Messy Makeup Trivia ft. Jeffree Star & Tati

– [James] Hello sisters! And welcome to Messy Makeup Trivia! The game show where no
matter who wins, we all lose. Let’s meet today’s special guests. Our first contestant left
his eyebrows in 2018, and apparently all of his friends too. Please welcome Jeffree Starr. Our next guest is back
and better than ever, with a slightly better foundation shade? We’ll get there one day! Please welcome, James Charles. Our last guest has been around forever, but somehow has not had a scandal. So we’ve got literally nothing. Joining us from the studio after filming her 87th video this week
alone, Tati Westbrook. – [All] Hi Sisters! – James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel! As you guys can see
today, I’m joined by two very, very special guests. – Yes, hi! – Sister Jeffree Starr and Tati Westbrook. Living legends! You guys, for today’s video
I am so beyond excited because after hundreds
and thousands of comments, we are finally coming back to you with a brand new episode
of Messy Makeup Trivia! In case you’re not familiar
with Messy Makeup Trivia, it is a game show we played
here, on this YouTube channel, where I basically team
up with two close friends in the beauty industry,
and Tati and Jeffree have both been major inspirations, and friends to me since day one. And we are basically going to be quizzed on all things “Beauty Industry.” – Ooh! – Oh ho, ho! – Spicy! – These fashions could be anything, even though this is on my channel, I don’t know what they are.
– You promise? – Yes, absolutely swear to God. – Really? Really? – Swear to God, pinky promise. I never have any say in these, they’re completely done by my friend who works off camera completely. So I have no idea if this is going to be equally once it’s competition. I love a good competition and I’m ready to (electronic chime) Win! – What do we win? – Okay, so let me give you the rules. – Some Sisters Apparel merch. – Yeah. – Yeah. – What’s the grand prize? – Um… – I leave in a full sweat suit. – A shopping spree at Marshall’s? – I already had a shopping
spree at Jeffree’s. – Yes! You did raid my closet, I love that. Okay, so what do we
win? Tell us, the team. – So basically, here’s how it works. We’re going to go through
our makeup routines, and getting ready together, talking about all things
life, beauty, updates. But while we do so,
before every single step there’s going to be one question. One juicy, tea, gossip question about the makeup
community, makeup history, people in it, who knows! And we’re going to have
to press our buzzers. So, whoever buzzes in first
according to our producers in the back, will get to
answer the question first. And for each question, there
is what we like to call a Now this thing could be a
challenge, it could be a… They’re all challenges. – Ha ha! Listen… – I really thought that this
was just a makeup trivia. Not like… – Oh no, it’s a game
show, we’re going to play. You better be ready to win. – I watched the first one
and I’m a little shook, because shit can hit the fan if it’s not your moment, girl. – Yeah. So basically, if you answer
it, there’s Sister Sabotage. If you get it right you get to choose one of your two contestants,
and give them the Sabotage. But if you get it wrong, you
have to take it for yourself. Basically in the end, the viewers, The Sisters decide by telling us who they think looks the best, is basically the way that it runs. – Oh harsh! – Harsh. – Right. – Okay, wow. – But they’re pretty
fair judges, I will say. – I will not be reading- – They love to read me the filth if I look ugly, so you guys are fine. – Okay great. – That comment section, awesome. – Scary. – Ha ha! – My self esteem. – Listen, I’m ready. I don’t know I’m… Okay,
let’s do it, let’s do it. – Let’s do it. – Should we just dive right in? Okay! Well I feel like we have so many things to talk about and catch
up on, and just get glams. Without further adieu, are you guys ready? – We’re ready. – Ready. – Let’s go! – [Jeffree] Bam! (intro music) (bell chime) – [Producer] Alright
sisters, are you guys ready for question number one? – I’m so ready! – I’m so nervous! Okay, okay. Aah! I have to win! – [Producer] Question number one says “No one was born being a pro beauty guru” (electronic chime) (clap) – Blue Brown Serpent Makeup Tutorial! – [Producer] That is correct. – Is that? – Wait, I still, one more time slow. – Blue Brown Serpent
Makeup Tutorial, I was- – Oh my God! You know what’s really crazy? I remember that. – Yeah, oh wait, okay wow. – Wow, let’s take a view
of that for a moment. – Let’s not. – You’ll appreciate it. – No, you are not doing
the directing here ma’am! – Ha ha ha! We should pause
the video and watch it. (electronic music) – I just did a video a few months ago reacting to it for the first time. And I had not looked
back at this until then. – Time flies. – It’s cool though, it’s
cool to see the growth. – [Producer] The correct answers were… – I don’t know what mine
