Minimalism Challenge Day 4: Makeup | #5DaystoMinimalism

What’s up guys? It’s Aileen, and today is Day 4 of our 5 Days
to Minimalism Challenge. This entire week we’ve been decluttering small
areas of our lives. Day 1 was the purse. Day 2 was the car. Day 3 was a digital space. And Day 4 is your makeup bag. The idea is to declutter everything you have in your daily makeup bag. I know some of us have huge makeup collections so I don’t want to overwhelm you guys. You can choose to declutter either a daily makeup bag or, if you want
to tackle it, your entire makeup collection. What I’m going to be doing: I’m just going
to do the makeup that’s on my vanity because I have a very, very minimal daily
makeup bag that I don’t think I can tidy much. So I’m just going to tidy the things on my
desk because my desk can get pretty messy. So let’s get to it. Welcome to my vanity. Today I’m going to declutter all the makeup
on top and in the drawers. This is basically almost all my makeup after
I tidied through the KonMari process last year. You guys know drill: first step is to take
everything out of its place. [Music: Where It All Goes by Lostboycrow] This holds my nail and hair stuff so I’m just
going to leave that in there. So here’s all of my makeup when you lay it
all out. Next up, it’s time to sort through each
product and decide whether I want to keep it or put it away or discard it, maybe give it
away. I just have a hard time with some things. For example: these foundation brushes, I don’t
use them anymore because I use a beauty blender but I don’t
want to throw them away and I like to keep all my brushes together
in one place. I don’t want to have two foundation brushes
floating around somewhere, so I decided just to keep them together for
now. I’ve decided to just go under my vanity and
go through my lipsticks too. I keep my lipsticks under my table because
I don’t use all of them all the time. But I totally don’t use lip glosses ever
and I feel like I should get rid of a few of them that just aren’t serving me right now. So here’s my keep pile, and this is what I
want to put away and discard for now. Now it’s time to reorganize and put everything
away in a new place, whatever feels right. This is where you use your creativity and
just follow your heart to what feels right. I’ve spent so much time putting things here
and then deciding to put it somewhere else. I don’t know, I just mess with it until it
feels right. For example: look at how indecisive I am with putting this highlighter stick somewhere. Finally found a place for it. This drawer is for my eye makeup. This drawer is for my brow and lash products. This drawer, I use for face products like
concealer, my blush, bronzer. The bottom drawer is for lip products and
I also put my cushion and primer in there. In my drawer, I just keep all this backup
makeup that I want to use but don’t use on the daily. And here’s the final discard pile. Some of these are still in good condition so I’m going to give them away. And I just decided to wipe down my vanity because I don’t think I’ve actually cleaned
this table since I got it. And I took this opportunity to refuel my,
what do you call that, compartment thing for your cotton swabs and stuff. And voila! Here is my new, refreshed vanity. Thanks for watching, guys! Day 4: Check! Alright, today’s challenge was really fun. You guys, make sure to check out my friend, Brittany’s channel: NaturallyThriftyMom. She’s also doing the challenge with me. If you guys are following along and you want
to share your journey online, make sure you hashtag #5DaystoMinimalism and
that you tag me and Brittany at @lavendaire and at @naturallythriftymom. Onto the next one, tomorrow’s the last day of this challenge
and I hope you guys are ready for the last day. See you tomorrow. Bye!

72 thoughts on “Minimalism Challenge Day 4: Makeup | #5DaystoMinimalism

  1. Can you make a video on how you set up lighting and camera settings? I have a canon 70D and I'm making a channel for music on YouTube

  2. Love your videos and love this challenge!! 🙂 eeee I decluttered my makeup… !! It was so epic! #5DaystoMinimalism – Here's how much I got rid of! :")!

  3. And i even ended up with less makeup then you (i don't mean this in the way that it is a contest. But it its an indicator for me that i dident do a bad job at all :))

  4. I swear you are the first one to start this minimalism movement because your video was the first time I ever heard of minimalism ever since you read that book, now it is like everyone is doing it now.

  5. This is so satisfying to watch! Especially because I really need to tackle my own make up collection 😝 Thanks for sharing! 💕

  6. I use to watch all your videos and I love them! I have'nt done your challenges but another! I've emptied my freezer, wardrobe… and you inspired me to minimalize everything!

  7. lol I don't wear or own any makeup at all but I still watched this! I'll probably go declutter my misc. drawers or something 😂

  8. yay ! you made one on make up! I bought trays for my make up drawers today..i'm going to declutter my collection right now!
    thank you 🙂

  9. I appreciate the way you teamed up with a mom so you both show how you organize the same space but it's totally different based on your different lives–the one challenge applies to more people and anyone can get something out of it.

