hi guys welcome back to graceful beauty
my name is sherry and today I thought I would share with you something a little
bit different I wanted to do just a quick little natural everyday makeup
look but instead of just starting with my makeup and then moving on with the
video I thought I want to quickly share with you what skincare I’m gonna use in
the morning prior to applying my makeup I’m filming in my bathroom today which
is a really really small bathroom it’s really dark and here so I do have the
ring light on but I have it on the lowest setting I’ll show you what it
looks like when it’s turned off so I think it’s probably just a little bit
too dark for you to really see what I’m doing so I’ll just keep it here on this
lowest setting so you can see what I’m doing and so you can still see my skin
you know I have a lot of hyperpigmentation I have melasma which
is a hormonal type of hyperpigmentation I have wrinkles I have you know
under-eye bags and I mean I haven’t even watched my face yet today so and I have
large pores and my face is pretty shiny right now because I have mostly oily
skin usually combination and since I woke up it’s you know I still have all
my leftover products on from last night so the first thing I’m gonna do I’m
gonna cleanse my face with my all-time favorite face wash this is by its
clinical it’s their cleansing complex so I’m just gonna wash my face for a good
60 seconds using my hands I’m not going to use any devices in the morning and
everything I do on my face I’m also gonna bring it all the way down my neck
and my chest so I just rinsed all the cleanser off my face and I don’t dry my
face after washing it I will just take a clean washcloth or towel and I just kind
of blah around my eyes and I’m gonna leave my face down now I don’t do this
stuff every morning but today I’m going to use a little bit of my almost empty
this is my montar beau skincare the lactic brightening treatment I
absolutely love this and I just put like three or four drops on these awesome
little pads there’s 200 in here they’re called intrinsic syv talked about them
before but they’re super thin they’re just like little gauze pads 2×2 gauze
pads this way they don’t absorb all of your products so your product lasts a
lot longer this is perfect to use in the morning to to prep your skin for makeup
because it helps get off all of that dead flakey skin that’s just kind of
glued together sitting on the surface and I just use this as like a toner on
my face a few days a week I don’t use this ever
single day since it is lactic acid but I really like lactic acid better than
glycolic acid because lactic acid just seems more gentle on my skin and it’s
really good if you have dry skin to to get up all those flakies and I bring it
all the way down my neck and my chest next I’m gonna spray my face with this
hydrating nutrient mess by mad hippy this is just really good as some extra
hydration to your skin this is perfect if you have dry skin and then you put
your moisturizer over top of it and it just kind of seals all that hydration in
but this is a great product for someone like me who has combination to oily skin
because sometimes I don’t actually need a moisturizer or a cream on my face
since I do have more oily skin but I always need hydration so that’s
something I think a lot of people go wrong with when they have oily skin they
don’t put anything hydrating on their skin and because they think will have
oily skin I’m already producing enough but that is not true we could talk about
that in another video if anyone watching has oily skin and they’re interested in
more tips and tricks for oily skin the next thing I’m going to do I’m going to
put on an antioxidant product and today I’m just gonna use this one by mad
hippie I’m almost out of it it’s their vitamin C serum I love this one because
it’s a form of vitamin C that’s really good if you have sensitive skin or acne
prone skin it doesn’t irritate my skin at all and sometimes I’ll Pat it in
other times I’ll just rub it in my skin to really get it in there now normally I
like to let my vitamin C serum soak in for a good 15 20 minutes before I put on
any other skin care products but the next product I’m going to put on is just
a hydrating sunscreen so I’m before I do that I’ll let it soak in and I’ll do a
couple other products this is an eyelash growth serum by City lash I absolutely
love this and I can’t see what I’m doing because I don’t really have a mirror so
I’m just trying to look in this if you find her here but I just kind of put it
on the way you would do eyeliner and then I kind of lightly coat my lashes
and then I want to try this lip plumping duo from skin medica the first step is
to smooth out and to put a lot of hydration in your lips and it has
hyaluronic acid in it and then I just kind of rub that in and then the second