is. I maybe know, but okay. – [Producer] So James’s video was the “Blue/Brown Serpent Makeup Tutorial.” – Queen of titles. – [Producer] Jeffree’s video was the “Icy Blue Glam & Glitter
Tears Makeup Tutorial.” – “The Icy Blue Glam & Glitter” we were great at our titles. – Yes blue! – And mine was probably “The Five Dollar
Drugstore Blue Challenge.” – [Producer] Tati’s first
technical makeup tutorial was “Get Ready With Me Date Night.” – [All] Oh! – Cute! Oh love that! – Beautiful, okay. – It’s been a long journey
for all three of us. – It has. – Okay, what’s my Sister Sabotage? – Here’s where I’m a little nervous. – Oh, that’s not even bad. – Oh guess we’re starting off slow. – Okay. – [Producer] Who are you going to choose? – Don’t look at me. – That’s like, not even that bad. I feel like either one
of you guys were fine. – It’s not that bad, it’s not that bad. – Hmm, Jeffree I guess? – I’ll take one for the team. – Yeah, sure. – Now the only thing is, do you guys have a dry beauty sponge for me? – Yeah, is yours already wet? – Yeah. – Wow, cheater. – I came wet. – I knew that was- – Say, always. – Are we putting on our foundation yet? – Yes.
– Yeah, so now let’s go on. – I can’t wait, I don’t
care if it’s wet or dry. – I can’t wait either. – Aren’t you just so excited? – Oh! This feels weird. – Gross. – Okay, great. – You guys, I am so glad we’re finally all together filming this video. I feel like it’s been talked
about for so long now. – Right? – Oh. – Ha ha! – Oh hi! – That was brave, spraying
that on the new Louis Viton. – Yeah, did I get it on it? Don’t give me that look behind the camera. Oh my God, okay great. This dry… – Good or bad? – I feel like I’m, like hitting my face with a piece of wood. – Oh, okay, good or bad? – I’m not sure. I guess we’ll see when we get
to the contours of my face. I thought a dry beauty sponge was gonna be really hellacious, I’m ready to move forward. – I’m with that. – [Producer] Ready for the next question? – Yes. Ready? – Mm-hmm. – Okay. – [Producer] Question number two says “Venti Beauty helped revolutionize what it meant for brands to be inclusive. – Yep. – Name two foundation launches that weren’t very inclusive
in their first launch- (electronic chime) – Ahh! – Tart. F, effing F. All I think of is La
Mer , but it’s not that. It’s Tart and… Wait, what is the other one? – There’s supposed to be a ten second- (electronic chime) Yes! Tart and Beauty Panther! – No I will argue this, though, okay? Can we have like- – No. – A tea spill debate? – We can have a debate, but… Go ahead. – How many shades did they come out with? – They have came out with forty, since I did do a review on it. – Yes. I did a review too okay? But
I know that come out with- – Listen! They came out with forty, and there was about twenty
five shades of the same shade. Which is why their
foundation range was a flop. And they then had to
apologize, and add ten later. – They did add more, but- – Six months later. – Actually no, this is the wrong group to have this conversation with. – Six months later. If you’re that brand and
you have that much money, you better bring it honey. And they quaffed. But the formula is sickening, and James won, so here we go again. – Dammit! – What is the sabotage?
That’s all I care about. – No, no! – I love concealer! And I’m afraid! – I know. – Yee! – Oh shoot, I’m gonna get it on this one. I just have a feeling. – [Producer] The Sister
Sabotage for this question is you have to use a white concealer. (gasp) – No. – Ah Ha! – I would take this for myself. – Oh! – I actually like using
white concealers sometimes because it’s fun to make it
really nice and highlight it. – Yeah. – Oh my God- – But you probably don’t want a flashback. – Mm, no ma’am, I won. I would
say Tati, because I feel like Jeffree usually uses close
to a white one anyway. – I really do, so it
would look natural on me. – No! Oh my God! – It’s easy to make white
concealer look really good. – No it’s not. – You’re fine. – Alright which concealer
are you using, Miss Thing? – I’m using your favorite. The Morphe Enshade Invisible. – It is not called Invisible, is it? Stop it. I’m going with the little Fenty . – I’m using Miss Bolton this way again. – Okay. – I really like this concealer. – Jesus, Oh my God no. – Oh my God, you look amazing. – I got a good high contrast look? – Yes! I love New York
fashiony look, you look smash. – This is a lot more full
coverage than I had imagined. This is my first time
trying the Morphe concealer. – Oh, okay, I love that. Amazing. – And then there’s me, using the same products for the
last two years straight. – Hey, if you love it, you love it. And I kind of like that about you. I mean, you are loyal. – I do too. Like, and then when
you introduce something that you really really love it’s like- – They’re like “Oh bitch,
he must really like it.” – Yeah this is true. Sister Starr, I have a question for you while we’re getting glam here. – Okay. – I chose my first ever official musical cover here on my YouTube channel. – Yes you did.