  10. I love your minimalism video series, you have a cute place for your makeup tools, I only have two boxes and no space when I use them!

  11. Your channel has been a lifesaver. I just spent the last month Konmaring my apt (I think I made up a new verb) I've loved finding things around the house to make new storage spaces. I just discovered your podcast as well, keep up the great work!

  12. I just did a makeup declutter about 3 days ago and so proud of it, also decluttered my drawer , my computer ' s files and programs and nail polish collection woohoo ❤️❤️❤️ this series is so inspiring

  13. Aaah, loved this! xx Inspired me to throw away some stuff too and organize, hehe.. Loving this minimalism-series btw!

  14. i love all your minimalism related videos! they're so inspiring and calming. i know you once mentioned in a podcast episode that some people will comment saying "you're not a real minimalist" or something along those lines, but i just wanted to let yoh know that your videos have inspired me to keep tidying my space <333

  15. Those plastic organizers are everywhere! Haha I have seen them in a couple of stores here in Spain. I mean those to store things vertically and the one with little drawers. ^^

  16. YOU HAVE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL CHANNEL. Every video that you make inspires me for new things. I am from Turkey and I feel the positive energy that you have from here 🙂 I hope you keep doing these minimalism videos. They help me to change my life in a good way. Thanks <3

  17. I've done the same and right away I've struggled to throw away good products I've had. Instead I've made it a mission to use up one product at the time. For example one eye liner at a time. Now, I have a handful of products that I like and use and feel like a real minimalist. Love it!

  18. I feel like makeup is one thing I could never let go. I even save the old ones. I figure if merely looking at my makeup collection gives me pleasure, then I shouldn't judge their values based on whether I use them every day..

  19. A foundation brush can also be used for face masks. That's what I've dedicated my second one to, after getting a beauty blender 🙂

  20. I just threw out a lipstick that smelled bad and was a few years old and threw out a lipstick that was nice but the color was too light to show up well on my skin tone. Now i have a blush/bronzer/lip color compact, 2 dark lipsticks and an eyeliner and mascara. Much better!

  21. I love minimalism I cleared out some nail polishes last night went from about 70 to like 20 😂

  22. #5DaystoMinimalism – I am very minimalist in my makeup (bareMinerals powder foundation, blush, lipgloss for everyday "out of the house" but, except for church, I'm starting to not wear makeup to allow my skin to breath and perhaps "repair" from not taking care of it as I should have. For dress up occasions (very rare) I have a cheek highlighter/lowlighter combo and eye shadows – due to Hashimotos Hypothroidism my lashes are not very long and I've always had eyebrows that are just naturally arched with very little plucking so that's it. I knew there were cosmetics lurking in hidden places in my linen closet (where I keep my cosmetics) so I went through everything and, in the process found and threw away: Old travel toiletries bag; Signature A cleanser; can of spray nail polish dryer; vanilla linen spray; shower gel; 2 partially-used bottles of nail polish remover; hair mask; plastic razor; 2 1/2 bath bombs; 2 hair dryer attachments I never use; healing bath salts; facial cleanser, and an almost empty travel size bottle of hand sanitizer. 15 items that were old and/or expired thrown away before even getting to cosmetics…lol.

    Cosmetics thrown away: 4 small makeup eye shadow brushes; 2 lip gloss; 2 lip pencils, lip pencil sharpener; watermelon chap stick; and some random pressed powder refill.

    NOTE: I don't like to shop and 3/4 of all cosmetics were given to me by my mother who loves cosmetics, shopping, and QVC!

    Also returning a never-used mascara and old-style electric curler clips to my mother and donating several packaged, never used health/beauty products to a local women's shelter.

    Whew!! Glad that challenge is over and my linen closet looking significantly better!!

  23. Your cluttered makeup collection is my neat makeup collection :((( I have a spending problem and idk how to organize, it’s so bad

  24. Since this video, I've moved to an apartment and updated my entire vanity set up! I showed my cozy makeup corner and favorite products in my vanity tour!
    ▸ Vanity Tour + Favorite Makeup 💄 |

    Q: How often do you declutter your makeup?

  25. My gosh I’ve had that same three brush Toki Doki set forever too. It’s like soooo cute I can’t get rid of it, but I don’t love the brushes for use, and they don’t stand up well, it’s just a whole emotional thing.

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