Mirror Ghost Girl Debunk

[intro sound effects] Greetings, children! Captain D here. Tonight, I’d like to talk to you about
how creepy you all are. Ever since humanity invented and then convinced
itself of the existence of phantom and spirits, the whole world – and its hot, easy sister, the Internet – have been inundated with grainy photos and videos
of would-be ghosts. And for some reason the scariest of these are always appearing as either scraggy wrinkly old people, or creepy little children. Such is the case with this Youtube favorite
floating around on. [speaking Japanese] CD: [faux spooky noises] [clears throat] Kids, I know that there are times when not believing something you see feels really, really wrong. But don’t worry. That’s just your brain adjusting
to the nice cold bubble bath of healthy disillusion. Hey, it’s better than staying
in the hot muggy gazebo of gullibility. Just relax, let the bubbles do their work. Let’s break this one down. Your first clue that it’s fake should be the fact
that it’s from a Japanese entertainment show. And we all know how factual Japanese TV is: [Clips of Japanese game shows] CD: And think about what exactly happens here. The girl glances at herself and her reflection
remains still as she turns back around. But then what happened? Why did the mother taping the video stop shooting? And if she didn’t, why weren’t we shown the rest of it? Did the ghost ever turn away? Isn’t it much more likely that the creator of the video simply froze the footage of the girl’s reflection… …isolating it from the rest of the image
with a simple matte? Notice how this shaky handheld shot… …becomes perfectly stable
just before the apparition appears. It’s our old friend, Mr. Motion-tracking. If you look carefully you can even see
a slight wiggle and misalignment… …between the ghost and the edge of the mirror
at the very end of the shot. This is because the hoaxer didn’t bother
stabilizing the camera’s rotational movement. As fakes go, this isn’t even a very imaginative one. But it does take a special imagination… …to look at a home video of your daughter’s cute antics in front of the makeup mirror… …and then decide to doctor it up
in a creepy and disturbing way… …and then sell it to be shown on National TV. Oh well. But now I’m afraid it’s time for me to go kids! A baby in Tacoma is about to develop
a serious fear of abandonment issues… …from a too well-executed game of Peekaboo! But not if I can help it! Love with your heart, use your head for everything else! [voiceover] Captain…Disillusion! [thud]

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