– And it was so much fun, literally one of my favorite
products of all time. And I know you have a
history of music as well. – Yes. – You just tweeted, said you
were in the Sister Studio working with somebody special. Oh! I really did, I was like “You know what? I’m going
to announce to the world that I might be having a little moment. – I love that. – So it’s the ten year anniversary of my very first album,
called “Beauty Killer.” Um, and I felt like it was time to come back and just say hi to everyone. There was someone in the studio that people are gonna be shook. Like… – Any clues? Any hints? – Um, usually I’ll give
you a hint off camera. But I’m really scared. Let’s just say that
they’ve won a few Grammies. – Oh. – I’m finally able to do everything I couldn’t do when I was signed, and… – You have the freedom now. – I had no freedom back then, and now I can do
everything on my own terms. So I’m like “You know what? I
just want to have some fun.” So… – That’s really exciting.
– I think that’s so good! – Congratulations, Sister. – Thank you. Hi, she’s back. Also we were talking
about, I think it’s time for James to do some original music. I want to see you doing a music video. – Me too. – Like that would be sickening. – I really want to, like so badly. Music is definitely on my
calendar and to do list for 2019. I just think I truly need to work on finding the right team and
group of people to work with that see the vision and see the potential. – Imagine him doing his first
ever, like debut music video. – Oh I know, I love it
because I loved the cover. Like love love loved the cover, so much. – We’re kind of forgetting
that you have a voice too. – I do, I know. Can we sense a Christmas album coming? – Whoo! – For charity. – That would be… I want you and your James
to do a music video. – A duet?
– Yeah or I could do my own. – Oh my God no, he can not sing. – Me and Tati were in
Hawaii for her wedding. We sang on the piano together,
I have video footage! – [All] Bring me a little water Silvy, every little once in a while… – I showed my James, my husband James, the cover that you did. – And he was like “Wow,
it is crazy to see.” Like in a short period of
time, how much you’ve grown. – Yeah. – Like this polished
video of you at the piano, and then flashing back to
that video at our wedding. – At the wedding, yeah. – Yeah, it was like, the coolest. – That’s awesome. – Such a cool full circle moment. – I know. – [Producer] Ready for the next bunch? – Yes. – Sure. – I just set my face really badly. – I’m melting at the moment. – Alright. – [Producer] Question number three says “This indie brand marketed itself to a more luxurious audience with the release of this product.” – Oh… – How much was Kyle Cosmetics
brush set? (electronic chime) – Ooh! – $360. Mm-hmm, only reason I know that is because it was traumatizing to use and that’s how I got
kicked off the PR list. – Oh! – I actually thoroughly
enjoyed the brushes but they were way too overpriced. – There were a few of them. – There was a few good ones, yeah. They weren’t all flops at all, just the packaging and the price. – Just a little, just
a silver, you know… – It was brave. It was brave. – It was brave. – It is a great adjective
for this set, it was brave. – Amen, what’s the Sabotage? – [Producer] The Sabotage for this round is you have to set your
face with your hands. – Slap me. – Oh my God. I think I would die to see James do that. (laughter) That is so iconic. – Wait, can we both do
