Mirror, Mirror – Emma Approved Ep: 45

Okay, what is up with Snarky Knightley? I
haven’t spoken to him since he’s compared me to the future Mrs.
You-Know-Who. How could he say those things? I thought he
understand me better than that. Or better than most people. Okay, yes Caroline and I have some
similarities, admittedly good ones, We’re both extremely fashionable and
educated women from influential families whose careers involve networking, but that is where the similarities end. So with
that in mind, I would just like to say I am the one
and only Emma Woodhouse and I am not a hair tossing,
fake smiling, condescending, insulting control freak! Nope, none of those things. So it’s become clear that a few
easily obtained superficial requirements were all that
State Senator Elton was ever looking for in a wife. No wonder he didn’t want me to find
someone to inspire him to be his best self. All he wanted was a high-powered
socialite on his arm. And what’s this with Jane Fairfax? She is accomplished, successful and though she may be single,
there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing. But being that delusional is
hardly surprising coming from someone who hires a very prestigious lifestyle
expert and party planner and then proceeds to tell her what to do
every step of the way. Caroline is coming in today so we can
discuss the menus. There have already been a few hiccups, but I have come up with the perfect
solution. As always. I don’t care how many birthday parties
she throws. I am a professional and nobody out party
plans Emma Woodhouse. Are you okay? Sorry, I’m having a stellar hair day.
You should really see my stylist. – She could do wonders for your…
– Let’s begin, shall we?
– Sure. You wanted to talk about the menu. – I understand we’re having some problems with the chef.
– Yes. Now I know you said you wanted a macrobiotic meal. – Our bodies are a temple, after all.
– That they are. Well, I talked to Chef Serle and he said he
could do a macrobiotic menu… Why am I sensing a ‘but’ coming? But Chef Serle’s method of cooking doesn’t
necessarily compliment a macrobiotic – style. He tends to be spice heavy.
– Well then, we have a problem.
– No we don’t. – Because the menu would be macrobiotic inspired.
– Inspired? – Is that really acceptable to you, Emma?
– No? So why would you think that would be
acceptable to me? Do you accept less-than-perfect things in your life? – Well, perfect is a point of view.
– Well, inspired and perfect are not the same thing. – Don’t you agree?
– I do, but this event is
less than a week away Then we need to move quickly. Luckily for us
there are two people in this room with the ability to move mountains. – Let’s get a different chef.
– No, no need for that.
We can bring a separate chef to prepare you and the senator’s meal, and Chef Serle can
take care of everyone else. You have the actual macrobiotic meal and
everyone else would have the inspired ones. Emma, this is silly. You’re going through far too
much trouble to accommodate – everyone.
– That’s kind of the job.
– Well, let make things easier for you. Who are you texting? Just a couple of friends. Hold on. There. We won’t have to worry about Chef Serle
and his inexperience any longer. – Why is that?
– He’ll be let go by the end of the day.
– What?! – Emma, I know some very connected people
and they owe me favors.
– Did you just tell the senator to get that – chef fired?
– Goodness, no. That would be catastrophic for his image.
We can’t have that, now, can we? – What about Chef Serle?
– I’m sure he’ll collect unemployment
and have a nice severance and he can open up his own little restaurant. – You don’t know that!
– Like I said, you’re not the only one
who can move mountains, Emma Woodhouse. – Knock knock. Sorry to interrupt.
– James, what are you doing here so
early? Our reservations aren’t until seven. Ryan texted m. He’s got a conference call
early in the morning and asked if we can reschedule for six. – I hope that’s okay.
– Of course. Anything for Ryan. – He’s practically family.
– Ryan? Ryan Weston? That’s right. I really wanted him to get
to know Caroline better and I can’t wait for her to meet Annie. I have heard such incredible things about
her cooking, and now that we have control over the menu I was going to ask her
if she’d be willing to help with the desserts. – I’m sure she will. For you.
– For us. – Desserts? Macrobiotic desserts, that’s
basically fruit.
– Oh, I think we can bend a little for the desserts. – We should indulge our guests,
right, First Lady?
– Of course, my darling. I can’t wait to take hear what she can do for us.
Oh, Emma, we would invite you but it’s sort of a double date thing. Couples only. – I’ll keep you posted, though.
– Please do.
– Personally I’m hoping to get some marriage advice from the newlyweds. After all, the best person to get
relationship advice from is someone – actually in a happy relationship
of their own.
– Hopefully this can be a regular thing. Joint dinner parties, vacations. Couples need
couple friends. Speaking of which, we’d better get going.
I’ll call Ryan and let him know
we’re on the way. – Don’t be long.
– I won’t. It is just so great being with somebody
that complements you so well. – That he does.
– Remember what I said, Emma. Just because we’re independent women
doesn’t mean we should be doomed to a life of solitude. – No, we shouldn’t.
– You were right. This is fun. Thank you for everything
today. And I’m glad I could make your life better.

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