Mixing All My Eyeshadows Together

*music* Hello friends and welcome to another video. Today, I’m going to be mixing all of my eyeshadows together into one large mega eyeshadow. I’ve mixed some of my makeup before. I’ve mixed all of my nude lipsticks together to make a franken-nude, and I’ve also mixed all of my foundations together to make a franken-dation. I actually think both of the previous mixtures have been pretty successful, so I am excited and ready to do more bad makeup science. As with many other people who watch a decent amount of beauty tutorials on YouTube, I’ve collected a decent amount of eyeshadow over the years. But when it comes down to doing my makeup, I rarely But when it comes down to doing my makeup, I rarely have the time to put it on. Maybe I’m just scared of not blending enough. have the time to put it on. Maybe I’m just scared of not blending enough, but like, it takes an extra, like, 30 minutes if I wanna do eyeshadow.
Maybe that’s just me, though. Maybe that’s just me, though. So I was thinking, maybe if I made an eyeshadow that contains all of my eyeshadows in it, that I could say that I use all of my eyeshadows all the time. This series may be called, “Bad Makeup Science,” but for me it’s also, “Bad Leaps in Logic.” So I’m gonna try and make a franken-shadow right now and if it works out, I’m gonna wear it all day tomorrow and see how it is. Ok, let’s bring out the shadows. Here is the makeup mirror and uh… Here are the eyeshadows. There they are. So this is what I’m going to do. I don’t want to actually destroy my eyeshadows because even though I don’t wear them a lot, I still do wear them sometimes and it does pain me to like destroy a pallet or like stab a pan. So I’m just gonna scrape off a little bit off the top of each eyeshadow and put it into this empty pan right here. And once I have done that will all of my eyeshadows, I’m gonna use this makeup repairing mousse to like set it down and hopefully, it’ll turn into an eyeshadow. *funny accent*
Alright, let’s begin! I think my first victim is going to be this Urban decay electric pallet. Now this pallet gets a lot of use in general just because I use it a lot for decades videos, and there are also a lot of fun colors so this will be a good like first addition. ohh that like makes me feel good and bad inside. Alright so I think that’s a decent amount. Let me just, like, dump it into my little container, shall we. Ooh these shimmer ones are so fun. I’m starting off with this palette, so it’s gonna start off colorful, but then we’ll into the, y’know, multiple brown-y nudes that I have. I’ve got myself a few nudes, some transition shades; I don’t use ’em but I have ’em. It’s taking me so long to do this first palette. I feel like it’s gonna take us a long time to do this. It started off kind of delicate. Like, the bottom row was very much just like, “Oh, I’m just gonna dust it in,” And now the top rows just like, “clank clank clank.” You know what they say, you’ve got to break a few eggs to make an eyeshadow palette Alright to this is the yield from our first palette,
first palette. Alright, so this is the yield from our first palette. But before we celebrate, let’s, uh… pour one out But before we celebrate, let’s pour one out for the eyeshadow that died in vain. So the second palette I’m gonna do is the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette. It is not, in fact, holographic, BUT it is iridescent and fun. To Kat, wherever you are, I’m sorry. It looks like flour or snow… *whispers* or something else… Yes! Oh yaaah! [Tyler] I feel like the feds are gonna see this video and come knocking. What’s the movie where at the end, the guy has a machine gun? [Tyler] Scarface Yea-yeah, that’s me. So I’m just gonna speed through a couple of these really quick. Some of them are super easy to get up. And especially with these ones I don’t use as much, I’m tempted to just keep going, but I don’t want to skew it one way or another. Alright, I’m gonna excavate all four of these, and then pour them all in at the same time. [Tyler speaking] This further confirms that I am Ross. Let me get my caffeine out here. [Tyler] Is this the right time to be doing high surgery? Yes. I’m like Honey Boo Boo. I need my rocket juice, to just get going! The shimmers are much, like, softer and more fun to dig around in than the mattes. I’m sure that’s actual makeup science, but I don’t really know it. Excuse me as I clean off my scalpel. These surgeon’s rags are going to be very interesting by the end. [Tyler] You’re the Dexter of eyeshadow. [Safiya] Probably less clean than Dexter. Dexter’s kind of a clean freak. I’m a messy serial killer. I kind of wanna scoop up all of the eyeshadows in a single row. Then pour it in and have it cascade down like a waterfall. One thing that I am very happy about is that I’m turning out to have so many individual pans of eyeshadow that I don’t have to take that much from any single one. I think all my eyeshadows are gonna survive. Next, I’m going to do my Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette. But I haven’t really dug in this one too much because I recently got it cuz I missed about the first four restocks but let’s gouge some out. I feel like my mixture is looking less and less like a rainbow and more and more like pizza toppings. You know, you see some shaved Parmesan, see some paprika. Alright, I think I’m losing some of my finesse here, gettin’ a little messier. Jaclyn, you just really had to put so many colors in here. It’s taking me a while. I’ve lost my cameraman. I feel like this shoot is just kind of devolving more and more. Tyler’s with the cat, just talking to myself while scraping away at some eyeshadows. Things are going great. Alright, we’re in the home stretch here, Jackie. Can I call you “Jackie?” We’ve never met. I think this thing is almost filled up to be honest. I think Jackie really filled us in. My surgeon’s rag is actually more colorful now than my mixture Now it is further away from pizza toppings and more like silt. So this is my last palette, but my second to last thing. This is my Z Palette, full of little eyeshadows that I previously depotted. There’s one blush in here, but we’ll throw that in anyway. These actually probably going to be the easiest to dump in because there’s no lips or brush-holders or anything or other shadows to contend with. It’s been so long since we started. [Tyler speaking] when did I turn into Shane Dawson *laughing* I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding these 4 eyeshadows are like ancient like since like freshman year of college ancient [Tyler] Wow That was 7 years ago *laughter* [Tyler] Add ’em to the mix! So we’re finally on the last eyeshadow this one’s an Urban Decay single shadow in the colour wood stock i got this during the strangers pick my makeup video Victoria helped me pick this out so Victoria if you are watching this now look away this is like a really, really beautiful pink shadow I kind of want to put a lot in but I also don’t want to take too much of it. oh yeeaah [Tyler] oh, that’s a nice cherry on top ooh okay! We are done, finally ..with the first step that took a very long time more than I expected, even though this does not even look that much like so many of them are pallets that when you go through every individual shadow its just like so much but I think actually looking at it, we do have definitely enough to cover the like the bottom of this pan so basically imma take one of these wooden sticks and like, mix it up based on the colours that have gone in to it i think its going to be a brown definitely looks like it’s going to turn a brown, like I expected but when you look very closely you can see all the individual pigments and shimmers [Tyler] yeah okay so i think ive done a pretty good job of mixing So I’m gonna open up this “moon mousse” kit which apparently is supposed to be like, this make-up repairing mousse. So this is for broken make-up; it doesn’t really say anything about, y’know, bad make-up science. But, hopefully, it will work. Basically it looks like I should just press down the make-up and then put the mousse in it and then, we pretty much just wait for it to dry. So now that I’ve packed it all down with this little tool, Basically, it says I’m just supposed to dispense the mousse on top of the broken makeup. omigod Did you see that? It is getting eaten up! I’m supposed to cover the whole surface area of the make-up so Basically, after this, I’m just supposed to test the mixture to make sure it’s pasty and not dry. yeah I don’t think it’s dry. Looking at the instructions, I think I’ve deviated enough from the intended use-case of this product that they don’t really apply. So I think I’m just gonna pack it down a little bit more, and then wait overnight for it to dry. It definitely looks very much like a fraken-shadow right now There’s a lot of different elements that are still kind of whole in there. But it does look nice and shimmery. [Tyler] I am hungry. Let me clean up my workspace and my surgeon’s rags And, uh, let’s go to bed… and see what happens tomorrow. Okay, so it’s morning-time. Basically the only step we have to do right now is just flatten it out with the stamper again. It’s looking more purple. Can you tell? Okay, so I’m showered and ready to put my make-up on. So, I think we’re ready to dive right into this fraken-shadow. It smells good *sniff*. I think that Moon-Moo stuff has like, a good scent. Ookay, so, let’s see what happens when I try and swatch this guy feels like maybe a little softer than some eye-shadows but at the same time, y’know, it was just loose pigments in near, y’know, 10 hours ago we’re trying to get the rest of it off. Alright, what color is that? It looks kind of like umm, a bruise? It is funny to think about like all of the different eyeshadows That went in here to kinda just to make like a browny purple. But I think it will be nice on the face. Before we put it on, I’m going to put on some eye primer just to give this guy a fighting chance. Then next I’m going to dip my brush in the eyeshadow and I’m gunna see how it goes on. Is anything happening? Let me just put on a little more. I’m having a hard time seeing it on camera But I think it’s like a nice smokey color. It’s almost like a old school, mid-to late 2000’s smokey eye. Alright so I’m gunna blend this a little bit more and then bit some on my left eye and then do the rest of my makeup. I am also not going to be using any other shadows on my eyes Just so we can focus in on the color and wearability of our franken-shadow. And once that’s done I will check back in a see how it lasts throughout the day. Okay, I am finally done with the rest of my makeup and you can tell how long it took me to do my eyeliner by the way the light has changed in this room.

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