfect and yeah I love a baby pink yeah all right you guys thank
you so much for watching today’s video if you are not already followed Nathan
on all social media he only has two and his link down below sound off below what
was your favorite part of this look what other subjects topics challenges do you
want us to do we’ve done a lot we’ve been doing a lot yeah we’ve done a lot
in the last three and a half years but oh I’m excited because Nathan and I are
going to be traveling off to Australia in a few weeks we’ll be in Sydney yes
Melbourne and the Gold Coast I want yeah are you excited I’m so excited yeah I
will be linking all that information down below I’m going with my retailer
princess Polly and I cannot wait to be back down under so we will see all you
guys soon and thank you for watching today’s video
mwah bye guys see ya


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