it and just kind of, you know, finger tap in? – Just a little finger tapping. Get your spirit fingers ready. (rapping) – You better watch out. – I didn’t even want to put my powder on, I just want to watch this. – Wait, let me see. – Jeffree, can I have some of that? (gasp) – Oh that looks good. – You mind your own business. – He’s upset, James is upset. – Let me just set this concealer. Oh my God, look how perfect
that hay puts it on. – Yeah, so perfect. – I know, it’s like it just
presses it right in right? – It really does. Oh my eyes under eyes look youthful. I’m pregnant. – You’re getting it on my Gucci. – That sounds like a personal problem. – Ah ha ha! – You need to worry about yourself. (laughter) Your Gucci’s in my way. This is disgusting. – How’s it feel? – Bad. (laughter) – Honey, I can’t breathe. – His night is ruined
because of this, oh my God. – We’re doomed. Don’t worry, I’ll get a good gal I’m sure. – Wait don’t you have a hot date later? – Uh! I do actually. As a matter of fact I’ll
be rubbing this off. – Alright cute, I’m feeling set and horny. – Hmm, I’m still a little busy over here. – Gonna just wait a few more minutes. – No worries. Oh my God, my nose. (gasp) – It looks pretty, memories. – Oh! I’m triggered. – Whoo! – Stop! (laughter) – Getting braver. – Don’t be bitter. – Flashlight Mary is bad. – On a good note, you’re
making us look more attractive. – I love doing charity
work, you’re so welcome. That’s one of my goals in 2019,
was to do more charity work. – Yep, and here we are. – You’re a really good friend. – You are so welcome, I know. I am just the best, honestly. I need a brush in my hand immediately, let’s move on to the next step please. – Okay, and what is the next step? – [Producer] Ready for the next question? – Yes, please. – Question number four says “Who doesn’t need a little beauty boost every now and then? Two of the following statements are real claims made by the original Halo
Beauty booster supplements- – Oh! Woo! – [Producer] Which are the real ones? – Wow this is an unfair advantage. – [Producer] The claims are “Promotes a healthy immune system”, “Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles”, “Inhibits bacteria, balances PH, and renews skin”, “Contains anti gray fighting enzymes.” (electronic chime) – I have no idea. – Alright, Halo Beauty is going to- It has a gray fighting
enzyme, that is true, and it minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. – Yes. – [Automated Voice] That is correct. – Ooh! Love Halo! Hashtag “Non sponsored.” – [Producer] The Sabotage is So wherever your blush goes, your contour goes right now,
wherever your contour goes- – Who do you want to give that to? – James. – Ah ha! Wow that was loud, sorry. – You are a whore. (laughter) I think it’s hacked. – Can I be really honest?
I was down to take that. I used to wear blush as
contour, she knows I enjoy it so she gave it to him. I love that. – It was just seeing pink
contour and I was like “No Jeffree is gonna love that too much.” – I was excited to have
my little home away. – I love homophobia. (laughter) – Sorry, I don’t make the rules. I could make this look
good, you just watch. Oh my God, are you kidding
me? This look gross. I look so stupid. – You don’t, you really don’t. – You’re really gonna look at me right now and tell me I don’t look stupid? – You don’t look stupid. – Imagine lying like that. – You kind of look like
when I first met you. – Ooh hoo hoo! Shots fired!
– I have to go, I need to go. – I have to go. Thanks for coming in today you guys. – The nose is gonna be tough, but… – No I’m just going with
like, some blush on my nose. Like a little freckled kitty girl. – Oh I love that. – Kinda pretty. – What do you think is going
to be, like, the next trend? Like, the freckle thing was
like, a thing for a minute. – I think being honest and
nice might be the next trend. – Ooh, yes newborn.
