Milani X Trendmood Eye Kit Review| Drug Store Makeup/Eye Tutorial

hi beauties welcome back to the channel
so for today’s video as you can see we’re doing things a little bit
differently we might be a little tad early but there’s I’m into Halloween I
love Halloween I think Halloween should be all year
long headed my way in a head gazillion billions of dollars I would make my own
Halloween town but I don’t so unfortunately I’m going to take
September in October and we’re going to have Halloween themed everything we have
Halloween themed throws and pillow covers I’m very excited I got three
other ones that I got our four actually that I have that will feature in
different videos but I’m very excited I can’t wait for fall Halloween fall
pumpkin spice everything I’m here for it and I live for it also if you guys know
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really big new thing to the channel also new to the channel we got some more new
light as you can see it looks more light and vibrant I have more wall art coming
so we have like a following a howleen coming like Christmas fall and Holly
might be too late but well haven’t for next year but I really want to just
really deck this out more lights coming so it’s very light and bright we’re also
looking into getting a different camera and not using my smart phone anymore so
that’ll be different as well all things that were positive and we’re looking
forward to as we transition and moving into our new home the new job
introducing a new area with more lights better filming equipment but otherwise
Before we jump into it were actually here for if you do like the theme the
set up wanting to give you more spookier videos like I want to do like cupcake
video with my cupcake video but baking videos and pumpkin videos carving I want
to bring my friend he cooks with me he has a really cool baking channel and I
wanted to like try and bring him in and cook him bake with him so if you like
those types of things let me know if you’re into Halloween if this is your
jam give this video a thumbs up but without further ado let’s jump into this
new palette that I picked up so this is the Milani trend mood I kit this does
retail for $14.99 this is you as dia it’s a $26 and 90 a set value so you get
about 44% savings it is the gilded desire eyes and face palette eyeshadow
and eyeshadow primer and says kit contains one gilded desire eye shadow
and face palette eyeshadow twelve times zero point zero two ounces or 12 times
zero seven grams there’s a highlighter there’s two
highlighters in here which are two point 0.05 ounces or two times 1.6 grams and
eyeshadow primer which is 0.3 fluid ounces or nine milliliters so here is
our Milani eyeshadow primer and then here is the gilded desire pallets on the
back you’ll see more of trend mood Sophia
here I believe that’s how you say her name she’s super cute and very beautiful
I’m really excited to try this this is a drugstore palette
I know Milani has a lot of good eyeshadow but I’m really excited to kind
of jump in here see what it’s like break into it it does say on the back it says
bringing Beauty lovers all over the world to the hottest breaking news
reviews and inside scoops on all things Beauty Sophia adores Milani for the high
quality products at affordable prices and hopes you love the exclusive
eyeshadow I kicked says bye-bye money hash
check that is super cute and adorable let’s crack inside
on a sidenote saw how cute is my headband right now it’s actually just
cat ears and I stuck these cute little Halloween anyways I’m a dark but I like
it so and then on trend number theme it works let me know don’t hate the whole
block you thank you sorry okay enough with hating okay it’s really hard to
actually get inside here so hold on okay so here’s the eyeshadow primer I have
tried this before not exactly in this kit I apologize if you see my camera
shaking I have a little suspect down here messing with everything it’s a
little itty-bitty smokey we decided to call smokey cuz he’s a tiny white kitten
but he has like the smoky gray decal details on him and it’s super cute nee
reminds us of smoke and here is the butthole now happy here is the burning
guy now he is all over the place so aventure is so playful like every little
kitty he’s mad at me because he wants to bite my cords and I distracted him here
we go get your mouse about him these cute little Halloween Mouse speaking of
which he’s been loving this new toy that I got him I’m trying to pick it up now
he’s trying to bite it this is what I found at Petco around the Petco it’s
like a pet supply store but it has like purple little spider legs and like one
of these little fishy lures on him but anyways who loves these all of our cats
do we still do have that giveaway going on so we will be introducing you to all
of our cabs you’ve seen them in kind of like blips and Clips Rambo over actually
what we’re here for now this I have tried I really did like it so I my is
already primed as you can see that they’re bare but they are primed and set
so I’m going to skip that for this video and I’m gonna let the eye shadow speak
for themselves they’re primed inside how they normally are so if they’re gonna
perform they’re gonna perform and I’m not doing anything special for them
whatsoever they’re just set with my normal
girl and some I think it was colour-pop I’m setting her that I used so I think
it was actually a pressed powder but here is the actual packaging it’s as
brilliant Gold’s glean bronzers gleaming bronzers and rich warm berries this
luxurious palette features 12 velvety matte and shimmery metallic security
rigid velvety on-trend ilyich finish with two illuminating
pearl highlighters and warm golden pinks shimmering champagnes for I saw a