step is the plumper it doesn’t really sting my lips or anything you can do it
like this but I just to take it off and rub it on my lips I
think it’s expensive for you know the amount that you get but I do feel it
does help smooth out my lip lines a little bit and make my lips full and it
does keep my lips really really soft all day so if you’re not under wearing
lipsticks and lipglosses but you do want your lips to look full and healthy and
hydrated this is something you might want to look into but I would only get
it when it’s on sale and skin store has sales constantly I will leave that link
down below then I’m just gonna put on an eye cream this is what I really like
this is by City Beauty I like it in the mornings because it has caffeine in it
and it’s not like a heavy thick greasy Crane’s really lightweight and I really
like this in the mornings especially underneath my makeup let me know there’s
like a special way to put on eye cream I think you’re supposed to use your ring
fingers and go around in little circles really lightly like this but I’ll Pat it
in and rub it in the main thing I just try to be really really gentle around my
eye area well my eye cream is soaking in I’m
gonna put this neck cream on I got this sent to me in PR I can’t give you a full
review on it yet because I’ve only used it for about a week but so far I do like
it I sell this brand featured on dr. Dre’s YouTube channel and I thought well
I want to try that out and I actually had a few of the products in my shopping
cart and then this company reached out to me and said hey would you like to try
some of our products so I was like yeah sure so they let me pick a few of the
products that I actually was wanting to try and this was one of them but I do
really like it I think it’s a nice moisturizing cream but you know I’m
getting these neck lines you know they call it technic because I’m constantly
looking down at my phone but you know I don’t want to go get Botox or fillers to
fix these so I just make sure I keep this area nice and moisturized with some
type of a cream today I’m not gonna use an actual moisturizer because my skin is
very hydrated and plump and it doesn’t feel dry or irritated but I am going to
use a moisturizing sunscreen and this is one by the brand Dermatology that they
sent me this is the one that dr. Dre had in her video and I wanted to try it
because everybody kept saying it was really similar to the elta MD
be clear and I’ve used elta MD UV clear for maybe five six seven years I don’t
even know how long but I absolutely love it
and you guys know I use a ton of sunscreen my face and we’re done
just kidding I’m just gonna rub this in this one has a high amount of zinc oxide
in it and I think it has the optim-ox eight so it it’s a mix of physical and
chemical which is okay I don’t like all chemical sunscreen but this one has
let’s read this one has 12 percent zinc oxide which I love and it does it has
seven and a half percent of the oxy but it doesn’t burn my skin at all so if you
are sensitive to a lot of chemical sunscreens and they burn your skin I can
get this all the way up around my eyes I even put it on my eyelids
in my eyebrows and I get it you know all the way up in my hairline on my ears and
if you want to know more details about sunscreen I can link some of those
videos down below as well and of course again I bring it all the way down my
neck and my chest okay I pretty much rubbed it all the way in but it just
needs to kind of soak in for a little bit but you can see this is just nice
and moisturizing but it’s not greasy you know my skin is nice and glowy still I
don’t think it leaves a white cast I mean again I put a ton of it on and I’m
gonna put makeup on anyways but I’ve only been using this for like a week
also so I can’t give you a full review but so far I’m absolutely loving it and
this is also an SPF 45 and got a really high amount of niacinamide
in it so if you are looking for a dupe for the ever popular elta MD UV clear I
think you will really really love this one now I know I’ve already put on a lot
of sunscreen but since I do have all this hyperpigmentation and the melasma I
like to put extra sunscreen on so this is one that I reach for almost every
single day this is by Neutrogena it’s their sheer zinc face dry touch it’s an
SPF 50 it has 20 almost 22% zinc oxide in it and I just put a smidge of this
because this has a pretty intense white cast if you don’t rub it in but what I
like to do is just kind of Pat it on these extra areas where I want a lot of
protection and then I just rub this in but if I
want to put this sunscreen all over my face as my only source of sunscreen it’s
a little too white but you know you can see it blends in pretty good when I just
put a little bit of it on just to give me that little extra coverage and then
this spot right here on my chest I feel like it’s starting to look like it has