– That would be a nice one. What are you guys most excited about in 2019 in the beauty community? – Not being friends with anyone. – Okay. – Got it. – Thanks for coming. (laughter) – I’m just sitting here thinking about what I’m most excited for. – What are you most excited for? – I don’t know. I’m really excited for
what you two have going on, what I have going on… I also just love watching, what? – I just made a really bad choice. – I can feel revenge on its way. – You are feeling correctly. Oh so we’re doing eyebrows now. Ooh, this will be interesting. – Ooh, do we get to shave someone? – That is not funny. – Well that turned into quite a challenge. – Is that the Sabotage? Shaving? I love a good Sister Shave. – [Producer] Question number five says “There is nothing more inspiring than hearing the stories of people who made their dreams a reality. (electronic chime) – Linda Morphe, Caudale Swaray, and um… Ahhh! Um… Ahhh! No! – [Producer] It ended. – Listen, I can’t believe- – Jeffree Starr! Ahh! – I can’t believe you didn’t mention me! – No! Oh my God! – I’m sitting here like – Oh my God! – I’m deceased. – Wow! That was bad! (electronic chime) (laughter) – Linda Morphe, Norvina Anastasia,
and Marlena Makeup Geek. Bam! – Thank God the timer ran out or else I would have been getting
Sabotaged right now, and that’s the last thing that I need. So at least I have a
50 50 chance of not… – What is it? I’m nervous. – I feel beautiful right now,
so bring it, wreck my makeup. – Oh I love that attitude, thank you. – And, no. – Oh, listen, listen. I need to see you with black eyebrows. I feel like James already had his moment, it was when we met him. (laughter) Because when we met him,
please throw up the picture of James from three years ago, thank you. – Once again, this is my video. (laughter) – This is turning into,
like, roasting James. – Listen, he already had his moment, he’s grown and blossomed
into what he is today. – I will take the black eyebrows. Um, so what should I use? – Eyeliner. – Just black eyeliner? – Eyeliner. – Or can I use black powder? – No, no. Eyeliner, black gel liner. – How about like a good Morphe gel liner? – Mm-hmm. – Or like an ink lot. – Ooh, a good ink lot. – Ink lot black. – That’s my favorite. – Black gel liner or the
good Morphe slate gel liner. Use code “James” for ten
percent off your purchase. – I’m gonna make this work, you will also. (laughter) – I’m just excited to see Tati’s look. Like I don’t even want to do mine. – I already hate it so much. I was having a good
attitude, it just left. – So Tati, while you’re
doing your little challenge, I thought I would ask
you a little question. – Bring it. (laughter) – She’s just ready. – She said “Bring it!” – Bring it! So today is Friday, and this
means it’s being uploaded. By the way, also on Fridays we were paying everybody. Just thought I would throw
that little joke out there. You didn’t upload
yesterday, or on Tuesday. For those of you who do not know, Miss Tati over here,
major inspiration to me and amazing friend as well. But she’s been uploading five days a week on her channel for the
past how many years? – Five years. – Cannot relate, will
never be able relate, don’t understand how that even works. But you just recently announced that you were done doing that. And you wanted to take a step back, which I think is so incredible. I’ve seen you work behind the scenes and your work ethic is
literally unmatched. I would die if I had to
produce five videos a week. Watching the video as both a fan and a friend I think was very emotional, but I feel like everybody
at home watching, that has been subscribed,
would love to know more about like, why and how
it feels to even be like, taking a little bit of a step back too? – Thank you. – Do you already feel more relaxed? – No, that is the sweetest. Yeah I do, you know what
was really exciting is getting a text saying “Hey let’s film together” and actually being able to be like “Yeah, let’s do it.” – And have the time to be like “Yes”. – Because normally I
would shift from, like filming to Halo back to
filming, going through edits, posting, it was just a
twenty four seven thing. – Wild. – And I mentioned in the video that James and I are
trying to have a baby, we want a family. So you know, Baby Westbrook is- – I’ll be the God Sister. – Yes, is hopefully on the way. The challenge with that,
and like being hormonal, and emotional, and going through that five days a week, I was like “No no no no no.” – That’s a lot, yeah. – I need to like, distress, be happy, and more joyful about it. And honestly, the craziest thing about it is I’m already feeling more refreshed and happy to film, and more creative. And I’m like “Wow, that happened so fast.” Like I was so scared of it, and then it was the best choice ever. – Can I be real for a minute? Oh yes, bro. – I am excited to actually be able to hang out with you more, film with you more. – Yeah, I know. I think, like really, I got so sucked into that schedule, and that was
like my main commitment. And I really felt, truly in my heart, that if I stopped or slowed down, everything would fall apart. – How’s the feedback been? – I was just going to ask how has the feedback been on your end? – I could cry right now,