beautiful gilded glow this is so cute I can’t wait I just I had like my really
favorite ones remember that game of thrones ood ones from colour-pop I love
those I know there’s relax relax alright so here’s our two highlighters or
something had mentioned Bill other thing the you know curtain dad mentioned our
two highlighters and then we have one two three four five six months two one
two three four five six shares okay I’m really loving that and I am blind you
guys with the mere so I do apologize let’s get some swatches is these up
close again don’t judge everything off of swatches but I still feel like
they’re important so that’s why we do them yeah those look really nice the red
one’s a little iffy but I never really ever elected red ones red and shimmers
but we can try it out and see what she looks like oh I’m so wrong it is so
beautiful and here all the shimmer just watch on the back of my hand yeah those
are gorgeous and fun to play with I can’t wait by the way this is what I do
when I’m off camera and we’re just playing with makeup I’m like literally
just going like this over and over and over again okay so those are the
shimmers let’s check out the mantle we gotta be fair nice very nice give it all our hands those are really really really easy to
blend either velvety let’s swatch are
highlighters I just watch this white one but I don’t think the white would swatch
very welcome as a white it’s gonna be more trans like transparent so we’re
gonna skip that I don’t think I just wanted this one that’s what that one
looks like and then here are our highlighters who already wearing out on
a later but I always need more so well I’m a trustee dandy brush that’s which
it’s filled with Jeffrey star Jacqueline halo marquee and basically everything
goes okay so I did grab this fluffy brushes the J H 35 mark the extra Jaclyn
hill now the first thing I want to go into these don’t have names on the front
of them but they do have names on the back I’m gonna try my best to kind of
match them up but this one looks like it is sweet as honey this one right here
you can see it’s right yeah sweet up honey there’s lots more orange Chi on
the back but see how it looks way more oranges this
shade right here sweet as honey but I get its so almost white that’s weird
okay maybe it’s just the way that it photographed but either way it’s gonna
work perfectly for in transition shade for me we’re gonna go for a sophomore
match mature look so I’m just gonna use this as a transition shade as I
mentioned before my lids were already primed and set and ready to go
brows are ready yeah it’s definitely more of like a very soft pink than it is
sort of an orange and that’s the sweet as honey shade all right so first
impressions I do blend out really really nice I don’t notice any like skipping a
hard times with this again it is my eyes are kind of set down how they normally
are set down so I were doing very good really impressed for the drugstore price
Milani never really ever lets me down but you never know sometimes there’s
good things and sometimes it’s almost far so good I really really like it
okay so the next one I just I’m noticing this now to you is it’s more of a cool
tone palette I’m gonna make it work have a warm tone you can see all the
warmth in my skin but we can definitely try and make this work here but actually
I’m gonna use is crazy for Coco and you can see where it looks more like a warm
chocolate right here that’s one of my fingers right now lift it off but unlike
the brush inside right here it’s more of a cool tool broom yeah that’s definitely
swatching that’s a cool top run as well let’s see and these are blending out beautifully
no problems whatsoever so far definitely the kickback is very I’m all
noticing to you I’m really liking that yeah it’s definitely more so cool tone
than it is warm it’s okay we can make it work I’m here for it
you know we’re going into fall in the winter months anyways so let’s do this
you guys should I get like black lights back here purple or orange or showed you
like a mixture let me know what you think down below I think I should do
like a make sure like a Halloween mixture light so it’s like more warm
like I want stringing lights hanging down when I get this really cute like
picture hopefully it comes in time and I’ve already ordered it like a week ago
in August because we’re I’m or it any time takes like almost you went to get
here so hopefully we get to use it before Christmas I’m hoping anyways
absolutely minutes where we are so far just a quick recap we use the crazy for
cocoa on the sweet as honey the next gen I really want to use is this cute berry
one over here and this one is called time for time to unwind and it yeah it
matches the picture on the back I would say I don’t you know definitely think
that’s a really good match for it just gonna like go over that and really just
kind of like go to a nice beautiful berry look to it
look for the best word but very really is the best word for it I did post on
Instagram two of you guys don’t see me filming a lot I’m trying to be more I am
on Instagram so I’m constantly trying to pull something every day like I want to
get my nails done hoping to do that again sometime in the near future like
the next two weeks I asked you guys what your thoughts were so far the black
matte nails that are kind of just like bleeding down a little bit those are the
best ones number one but I’m still waiting to see if anybody else has
different thoughts but so far those loans are really
out and I’m gonna have to say that I don’t disagree
I haven’t switched it and he brushes either as a right now just kind of
slowly blending this time to unwind shade okay as soon as you guys in a
little bit closer because I wanted you to definitely see the eye shadow I’m