like freckles so I like to put that there to make sure I have extra coverage
so that’s pretty much all I do every morning I will wash my face with gentle
cleanser put on an alpha hydroxy or a beta hydroxy toner spritz my face with
some type of a hydrating mist or even a van thermal spring water and then I will
put on an antioxidant serum and jump right into my sunscreen or if I need
more moisture I’ll add a little bit of a moisturizer and then my sunscreen and
that’s really all I do most mornings so I’m just gonna let all this soak in and
then we’ll move on to the next step which is our makeup I forgot to mention
also every morning not only do I put sunscreen on my face neck and chest but
I also do my shoulders and all the way down my arms and the backs of my hands
as well but I don’t like to waste my face sunscreen because that’s a little
more expensive this is one that I absolutely love I don’t recommend using
things in a can but this is an all mineral sunscreen I really like this for
my body what I normally do is just spray it in my hands and you can see how runny
it is but then I’ll just rub it all over my body it’s scented it has like a nice
light coconut scent but this is an all mineral sunscreen and it’s 8% titanium
dioxide but 12% zinc oxide and you can see it’s it’s wet right now it has to
dry but there’s no white cast to this at all so if you’re looking for an all
mineral body sunscreen that doesn’t make you look like a ghost this one is really
really good most of the makeup today I’m going to use this from the drugstore I
will say I wear a ton of drugstore makeup but my skincare is a little more
expensive than drugstore so I’d rather spend more money on my skincare and then
be able to spend a whole lot less on my makeup but today I am going to use my
Estee Lauder Double Wear this is in the shade tawny
but what I’ve been doing lately this is a really full coverage foundation but I
like that it holds up really well in this South Florida humidity
but I don’t want to have a thick layer of foundation on my face so I share it
out with a little bit of sunscreen I will use any of my sunscreens I’ve tried
ton of sunscreens and they all work great but this is just what I reach for
today this is by Obagi it’s one of my favorites it’s an SPF 50 it’s a
mattifying sunscreen and I just can put equal amounts of the sunscreen and the
foundation so I’ll put about this much sunscreen and then I’ll do about one
pump of the foundation but this is almost gone and I just ordered another
one so I’m just gonna dump it out and this pump by the way didn’t come with it
I get these off of Amazon and so that would be about a pump and then I just
mix them together on the back of my hand and then it kind of sheers it out a
little bit and I’m also getting extra sunscreen protection I’m using one of my
absolute favorite blending sponges I had initially gotten one of these in PR and
I didn’t look at it for a long time and then finally when I tried it I fell in
love so I ended up ordering more of them to be honest I actually never loved
Estee Lauder Double Wear because I felt like it just kind of looked like makeup
on my skin but now when I mix it with just a little bit of sunscreen I’m
loving this so much for concealer today I’m going to use the Revlon candid
concealer this is probably my all-time favorite concealer at this point from
all of the gazillions of concealers that I’ve tried high-end and drugstore this
is in the shade sand I honestly don’t even have to set this concealer this is
such a lightweight concealer but it gives me a just enough coverage I just want to put a little bit of this
lip plumper on I went and ate something and had some coffee and so I probably
ate off the other lip product that I had on this is my soap & Glory it’s pretty
inexpensive you can get it at the drugstore and it just helps to give your
lips you know a little tint it’s just a nice gloss but it’s got plumping
ingredients that will help smooth out my wrinkles before I put on my lipstick for
my bronzer today I’m going to use this one by Maybelline it’s their City
bronzer it’s a matte bronzer but it doesn’t leave your face like a chalky
matte my all-time favorite bronzer has been the one my mom picked up the one in
the white compact but it’s expensive it’s like 50 bucks and I know it’s a
huge compact but I don’t want to have to spend that much when I repurchase this
so I’ve actually found a dupe this is not the dupe but I’ve got a bunch of
things that I’m going to put together in a dupes video for you guys and I will
share that with you in that video I like this bronzer a ton better than the
Physicians Formula butter bronzer also I just feel like this kind of it acts as a
face powder but like just a light bronze face powder you could even use this as
your blush eyeshadow everything so these are really nice and it doesn’t look