because I’ve never felt more connected and more in
love with my subscribers. They are being incredible. And it makes me, like,
want to make better videos. And, like, rest and be better as a person, and a better role model. Like, it’s just all good things. – Good. – So I am so good, and I am so grateful. – I definitely got some
foundation on the work shirt. – Oh my God. – What? – You got foundation on there? – I’ll never wear this again
after this video, stop. – Oh my God. – Must be nice, cannot relate. – Once this is worn, and shown, and seen, girl we put her in the archives and we wave at her once a month and say “Thank you for your time.” (laughter) And we keep it moving, sweetie. – Well let me know when you’re making your drop to Goodwill. – Yeah, bring it, I’ll be right there. – I’m like, I did tonight. – Oh shoot! – Oh my God. – I know Jeffree, you have brows! – I know, I love it. – Okay, I’m down, whoa. – Transformed. – Wow, okay. So what’s next? – Eyeshadow. – Eyeshadow is next? Okay. – Mm-hmm. – [Producer] Question number six says “Was it a highlighter,
was it an eyeshadow, or was it pencil lead?” (electronic chime) – I have no idea. – Onyx Ice. – [Producer] That is correct. (screams) – Unfair advantage. Where’s my unfair advantage question? – Yes. What’s the Sabotage? Yay, I can breathe a little bit of fresh air today. – [Producer] You must do your eyeshadow with powdered brushes. – What? – Oh, wow. Like face brushes. – No! Ew. – Oh wow. – Who wants that challenge? I’ll let you two pick, how about that? – Don’t make eye contact. – No one. (laughter) – Don’t make eye contact! Who wants it? No one? Okay Tati let’s roll. – Yes! – No! Really?! No! – James has had a lot of abuse this video. – That’s so true! – Really? I have black eyebrows right now! – They look fine! – They look brown, okay? – This is a face brush,
this will work for me. – Ha! – No ma’am. – Oh no Sweetie, the face
brushes are right there. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – You know what’s the best
part about all these brushes? – Hmm? – You can use code “James”
for 10 percent off. (laughter) That too. – Tati do you have a Morphe code? – It’s actually James Charles, or James, for ten percent off. – Same, mine too. – I love that. I’ve heard that that code
works really well, actually. It gets you the ten percent ever time. – Every single time,
even on Federal holidays, doesn’t matter the weather… – Are we using your palette? – Of course. – This is, she has been… – I love using makeup, just seeing that used turns me on. – Oh my God. – It’s been loved and
just, it’s ready for me. Okay great, I’m down. – Okay. Well I’ll be grabbing my
beautiful eyeshadow brushes. Jeffree why don’t we share? – Okay, great. We just have so many to
choose from it’s crazy. I’m just going to go in and do some pink in honor of this little
pink we have going on today. Probably a little bit
of skip in the crease, hopefully it doesn’t stain me. I have lots of things to do tomorrow, but don’t know, it probably will. – Slap some concealer on it. – Mm-hmm. – Are you priming your
lids with that brush? That’s genius, look how quick it worked. See? You got… – Efficient, efficient,
I’m learning new things. – You got lucky. – Jeffree, what can we be expecting from Jeffree Starr Cosmetics in 2019? – Ooh, okay, so I know you have your favorite concealer, but
I do have concealers coming. – Ooh, really? – Yeah, new concealers and setting powders are launching maybe in
the next month or two. – Tea. – Do I get a sneak peek? – I would love for you, I
just want you to review them. – Okay.
– Like you weren’t my friend and give me a full wear test. I’m kind of over people thinking that you can’t do, like, a real biased review with your friends. Like listen, I get it. – I loved how-
– Or the last time I did that. – Yeah let’s talk about that. – Let’s not. – Well obviously that video
meant a lot to me as a friend. But as a viewer, I thought it was so cool to literally sit there and say “This is a biased review.” And I feel like, yeah, of course, if you really did comment about it. But for the most part I did
feel like a lot of the comments were really, really positive. – This was an important moment for you, it was an important launch. Like, I was not going to be the person, you know, being that we are so close, and I have history with
you, to tear it apart. And I knew that I was going to be a little bit biased, so I
felt why not just say that? But honestly, through and through, as far as palettes that I do reach for, I do reach for this quite a bit. – Love that. – And that always says something to me, when you have access to so much to really see, like, what
you’re really reaching for. – Mm-hmm. – Just because I like
the versatility of it. I don’t do a lot of
bright, so I kind of stay in the neutral zone. But then I like having, like, the pops. – That’s okay, yeah that’s
what I created it for. It has a little bit of
something for everybody. – Yeah. Do you guys have
a hard time when you film to not like, move around
