Mindy Kaling and Lilly Recreate Iconic Euphoria Makeup Style

-But you also have been
very public about your love for one
particular show. -Oh.
-And that is “Euphoria.” -Oh. I — -You basically are a fan account
for “Euphoria” at this point. -It’s just — it’s so creepy.
What a creep. -But as a mom —
-Yeah. -…that has to freak you out
a little bit. You’re seeing some pretty gnarly
stuff on that show. As a mom, like, does that
mess you up a little bit? -Oh, no, it’s horrifying.
It’s horrifying. I had to completely divorce
myself from being a parent when I watch that show. It’s too depressing.
But it’s so funny. That show — it’s so sexy
and stuff that when I’m watching it,
I start, like — I’m being like, “Yeah, yeah,
I was like that in high school, too.”
You know? Which is, like, not true at all. And even the, like, dorks
in “Euphoria” would have been Miss America. -They’re so hot.
-They’re so hot. -No, 100 percent.
When I watch the show I’m like, “You’re all so hot.”
-Of course. -You have two eyebrows.
What’s that about? I didn’t have that
in high school. I didn’t have that at all.
-Yeah. -My hairline when into
my eyebrows. It was all one thing.
[ Laughter ] Like, it was a whole situation,
then Zendaya’s out there and you’re like,
“This is your low?” You can’t make Zendaya
look bad. That’s the thing.
You just cannot. -No, it’s true. -But here’s another thing about
this show, is they have really epic makeup
on that show. -Forget it. -It’s like,
that’s a whole separate thing. The eye makeup is so cool. Have you ever picked up on that?
-Oh, my God. I, like, Instagrammed about it.
I took a photo of myself and then I drew, like, the cloud
makeup around my eye. -That’s really interesting
because I actually have some things back here to
recreate some “Euphoria” makeup looks.
Are you guys down for that? Can we do a really quick
makeover? -Love it.
[ Cheers and applause ] -I think we should. I think we should spend — I think we should
do it quick. We should do 30 seconds
on the clock. Can you do — Daniel?
To give ourselves the best “Euphoria” eye makeup possible.
-Okay, I’m thrilled. -You ready for this?
-Yeah. -Let’s do it.
-All right, hit some music. -Okay.
-Okay. Oh, yeah, here — Oh.
Oh, it’s really hard. Oh, you’re really good at this.
-Oh, my God. -Oh, no. Okay.
-I think I’m killing it. -Might as well go back
to high school. Here we go. [ Cheers and applause ]
Okay. Oh. Hold on. Okay. No, nothing sticks!
I’m too sweaty! [ Laughter ]
Okay. -You guys got about 10 seconds. -Wait, I, like — I’m done.
I don’t even need the time. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] -Five, four, three, two, one.
[ Bell dings ] [ Cheers and applause ]
-You killed yours. Hey, I think I look
good as hell. -First of all —
[ Cheering ] I have an element,
which is this. [ Laughter ] I wanted to give myself
a unibrow to like go back and be like, “Look this one’s,
like, bedazzled, so it’s cool. -Yeah. It looks great.
-You know what I mean? -How does mine look?
-Good. I think it’s into it. I think
you’re upgrading the bindi. It’s like, why have one
when you can have multiple? -Should we wear this
to the Met Gala? I think this is, like,
Met Gala appropriate. -I think so.
We’ll take some selfies. You guys can decide.
We have more — I need to get this thing
out of my eye right now. Stay tuned.
Don’t go anywhere.

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