matte and chalky it just kind of is like a satin finish but there’s no shimmer no
glitter nothing like that so this one’s really nice if you’re looking for a
really good bronzer and I don’t know if you notice it goes on nice and smooth I
don’t feel like it’s chalky or skips when you’re putting it on for my blush
today this is my Burt’s Bees this is my absolute favorite blush I have another
one that I’m obsessed with from Milani but they don’t sell it in stores anymore
you can only get on like Amazon and eBay so I’m trying not to share that one as
much anymore but this one is true to color what I’m seeing in my monitor this
is exactly what this blush looks like this is so inexpensive but look how
pretty this is for highlighter today I’m going to use this one by essence I
absolutely love this one I use it all the time I feel like it’s perfect for
mature skin or skin that has a lot of texture or pores or wrinkles because it
doesn’t accentuate any of that it’s just like a nice neutral type of highlighter
and it gives your skin a pretty glow but it’s not like that super icy white look
I don’t I don’t like that for my skin I just think it looks so
fake on my skin so I prefer more of a natural-looking highlighter I also have
this super pretty one this is one of the newer ones by wet and wild but this I
feel like accentuates my wrinkles and it has a little bit too much kind of
glittery look to it it’s not as natural as this one by essence but I’m
absolutely loving this for my eyes as an eyeshadow for my eyeshadow I want to
prime my eyes first and I’m going to use this one that I picked up in Walmart the
other day by Rimmel I love this this was like four bucks just gonna take off any
foundation that I got inside my eyebrows so my brow products will stick better
and then for my brows I’m going to use this one by Lancome I really really love
this it’s like a pomade but it’s really natural-looking and there’s just like a
slight hint of a sheen to it and I just think it looks really pretty on eyes for
my eyeshadow my absolute favorite drugstore eyeshadows are these by Wet n
Wild look at how beautiful this I shadow palette is this was like four or five
dollars I love this eyeshadow palette today since I’m just doing a really
simple daytime look I’m just gonna kind of put this in the crease and then all
over and then I might darken it up a little bit with this shade and I’ll put
one of these lighter shades on the lid if you’re just wanting to do a natural
everyday eyeshadow look you don’t even have to use an eyeshadow palette just
use your bronzer in your blush and maybe your highlighter to make your eyelid pop
and I’ve done that in other videos also since I do have hooded eyes and they’re
creepy and the skin gets a little loose I don’t always just go right in with
rubbing the shadows on a lot of times I kind of just quickly Pat them on in the
shape that I want to put them on and then once it’s in that shape then I
lightly start blending you know and your eyes start getting ring clearer and more
the skin gets loose if you just go right in and start rubbing since that skin so
loose if you notice like it skips and then you have like a blank spot with no
eye shadow so that’s really the best way that I found to apply my eyeshadow now
I’m just gonna put this light shimmery vanilla shade right on the lid and I
just use my finger for that so then I’m just gonna take this eyeshadow brush see
how it’s super thin and really tightly packed bristles and I’m just going to
use this darker brown shade and use this as my eyeliner and then I’m just using a clean brush
and just kind of blending this out so it’s not such a harsh line now I don’t
know if you noticed I didn’t bring this eyeshadow as the eyeliner I didn’t bring
it all the way down underneath my eyes I just kind of started it right here as my
guide of how I wanted to bring this really light wing up and connect it to
the top so what I like to do since I don’t like to use darker eyeliner or
eyeshadow underneath my eyes the older I’d get I feel like it really pulls my
eyes down and makes me look even older you know I’m not so much trying to look
young I want to look my age or a little younger it’s fine but I just want to age
gracefully and do things that will accentuate my features versus making me
look a ton older so this wet and wild highlighter that I said that I really
like for my eyes what I do is I use this as an eye shadow underneath and I just
use that same brush and tap off any excess let me see if I can show you how
pretty this shade is so it’s just got like a peachy sheen to it but it’s just
a little too shimmery for me to use on my face I feel like it gives it too much
of that wet look that wet highlighter look and I don’t like that it doesn’t
look very natural to me and then sometimes I’ll even just put some on my
