MODA® BMD-185 Complexion Makeup Brush ft. OhhMyAnnie

Hey guys it’s Annie from @OhhMyAnnie and I’m
here today with Royal and Langnickel to show you their Moda Brush line. Right here I have
their complexion brush and I’m going to tell you this is probably one of my absolute favorite
brushes ever. I use this for my foundation; I just put the foundation straight on the
brush and then buff it in and oh my gosh – seriously everyday this has changed my life. You can
also use it for cream contour and just blending anything in general. Sometimes I use it on
my eyeshadow – it’s a little harsh. Another thing I love about this is the color; It’s
just so unique and bright and pink which I love, and it’s 100% vegan so no animals where
harmed in the making of this which is huge for me – I love that. It is waterproof, silk-touch
handle, it just feels really nice in my hands, it’s pro quality right here. This is a very
soft, synthetic, durable brush, it does not shed. This also is very dense so you can use
it with wet or dry product. Also it holds up to washes so you can wash this as many
times as you want and it works just the same way it worked the first time you used it.
I love this brush. You can find this brush and the rest of the Moda line at Walmart stores
nation wide as well as

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