76 thoughts on “Modern Winged Eyeliner and Red Lip Makeup Tutorial with Jade Kendle | COVERGIRL

  1. This look is absolutely gorgeous <3 Don't listen to the haters, as some just have a different preference of makeup. Cheers!

  2. Seriously? All this hate? Why? Oh, I know… their jealous of how pretty you are. I love this tutorial thanks fir posting!

  3. dang girlllll its a penguin up in here if u ever seen the meme, but that wing is sooo long and its not even matching height!

  4. What is up with cover girl doing ridiculous and over the top makeup looks… not only does the wing look terrible but girl needs to learn to blend that eyeshadow

  5. i like covergirl products. i'm not trying to hate…. but lemme just point some stuff out (aka let's get shady):
    1. no eyeshadow primer???? with glittery eyeshadow??? good luck hun. in 3 mins it's gonna be a fallout, transferring mess
    2. using a "cotton shwab" is not good. use some concealer and a small concealer brush
    3. the eyelINER IS UNEVEN! oh no honey what! is you doin????
    4. also, the wings aren't very sharp. if you don't slay your wing, what's the point???
    5. no prep for the lips?? a lip scrub?? lip balm?? i mean, yeah okay

    again, no hate… just some common makeup knowledge from a makeup noob 🙂

  6. Sis, liner is wayyyyyyyyy too long and even then, at least try and make then match up, they're pointing in different directions like come on, you can at least get away with crooked eyeliner if you make it a lot shorter..

  7. Okay just because she not putting a pound of makeup on her face like other people that do makeup doesn't mean that she does makeup bad. Her makeup doesn't look bad to be honest I really like it and she's rocking that winged eyeliner.

  8. Tbh she's so pretty she could pull off that long winged liner. Wouldn't recommend for narrow eyed people like myself tho!

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  10. I think the tips they give r good, it kinda gets old seeing all the YouTube makeup artists do their makeup all THE SAME!!! refreshing seeing something new and unique

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