Metallic Eye Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL

Hi. This is Catalina Su, I’m from E! Style Collective. And lately on the red carpet we’re
seeing a lot of metallic eyes. I’m going to show you a quick,
easy way you can create your own. The first step to creating this
look is to pick a metallic eye shadow of your choice. When creating a metallic eye look
you want to use a dense brush. This way your eye shadow
doesn’t flick everywhere. I like to start in
the middle of the eye, pat it in so you have the intensity
of the color, and then you go and work your sides in. For step two I’m going to fill in the
lash line with a black eyeliner just to solidify the metallic eye look. It completes the look without
over powering the metallic eye. So for the third step I’m going
to use CoverGirl’s Bloom mascara. It’s a very soft look, and
it’s very [? buildable. ?] The last step, I’m going
to arch her eyebrow to solidify the modern
metallic eye look. So in creating this brow you
want to start with an arch and you kind of want to leave it there. And then you want to diffuse the
rest so it is a natural look. So now that we’re done
with the metallic eye look, for more tips and tricks check on E! Style Collective.

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