100 thoughts on “Mortician Does My Makeup for the Casket

  1. Damn girl you be looking fine! Could she do my makeup while I’m living? After the lids down don’t think the worms really care what I look like.

  2. Can you ask her if there are any nuances to doing the same steps to dark skin tones? Do they still jaundice? Are the steps easier or not difficult. I’m just curious and loved this little mini series. Thank you for bringing light to this process ☺️

  3. See… this is why I really love your channel and genuinely find the videos you make extremely interesting. My own death (and death in general) is very scary and confusing to think about, and probably always will be… but videos like this one are very informative and kind of “normalize” death in a way.

  4. She did a lovey job. I mean I’m sure it would be different if she did it on a dead person but 10/10. When my best friend passed away they did her make up so bad. It made the whole thing worse than it already was and is one of my most unpleasant memories. Thank you for caring and doing a great job. 💞💞💞

  5. You are a crazy lady and i love it!!! Your videos are so full of death Haha! I stumbled upon them by accident and now I’m kind of hooked!

  6. Wow! I prefer your usual, less-make-up look, but she did make you look remarkably like your picture! Nice job! You're so fun!

  7. I wish I could’ve done my best friends make up. I couldn’t go to the funeral due to contact issues so I didn’t even know she passed until two months later…but they said at the viewing her make up was done awfully. That it basically wasn’t her. It made the acceptance of her passing harder.

  8. When I saw my grandma in her casket, her face looked ashy under the make up and too l-pink blush. For people of color, are there good ways that morticians battle ashiness?

  9. My grandmother passed away a couple months back. When you talked about the facial rejuvenation part it clarified that the mortician did not do this to my grandmother and the way you flattened her lips were exactly how my grandmothers looked. It stuck with me for some reason. This helped clarify things and even though it doesn’t stop the horrible feeling I get that memory pop up it at least eased me to know it’s a normal occurrence. Thank you for that truly. Just wish I would of seen this video before hand so I could of had a chance to request they do that.

  10. I watch this show but I've stopped going to funerals. Even my own son. Cremated him and had a handful of his best friends bring photos and share their best memories of him. I could not do this cosmetic open casket thing.

  11. Thank you SO much for the needle phobia warning. I desperately wish I didn’t have it, but even just looking at a needle on tv makes me nauseous. I skipped ahead and all was well 🙂

  12. When my grandma passed away, my aunt tried to put her lipstick on her. 🤦🏻‍♀️ this video totally reminded me of that moment. Btw it didn’t work 😂

  13. I think Caitlin looks damn good. I like how peachy-glowy your skin looks.
    And yes, it's nice to see more of your face (it's a good face)! 🙂

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