Today’s Sunday the day before the
biggest Monday of all of the fashion year, the first Monday in May. It’s the
Met Gala. I’m here with my incredible makeup artist Mel Inglessis. Because this
is the fashion prom we’re gonna test my look for tomorrow and really find
exactly how we want to do my makeup. This year I’m showing how to get my look
before if it’s the red carpet. This is how to get my Met Gala look. I was
supposed to get a facial, missed my facial and also I’ve been traveling a lot and
slept with a lot of makeup on my face last night so my skin is not looking so
M: It looks amazing K: No I need a little love. Give me your
M: I mean we’re just gonna start with a mask, which is always a good start.
K: PowerFoil mask? I always feel like on Met Ball day it’s stressful,
everybody’s running around. It’s almost like a wedding day, it really is.
M:Just gonna do a tiny little bit of an eye cream. K: This one I love. It really kind of hydrates those like, there’s a different kind of tissue on the skin under your eye versus
different areas of your face, so this is specifically made for the eyes.
M: I mean Advanced Night Repair, but in the day it’s also good. This just add radiance and
moisturize the skin. I mean look at glowy her skin is right now and it’s really
ready for makeup. I can feel it it’s not sticky. K: One of the secret ingredients and
the ANR is hyaluronic acid, which is really hydrating and I used to say oh
there’s hydrochloric acid in ANR and then they were like no no there’s not
hydrochloric, there’s hyaluronic. Very different. So since the theme of this
year’s Met Gala is camp, which is basically excess and over the top and we’re
embracing that and both the dress the fabric and the jewelry. We really want
the makeup to be a complementary kind of flawless, fresh, cool, elegance, but nothing
nothing too much.
M: We’re gonna use a primer It just because you know as you
said it’s gonna be all day and then all night and a primer help the
foundation really stay on and the whole makeup. What I like about this primer
is it’s actually an illuminator so it has a luminous feel to it. This is one of my
favorite foundation Double Wear from Estée Lauder That’s your color, but I wanted to be a little more luminous. So I’m gonna mix it with MAC
with those Dazzle Drops. So I’m gonna mix a couple of drop of this.
K: Which is great because the thing about this is that I’m gonna be dancing all night long
and this stays in place. Youre like an Alchemist. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. M: With foundation like Karlie’s skin is gorgeous she does not need full coverage everywhere so you can still see the skin texture showing
through, which is really important for me. K: At the Met Gala you have thousands of
photos taken from every angle and it’s super super high definition so you can
see every makeup brush, every pore for every, you know, for better or worse.
So if you’re wearing too much makeup in the photos it looks like it.
M: So what I do now is with a little brush I’m just gonna take some of the areas that are a
little redder. So around the nose, mainly, because what I don’t want is to
build a heavy coverage everywhere, but some places need a little more coverage.
So it’s like spot concealer. Then I take a fan brush and I just go over some of the
areas that need a little more coverage. It’s just a really lovely flawless
foundation. What’s important for me is a flawless skin with no marks, no
lines you know what I mean.
K: That’s where Mel’s magic really is.
M: So we’re going to concealer now so I’m gonna use a flat brush for my concealer to really target
it where I need it M: People tend to get red right here
so I take, I brush it out and always lift it out. The lid is to prepare it for the
shadow so we losing that redness of the skin. So this is one of my favorite
products it’s Laura Mercier
K: Illuminating M: The luminous and it’s
specifically mainly for under the eyes just press it on and you just lift it
out. So we decide on a sunkissed look right, but I don’t want to be too heavy
obviously. So I’m gonna use the same foundation we used earlier, but I’m going to
use a darker shade. Don’t be scared
K: okay M: Okay. I think with cream you can be a
little more playful. It just warms it up and it brings a little definition to the
face, very lightly. One of the thing with Karlie is I love her little beauty spots,
so I always bring it back.
K: No, Mel I love that you always define it. M: I always define it back.
K: And I love that because it’s authentically me! Instead of hiding
it you bring it out. Take whatever it is that is special to you and embrace that
and build around that instead of trying to like be one idea of like the ideal
beauty that doesn’t exist anymore. I think it’s also much more about like
just accentuating your natural beauty. M: So now we go to the brows, which
is also a trademark for you. You love a strong brow. K: Love a brow.
M: it just you know work like this up.
K: Mel knows me so well, she’s done my brows a million times you can do this in your sleep.
M: Let’s try to start working on the eyes and see how we go. I like to work with a lot of
pencils. Easy to blend, easy, couple of steps. The strongest always goes in the outer corner I don’t really want to dark on
the inner corner. You want to keep the light there.
K: Wow you would think it
would kind of make it look like I am tired under the eyes, but it actually
opens up the eyes so much.
M: I’m looking at eye shape I wouldn’t mind having a little
bit of the brown color, look straight. down low, only just right there on the
other corner to elongate the eyes a little. I only went like a quarter in
up to right here because I don’t want to close your eyes by putting a darker
color all the way down so it’s just really right there, working that color
K: Even if you were to do your makeup and stop here, I think that’s a really
good kind of subtle smoky eye to do. So it just kind of gives a little bit of a pop. M: Let’s try this, but I’m not married to
this as a pop of fun on the inner corner only. If we don’t like it we wipe it out. K: Oh! It is camp so we want to have more. More as more as more. I love the the fresh lid the fact that there’s no heavy makeup or
shadow on the lid, on the brow bone, I think that makes it really youthful. Do
we have the earrings? I should maybe put those on now so you can maybe get a feel for the color? Okay so to get an
idea of what I’ll be wearing tomorrow and without showing you my dress, I’m
gonna be wearing these earrings along with lots of really kind of eclectic
rings. So to give Mel a bit of a taste of my jewelry and how that might affect
how we want to do makeup.
M: Now that I see the earrings I’m really happy with the
gold on the inner corner. I think that picks up. See now that I’m looking at it
with the earrings I’m thinking we should do bottom mascara. Funny, earlier I didn’t.
Now, I’m like let’s do a little bit of mascara. K: And then a little bit of
Sumptuous Extreme
M:So it’s back and forth back and forth and down. If you have too
much butter can be really clumpy K: So with the earrings yes it’s helpful to have a
little bit more definition M: I’m gonna now do a highlighter. So
the matte powder is only gonna even be applied here because you know sometimes with a flash
on the red carpet, if this is shiny it reflects and it looks like there’s a big
shiny spot so this is an area that always has to be more or less matte. This
is quite amazing because this is a powder from Estee Lauder that is small
enough to be in those bags that nothing fits in, by the way. Before you hit the
red carpet powder here, powder around your nose and powder here. I think it’s chic. You know we have, you
know it’s an overall well balanced look. We don’t have a hugely strong eye or
a hugely strong lip, but we have beautiful skin we have a definition on the eyes, we’re
picking up the color from the earrings and from your dress. I’m happy with it
I’m very happy with it.
K: Yeah? Can I take a peak?
M:Yes please. K: I love the definition under the eye, I think
that really kind of opens it up. Makeup everything tomorrow we can kind of tweak
tomorrow, but do you feel? M: I feel great.
K:Two thumbs up? Two thumbs up.
Okay I’m really excited and also I’m really relieved that we’re doing this
makeup test today on Sunday so I think we’re in a good place guys
this will be my makeup for the Met Gala and when you tune in tomorrow you guys
will be able to see a video of the making of my dress
Oh last thing we forgot the finishing spray right? M:We did forget, let’s do it
right now K: set it and forget it.
the other thing we forgot well don’t forget to subscribe

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