I am living for this look hey guys
what’s up today I’m gonna be showing you how I created this really beautiful
golden kind of fallish makeup look today using the meet myself and Mama Mitchell
palette had a such a tongue-twister to say but this is in collaboration with
Beauty Bay this is what the inside of the palette you’re gonna hear what I
don’t like about the palette in just a second okay just give me two seconds but
on one side you get this really beautiful array of really beautiful warm
tones to get some pukey shades up here that I absolutely live for and you get
your reds and your and your pinks and then on the other side this is where we
branch into the cool tone shadows of the palette really really beautiful shades
over here as well but I really wanted to create something nice and golden today
because it’s a miserable day here it’s grainy it’s cold so what perfect time to
create my first fall look of 2019 now getting into the one thing that I do not
like about this palette and you guys might think differently and that’s
perfectly okay all thoughts and opinions are my own I don’t care for the mirror
in this palette it is magnetized so it just kind of clicks right on in the
palette but to me I find it more of a nuisance than anything maybe it’s good
for the palette if you are gonna be traveling with it but I’m not going to
be traveling with it so I kind of feel like I don’t know like if I can just
kind of explain it to you like where’s the magnet sighs like I can’t even
figure out what like I don’t know like I just saw so I don’t really care for that
part of the palette but other than that I really enjoy the palette this palette
does retail for $48.50 on the BTB website I don’t know if that’s in the
United States money or what it’s in but that’s what it’s listed as on the
beautybay site but yeah the mirror bothers me I can’t help it it just does
anyways guys I’m just gonna go ahead and dive right into the look but if you are
new to my channel my name is Brittany and welcome to my channel please
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future uploads and if you guys want to see how I create this really beautiful
fall look today using the meet myself and Mama Mitchell palette then please
keep on watching all right guys so I’m totally feeling
the fall vibes lately so I’m gonna go in today and use the warm tone side of this
palette and create something really nice and golden for you guys I did go in a
pram I live with my P Louise face in the shade rumor zero it’s the white face so
we’re just gonna go ahead and dive right into this palette so for the first shade
in the crease I’m going to go into the shade news and I’m taking that on a
makeup Shack t56 brush and I’m just gonna start working that into the crease I’m gonna hop over to morphe seventeen
brush and I’m gonna go into the shade mixer it’s a really beautiful mustardy
yellow shade and then I’m going to buff that right over top of the last shadow
that I placed in the crease how many of you guys are falling into the fall
spirit now like I know it’s not a hundred and ten percent fall yet but the
weather has changed where I live so friggin much it’s really starting to
cool down and I’m totally starting to feel like the pumpkin season the
changing of the leaves honestly fall I think is my favorite
season just because of how beautiful the season is and where I’m from it’s so
stunning so I’m totally falling for these fall vibes lately I’m gonna hop
over to the shade Manchester it’s a beautiful bright yellow I’m taking that
on a makeup Shakti 63 and then I’m gonna buff that right in the crease as well going back into the shade muse and I’m
just really shy in the crease I just really want to build up the pigment in
the crease and make sure that there’s a really nice seamless blend between all
these shadows that I have the brown shade re-intensified I’m gonna go in
with a separate makeup Shakti 63 brush into the shade met mental mental yeah
mental and I’m just going to place this orange shadow between the brown and at
the yellow shades again this is just going to really help build up the
pigment really blend all these shadows in together and just really make the
crease pop and when I’m going into the shade mental I’m literally picking up
the smallest amount I don’t want the orange to overtake this
look but it’s just kind of helping the transition between the brown and the
yellow just blend a little bit better and then I’m going back into the shade a
Manchester one more time and I just really want to reify that yellow in the
crease alright guys I did hop off-camera and I did go in and cut my crease and
remove the tape from the eye and I’m gonna move in on the lid now and I’m
gonna go in with a really beautiful gold shade called melted it’s so stunning and
it applies like a dream like so good I did go in with a little bit of setting
spray to make it wet and then you’re just going to apply the shadow all over
the lid focus about really packing it all over the lid and then once I start
getting a little bit closer to the crease area I’m gonna switch over to a
different shader brush that’s gonna help me really tight line against that cut
crease I’m hopping over to a more feet m12 for again going back into that
melted shade and then I’m just using this to really help me tight line
against where I just caught the crease so that we make it really nice and
precise and now that I have that gold shade packed on I’m just going in with
my makeup wipe and just sharpening up that edge and then to finish off the lid
I’m gonna go in with my Maybelline black gel liner I’m gonna create a wing alright guys I did hop off camera and
did the rest of my face as I usually do and I’m gonna move in underneath the
lower lash line now and I’m gonna go back into the shade Muse with a morphe
36 brush and I’m gonna buff this right underneath the lower lash line over to a makeup Shakti 63 brush I’m
going to go back into the shade mental that is the on shade and then I’m gonna
buff this underneath the lower lash line as well I’m actually gonna take this
brush and go back into the shade muse and I’m gonna buff a little bit more of
that brown shadow underneath the lower lash line there like that a little bit
better for lips I want to keep it really nice and fallish too so I’m gonna go in
with my more feet liquid lip in the shade spicy this is what it looks like
right here it’s like a really nice grungy kind of orange shade
I think it’d suit this look perfectly oh yeah oh yeah yeah alright guys that is a completed look
using the memo Mitchell and beauty bait palette really really impressed with
this palette and the quality of the eyeshadows they blended it like a dream
at that gold shade that I have on the lid is like top-notch absolutely love it
I’m really really happy with how the look turned out and yeah overall really
really impressed with the palette if you guys want to see me create any more
looks using this palette you guys know the drill sound off below let me know
what kind of look you want to see next do you want to see another warm tone
look do you want to see a cool tone look just let me know in the comments section
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over there because I do a lot of many tutorials and looks over there as well
when I’m not uploading on YouTube so thank you so much guys if we’re watching
and I will catch you in my next video

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