Monster Maker | Special Effects Makeup Artist

Music♪ I love scaring people. And I love making monsters. Something you created from
nothing is now this Something you created from
nothing is now this
living, breathing,
character. living, breathing,
character. That’s quite a thing. I got into this horror movie,
loving monsters and all the rest honestly, as far back
as I can remember. After graduating high school, I worked a number of
dead-end jobs, just sort of living
paycheque to paycheque in a crummy apartment,
got laid off. At that time, my dad
just kind of said, what are you going
to do with your life? And he helped me out. He looked into the
makeup schools for me. Made me realize it was actually
possible to get training. “This is the blood cabinet. Crime scene blood.” We do tons of things
at the shop. We design characters,
we work with productions and try to figure out what
it is that they want. I love to try to pack as much back story into a character
as possible. I want there to be a reason for everything I incorporate
into something. Something that gives it
some history, and something that gives it functionality,
is that a word? Don’t listen to people that say
you can’t make a living drawing monsters in your
notebooks, because you can. There’s a different feeling
when you’re working on your own stuff. I had this pair of
werewolf fangs that I made for myself and
I popped them in and I took a picture of
me snarling and I started sculpting this
design that I was happy with. And that was 12 years ago. So, I’m finally coming to
the end of it. This might sound cheesy, but
I need to show it the respect to finish it, almost like it is
a real thing at this point, because so much of me
has gone into it. That it feels like it’s got
a little bit of a soul in it. I want to share the gift,
that I got as a kid. That feeling that I got. I’d like to know
I had some part in giving someone else
a little thrill.

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