Mimi Choi Brings Fear to Life with Her Makeup Artistry

I’m a
professional makeup artist who specializes in illusion makeup. I love transforming faces
into whatever I want. I get inspiration from architecture, from the environment, nature, and my biggest inspiration would be fear. I grew up in Macau. The educational system
there is quite intense. As an Asian child, I also felt like I didn’t want to
disappoint my family. I knew that I was creative, but I never thought art would be a career. I was a preschool teacher for three years. Even though I love children, it did not make me completely happy. I always felt, in a way, suppressed, but I never knew why. One night, when my mom asked me whether I would be happy being a preschool teacher
for the rest of my life, that question changed my life. I told her, “No, I don’t think I will be completely 100% happy.” And she told me, “That’s not right, “you shouldn’t live your life
like that, you’re only 28.” I remember quitting my job and then going into the
program within three days. I never knew my potential
until makeup school. You can do anything with makeup. I always strive to create something
that nobody’s ever seen before. I suffer from a sleeping
condition called sleep paralysis, where my awakened mind is
trapped inside my sleeping body. I hallucinate during my sleep paralysis, and it’s super terrifying. As soon as I started doing makeup, and I paint these things
that I see in my head out, I realize that I don’t
dream about them anymore. So I feel like makeup heals me and is also a blessing in disguise, because I end up seeing things that nobody has ever seen before. It’s all in my head,
it’s Mimi Choi’s visions. So it has actually, in a way,
helped my art become more unique and different and shocking. This career is my calling. I’m one of those people
who truly, genuinely is so passionate about their work. I hope that my work inspires people to step out of their comfort zone, and to not be afraid of their fears. Fear makes me stronger as a person. Fear makes me grow. I embrace my fear.

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