Model With Down Syndrome Challenges Beauty Stereotypes

KATIE MEADE: People who have disabilities could have abilities and they are very capable
of doing so much in life. PHOTOGRAPHER: Okay, why don’t you start with the catwalk towards the camera? Look up! PHOTOGRAPHER: I wish we could have music playing, it’d make it a lot easier. COMM: Making history as the first woman with Down Syndrome to front a beauty campaign,
Katie Meade hopes that she could be the example that beauty belongs to everyone. KATIE MEADE: I like to have my hair did up, make-up done, and wear these awesome clothes.
When I first found out that I was going to be on this new hair rescue masque colour
treatment named Fearless, I was so excited and it was pretty awesome to be on this product,
and it’s amazing. ALAN RANDALL: I’ve worked with a lot of models. Katie was definitely the first model
that I had worked with with Down syndrome. I think Katie’s really like shown that beauty
is more than just an outward appearance, and it also comes from the inside. COMM: Before she began modelling, Katie was involved with the organisation Best Buddies,
which works with people who have learning and developmental difficulties. KATIE MEADE: As a role, I’m an ambassador for Best Buddies. I go and promote people
with and without disabilities can find funds and jobs. COMM: And it was through this, that she was approached by hair care brand, Beauty & Pin-Ups
to front their Fearless range. BECKY MEADE: The opportunity came as a result of Best Buddies. Beauty & Pin-Ups is like
more of a family unit and they really took Katie in, and right from the beginning, it
was evident that they had her best interest at heart, in the cause. COMM: Growing up, Katie received all the love and support she could possibly want from her
family, but despite this, not everyone always accepted her differences. KATIE MEADE: I remember when I was followed by a lot of kids, back in school, and they
put gum in my hair, put wax down my shirt, took my books out of my bag and stepped on
them and…I had a lot of family supporting me with that. I talk to them, I talk to my
friends, my family, my mom about it, and I remember when my mom talked to my school about
it, that having Down Syndrome, people can be slow. I just look past that and I overcome
my obstacles and I just never thought I could be like a model. BECKY MEADE: So, I think with the opportunity that Katie has had, I think it has opened
up the door for so many people with disabilities. BECKY MEADE: Just to have different experiences and opportunities like Katie has had. KATIE MEADE: I haven’t seen anybody with Down Syndrome being models. Now is the time
to see more people with disabilities could have the chance to, and be beautiful and pretty,
like I do. TOM MEADE: Well, like, what I love most about her is her attitude and her outlook, because
you can feel, you can be down about things and when you talk to Katie about how her day
went, it’s always a good day. You can’t help but feel good about it. BECKY MEADE: Katie is extremely positive, probably the most positive person. Never down,
just always adds, brings sunshine to everyone she meets. I’m just proud to call her my
daughter. KATIE MEADE: I was given the chance to shine. I want the world to see people with disabilities
have abilities, and beauty belongs to everyone.

100 thoughts on “Model With Down Syndrome Challenges Beauty Stereotypes

  1. Hopefully people like Katie will help change society's stereotypical view on what's beautiful it's about more than just the physical appearance

  2. Hearing that Katie was bullied just made me so angry. Where I grew up, NO ONE EVER messed with anyone who had disabilities or special needs, and on the rare occaision that someone DID make fun of them, the football players at my high school IMMEDIATELY stepped in and shut it down. It was not tolerated. I'm so sorry she had to experience that, but I'm also so glad she overcame it all.

  3. She isn't really challenging anything. Modeling is an industry built 100% around physical attractiveness, and people with Down's Syndrome – although I love them as people – are not physically attractive. They can't be, because they have a genetic aberration that causes distortion of normal physical features, and claiming that they're good looking is choosing to go against our very biology that makes it impossible to sincerely find them attractive because attraction is based entirely on breeding fitness, and our subconscious minds know that we shouldn't breed with someone who is deformed and dysfunctional. Again, Down's Syndrome people are sweet and innocent, and I'd never endorse aborting them or throwing them in a cage or some other barbaric treatment, but we shouldn't lie to ourselves and say "they look totally normal and beautiful".

  4. Why is this on barcroft tv and why is she wearing so much makeup? I don’t see her needing to be on a show that shows off things that show things that are so highly unique or ununderstanding. Isn’t it obvious she’s a model I mean you look at her and she really doesn’t need much. Isn’t having clear skin much nicer than not having clear skin some people.. an example would be like me have to wear a veil on their own face to cover up acne she on the other hand doesn’t have to cover anything.

  5. اللهم شافيها و عافيها شفاءا تاما لا يغادر سقما بقدرتك و رحمتك عاجل غير آجل يا رب ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

  6. She sort of acts normal? Are down syndrome people able to think like normal people? (Seriously asking, not trying to offend others) i have some down syndrome people in my life and they’re definitely not like this

  7. I LOVE your style! It is so beautiful and you wear it SO well! A perfect example of true beauty, inner and outer. You are so inspiring!❤️🌹

  8. If I went to school with Katie, she would be my high school sweetheart and I would have asked her to marry me the first chance I got. Katie, you are perfect… my dream woman.

  9. What I see is a beautiful young Woman that's a model God bless you Katy you are a super strong unique young woman . remember we are all different in our own way . God bless you very much Katy and keep reaching for the stars sky is the limit

  10. I’ve seen her do a talk before and then after when she was casually mingling with people. Not only is she beautiful but she has quick wit! She was funny! She breaks the mold! I look up to her and need to be a bit more ambitious like her. 💗

  11. I think ppl who picks on ppl with down syndromes must have some kind of personality disorders or even psychotic in them. I’d stay away from freaks like them. Bravo to this girl. She’s accomplished more in life than most ppl I know.

  12. i hate how people lie to you just so it makes you feel good, i understand they're trying to be nice but it honestly lowers the self esteem. but wow i can't lie about how beautiful this girl really is!

  13. Can you imagine what the world would be like if down syndrome people rule it? Everyone woudl be happy and there wont be any wars. ❤❤

  14. Here in lies the problem: modeling is in and of itself extremely pretentious and fixated on outward appearance and nothing is more half-baked and shallow than this whole incusion movement. If you are going to include fat people why not go all out and do without lipstick, makeup, proper lighting and photoshop? The majority of people calling her beautiful just feel sorry for her and there is nothing worse in this world than pity. It's dehumanizing. I'm sure she is beautiful on the inside and that is what should hold value.

  15. How is it challenging beauty standards if she is stereotypically beautiful? Especially with all the same filters, makeup, photoshop.

  16. Pokazaliście osobę o najlżejszym stopniu niepełnosprawności w zespole Downa choć i ona jest osobą niską i intelektualnie inną ale większość takich ludzi jest wielowadowa i zdana na pomoc innych przez całe życie i nie oplatajcie bzdur że to są tacy sami ludzie jak wszyscy bo nie są.

  17. Well they just took a girl that almost looks like she has no down syndrome and used her for marketing. She is not pretty but she is not that ugly as the others down syndrome, you are just a product this is not inspiring at all.

  18. Maybe they should call down syndrome, up syndrome… They always seem to be happy no matter what life throws at them.

  19. She’s stunning, I could barely tell that she had Down syndrome. And that was because I read the title. She is so strong and sweet. I’m proud that people like her are free to exist.

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