gonna go back in with the sweet as honey I’m just gonna blend and buff out the
top tank and we’re seeing this blend you know I think I’m gonna make the fall
month and the midterm on my timer I’m gonna get better at using cool tones cuz
I’m all of my warm tones so I think of this fall and winter I’m definitely
gonna focus on using more cool tones and getting good at that now comes my
favorite part I don’t think I’m gonna do a cock raise
I think I’m just going to line my lids with a nice pretty shimmer we’re gonna
go a little bit higher so we’re gonna take the brush and go litter a higher
we’re not gonna actually use a concealer to cut crease so I don’t know if that’s
so consider cutting the crease but curling way you want to fall I’m gonna
try these drying and then we’re gonna try and watch so we’re definitely gonna
see it if they can perform what I want these settings right but our wet and I
should say actually which one should we I really wanna drive those goals but
this is like giving you so much fault vibes right here and it’s so pretty and
then there’s this one my safest bet is this guy which I always go for oh you
know what yeah it’s really cute it’s almost like a pinky you gotta see this
actually we see if I can show it on camera yeah see there’s my hands you
know it’s like it’s kind of like pinky but it’s kind of shifting them gold a
little that’s really really nice I want to use that Jade so now we’re gonna
build the bottom lashline I’m gonna dip it in with the sweetest honey and crazy
for cocoa we’re gonna mix those two together here oh my god is that a
reflection of my dogs it is so the palette you can see there’s Rosie it’s
showing your reflection of my dogs which were sleeping on my bed right now
there’s a shadow of Rosie and there’s a shadow of a big man cuddling my gosh it
was like a tad follows you can see it on my face but I mean I literally just
brushed it away and it was gone so nothing three is dressed up at all great
so here is the shimmer dry and this one is called the most coveted rose that was actually a really really really
nice so far and again this is dry so I guess you get them cutting the crease
but I’m not using any concealer okay so I think I wanted to do dry on this side
and then we’ll do wet on the other side I have my settings right in hand just in
case it’s just the Milani no countenance whatsoever it’s just the
one I had handy and to make it do it I love the setting spray if you don’t have
it get it it was really inexpensive I believe it was like ten or eleven
dollars when I bought it I’ll double check the price and put it down below to
you it’s really cute actually I really like
that okay so now let’s get the brush wet yeah that’s right wet on this it definitely is easier to apply when
they’re wet most shimmers are I’m noticing I’m having to pick up less
product it’s going on a lot smoother but I didn’t notice any difference in the
pigmentation between the eyes it just was smoother like members do so
that’s really the only difference when getting it wet or not getting it wet it
just makes the transition like easier but the pigmentation is definitely there
what our guy okay then I think I want to use a little bit of this shade right
here and there she is and that is the desire for golden shade
and that it’s very fitting finger no need to be fancy pick pack that desire
for gold right on the inner tear duct okay and I think I want to do one last
thing here just to tie the look in get some dimension let’s use the would you
join me shame which is this really beautiful Brown next are black I’m gonna bring some more of this under
time John wine excuse me okay alright so the next thing I’m gonna do is we’re
gonna pick up this would you join me shade and it’s about what wo OD to you
but it’s not like actual wood it’s kind of perfect for like fall and like I’m
gonna put this on a water why don’t you see me doing now but like fall like
right before the winter kids it’s like the perfect time for bonfires okay so
lastly we are gonna tie it check the time to unwind shade oh and then I’m
gonna take some Midnight Cowboy it’s like a glitter liner it’s gonna slowly
line the top all right so I’m gonna go throw on some eyeliner to mascara and
lashes I’ll be right back with my final thoughts okay guys so I am back I have
put on eyeliner mascara and eye lashes I’m loving this look especially with the
new eye shadow that I’m using that Midnight Cowboy I love that line right
above the lid it’s super beautiful but I wanted to hop on camera before you have
my set of thoughts and try out this highlighter it’s the same brush that I
use all the time right now and it’s js4 and it’s from the morphe x jeffree star
oh she’s definitely pigmented so less is more but I really really like it and
it’s really high-quality especially coming from the drugstore affordable
makeup I love it and I’m here for it definitely think I’m gonna be playing
with this eyeliner other than that everything was extremely
pigmented blended out very nicely and I really enjoyed working with this palette
I’m deaf I know they made more so I’m going to pick up more other different
ones and play with more of those but I’m really really excited for this one so if
I want to play with it more but let me know your thoughts down below what you
thought about our theme our background what you thought about the palette give
me some suggestions if you tried the other palettes when showed you guys
length but until the next one stay beautiful you

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  1. You will always win me over with Nightmare Before Christmas. Love the background! I like this look, fall is the best season. All the warmth ahhhh I live.

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