100 thoughts on “Miss Fame’s Drag Queen Makeup Tips for Women

  1. Very helpful tips. Seems like Miss Fame used less foundation and contouring on her than in drag makeup tutorials on men's faces … that was a big question I had since as a woman, layers and layers and layers of blended contour and foundation as they do in tutorials seems to make me look muddy and completely dry/fake.

  2. I'm gonna be going out soon with a friend who is a transgirl, and it's gonna be one of her first times going out presenting as female so I'm gonna be doing her makeup 🙂 Hasn't started hormones but still looks very feminine already so do you have any tips I can use specifically for softening the face and hiding beardshadow?

  3. Miss Fame, you should do makeup tips for transgender women, and how to make the face more feminine without looking like a drag queen.

  4. I am a normal Ohio mom, cleaning, kids, family, blah blah, however, at 53 I like to get fixed up, sexy for a night out with my hard working hubby of 20 years..question, any tips for older woman who would love a sexy eye and lips but they aren't as tight as they used to be. I bet your surprised at the ranges of your fans in age and backgrounds, lol

  5. Omg.. This is awesome… How can I be in Anna's seat one day??… I'm so still too… I promise Miss Fame, I won't move around a lot and I'm not picky! 😀 Hugs

  6. As far as matching the color of foundation goes, my neck is dark but my shoulder is light.  My ears are pretty colorless too.  If I wear foundation to match my neck, my face looks muddy but if I go light the hyperpigmentation on my face shows through. I don't know what to do.  I am about to derma needle my face but I do not know whether it is safe to do this on my neck.  I do not want to end up with a wrinkled turkey neck for trying to even out my complexion. What should I do?

  7. tape under your eyes is hardly a drag trick – I've been using it since I was 11 lol (don't even think I knew what drag even was at the time)

  8. Ok, firstly, I fucking love Miss Fame. I really live for her, as a performer and an artist in general, and she's such a warm and lovely person, so I'm not putting the blame on her in this complaint.. But, did anyone else find this video a bit offensive? It honestly made me feel super uncomfortable..

  9. Love miss fame and her flawless make up skills… BUT !!! I would NOT recommend using tape under your eye area like that. Gurrllllll that will not do you any benefits in the future 😰☝️

  10. Miss Fame you are fabulous, talented, gorgeous, I am such a huge admirer 🙌🙌💖💖💖💖 You are always completely flawless, and you made her look gorgeous! ! I love you !!!!!

  11. i think the eyeshadow line was too high for her eyeshape and foundation was a little bit too yellow for her skintone. but the rest of the makeup is gooorgeous! love Miss Fame, even more love Curtis!

  12. I want to be a female drag queen. because I want people think I am a guy. because being tomboy ftm is so useless. they still think I am a girl. but if I dress hyper feminine people think I am a guy. so I like being drag queen look like mtf better. 🙂 so.. anyone experienced what I feel?

  13. Hiya, this method seems to be too difficult, there is a quite simple method. Visit google and search: "Blast4beauty". You will get wide range of new tips to increase your beauty.

  14. You should have taught her what you obviously know (I'm a DP) which is to hold your head steady and move your body… this woman's head is bobbing for apples all the time and is not flattering and she comes off like an 8-year old on camera. Holding one's head still says poise and grace which Miss Fame knows well… as a DP Camera Operator it makes it easy to shoot tighter and is more flattering…

  15. Miss Fame, due to horrible allergies to almost all trees, grasses, grains etc I have very dark circles underneath my eyes that don’t go away. When I try the tips found in tutorials they still look strange and even create the look of fine lines that aren’t there when not wearing makeup. Do you have any suggestions? I am a 2 time cancer survivor who is still taking a chemo drug daily and I get another chemo transfusion once a month and I know that it’s affecting my skin texture and tone.

  16. O.m.g! What I love about Miss Fame is that she screams sophistication. And who wouldn't love a woman with beauty and power. Her make up is soft and elegant. I would kill to have her kind of aura around me (womanly, fierce, sexy, independent). Too bad I'm just me (kiddish, plain, I mean I don't even keep up with my eyebrows…lookin like sasquatch's sister, too "busy" to make an effort on looking decent) Hahahaha p.s. the DP isn't me. Hahahaha I wish I look as beautiful as Kim Taehyung.

  17. Miss fame, this would be an ideal program idea for you. Let people write in and get chosen for YOU to do the make up 🙂

  18. As a really pale person, I have absolutely no idea how to highlight since my foundation is already very light. Should I go for like white makeup or something??

  19. Miss Fame Is so awesome, I love her…. I love her definition of a look for starters, you gotta love her

  20. These were more helpful, practical and easier to follow tips than I can find elsewhere. See, it's not a sin to cut the lashes in the middle! And that tape! This really saved me the grief after so many years! Because not all women are artists, people! Haha. Thanks Ms. Fame!

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