finger and then just press it in on the inner corner and then I don’t do this
every day but what I like to do is put a nude color eyeliner on the inner
waterline of the lower lash line and especially on days like if I wake up
tired or my eyes are kind of red this is a really pretty one by Marc Jacobs I
usually use this one by Maybelline and I’m not gonna curl my lashes today I’m
gonna use this mascara by Charlotte Tilbury I absolutely love this mascara
if I want super long looking wispy lashes but I feel like it doesn’t last
that great throughout the day I end up noticing that I get some mascara dots
here look at how pretty this mascara is and I didn’t even curl my lashes for my
bottom lashes I’m going to use this one it’s my favorite my Maybelline full and
soft and then any mascara that I get on my eyelids I just wait for it to dry and
then I wipe it off with dry q-tip and then I just blot it off that
lip plumper and you know you probably can’t tell but I do feel like it smooths
out my lip wrinkles a little bit and it does plump my lips a smidge nothing to
where it looks like I have lip fillers or anything but now I’m gonna put on a
little bit of this Maybelline lip liner and I’ll link all the shades down below
and I don’t draw this top part of my lip a little bit because my lips are not the
same shape and size this one goes up higher on this one is shorter and you
know I don’t know I guess I could go get lip fillers or something to fix it but
I’ve never had them and I’m just too chicken to do something like that and
then since I’m doing more of an everyday natural makeup look I don’t want to put
a heavy thick layer of lipstick so I’m gonna do like a sheer wash of color with
this really pretty lip stain I’ve probably bought ten of these this is my
husband’s favorite when I have this on keep constantly comments on how pretty
my lips look this is called stay niak by the balm you can use this as a blush
also you could put it on but just make sure you blend it really quickly because
it will stain really fast but if you’re looking to have your blush or your lip
product stay on all day this just gives you a beautiful your lips but better
blush of color to your lips and that’s just one coat sometimes I’ll do two or
three coats if I want it to be a little bit more intense and then that’s two
coats normally I just do one coat and then it’s dry and you could leave it
like this put a chapstick on or put a lip gloss on and that’s what I’m gonna
do I’m gonna put on one of my absolute favorites by City Lips this is my
all-time favorite lip plumper I’ve used this for probably seven or eight years
and this one is called San Diego by the way you could just wear this on its own
it’s so pretty and then you can either just leave it like that but sometimes I
put like to put like a little pop of a lighter lipstick you can use any light
lipstick badass beige by Maybelline you could use the L’Oreal shining peach this
is just one by NYX I don’t think they even sell this anymore
I wouldn’t have had to put this super light lipstick on if I had only done one
coat of the stain II AK and then I’m pretty much done but I always like to
add a light dusting of one of my brush on sunscreens just to get even more sun
protection this is one of my favorites it’s by Paula’s choice but it’s a
magnetic brush so you can take it off and wash it and it’s a ton less
expensive than my one by color science but you can see a lot of the powder
comes out it’s not dark but it does have a slight tint to
but this just is a beautiful finishing powder and it’s not chalky it’s so
finely milled but it just kind of tones down some of the shine also if you have
oily skin and that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if you did like
this video I hope you’ll give it a thumbs up and if you’re not subscribed
to my channel but you would like to be look down below and tap on the subscribe
button and if you’d like to get notified every time I do post a new video make
sure you tap that little bell icon right next to the subscribe button thank you
guys so much for watching don’t forget your sunscreen and I hope you guys have
a wonderful day


  1. Hi guys! I ran out of room in the description box but wanted to tell you all that I now have Instagram @gracefulbeautywithsheri I know I am way behind the times with social media. My Grandpa even had a facebook before me….that's how slow I jump on the social media train. Anywho, we travel to some really cool places all over the world so I'm going to start posting more on Instagram and eventually I will get a vlog camera and add some of our world travels on my channel. So I would love for you to come visit me on Instagram too! Happy Memorial Day weekend! Thank you for your service to all my fellow Veterans and for those who sacrificed their lives serving in our amazing USA military!

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