to do your makeup? Because I’m someone that will tilt my chin all the way up and
you’ll see me lean back, and I do like- – No I’m a professional. – Well. (laughter) – I’ll just be over here
doing my makeup yoga. – Whoo! – Don’t mind me. – Tati has a little
challenge going over there. – Actually, I’m doing okay. – I knew you were gonna slay. Oh, wow. – Build, build, build,
blend, blend, blend. – That looks great actually. – Not bad. – This color though is actually really sickening, like I live for it. And I love that you already
hit pan on your own palette. – Yeah, everywhere. – Everywhere. – Oh my God! I wasn’t even Sabotaged and I literally just
messed up my eye makeup! You have got to be kidding me. – Well, being friends
with James Charles is… A lot of this. – He really sab- – Oh my God, I’ll be fixing that. – I thought you were
kidding, no you’re not. (upbeat music) – Okay hi, we’re back. – We’re back. Wow, we all look rally really beautiful. – Yes. – I know we really kind of- – We turned it out. – We turned it out for this challenge. – I’m liking the way my eyes turned out. – They look sickening. – Next step, well we have a few left. – Oh yeah, we’re not done! Oh my gosh we need lips highlight, right? – Don’t get too excited, there’s always opportunities for it to go really bad. – Bad, okay, I’m ready. – [Producer] Alright next question. – We’re ready. – Oh, wow, okay. – Are the buzzers ready? – Okay, okay, okay. – [Producer] Number seven says “The past year was rough for some of us” – Oh God. (electronic chime) – So sorry, Laura Lee? – [Producer] That is correct. – Lock up the house. – [Producer] This is your
Sabotage for number seven is… – I already forgot that’s happening, okay. What do we got? Oh, that’s cute. – I can do that. – I can do that too. – I can do that blindfolded. – Miss Taunch is getting
real brave over here. – Okay Bird Box, have a seat. (laughter) – Um, let’s give this one to James. – Okay, I’m not worried. – Okay, we’re highlighting. – I actually started
highlighting with a pencil brush, my nose, because of you. That’s like your trick that I like, Facetune the nose but in real life. – Gotta grab my palette again. – Mm-hmm, that’s right. – Just grab a little bit of face, this is the first shade
I’ve literally ever had pan on is Face from
my very own palette. – That’s really sickening on my eyes. Look at the pencil brush
moment, I think it’s sick. It looks amazing. – [Producer] Ready for number eight? – Yeah. I mean everybody’s looking
really beautiful at this point. I feel like we need an
intense question and Sabotage to like really get it going. Or it’s going to be too
hard to choose the winner. – [Producer] Number eight says “We all love to celebrate
the success of our friends” (crickets) (laughter) – Oh! (electronic chime) Um, James Charles, Morphe, Bretman Rock, Color Pop, and Karen Color Pop! – [Producer] That is correct. – Yes. – Yo, that was… – Why do we all have amnesia? (giggle) – [Producer] Sabotage is… – Hit me, I’m sure. – [Producer] Saboteur
chooses the lipstick color. – Oh Jeffree! (laughter) Well luckily the Jeffree
Starr Cosmetics line has lots of colors to choose from. – We sure do, and what are
we going to do for this look? – You chose a neutral eye
and you have a pink wig on. Like, I feel like there’s not many… (laughter) – This is real. – Right, right Sis. Tati what do you think? – I think what about, like a nice bold hombre moment with green on the outside? – No let’s do yellow on the outside and green in the middle! – Okay, I’m going to look
like a Venus flytrap. This is looking sickening. Look at that, look in the
martyr, it’s so stunning. – That’s one word to describe it. – What a work of art. Queen Bee loves to be layered. I’m diddled. (laughter) – Diddled. Come diddle my skittle
and play with my clittle. – Oh my God! – Alright now let me take Karma, such an inspirational
shade from last year. And let’s put her right in the center and let’s let these whores have it. – That is gross. – Oh I love it. – No you don’t. – I do. – You’re a liar. – Oh I love that, it’s
like dysentery green. – It’s what? – Google that later. – Alright. Ooh, aah. I’ve been Sabotaged, how are ya? – Jeffree how are you
feeling about your new look? – Honestly I’m living for it, I think everyone is going to start doing this once this is up. – You think? – Yeah. – Yeah, the new beauty trend
of 2019. Starting it early. – Regina George, let’s roll. – Right. – [Producer] Ready for
question number nine? – What is your setting spray? – Okay, so this is the last question. – [Producer] Ready? – I don’t know. – [Producer] Number nine says “Unique content is hard to
find on YouTube nowadays” – Ain’t that the truth. – [Producer] “A series however, The options are 87 million, 104 million, 116 million, or 189 million? (electronic chime) – 116. – [Producer] That is correct. (snap) – Yes! – Oh wow, there is no James Charles bias question in this I would like to add. – [Producer] The sabotage is – Oh. – I don’t wish this on anyone. – Oh my God, its potpourri
in an Urban Decay bottle. – [Producer] Who do you choose? – I don’t care, you can spray me. – What’s in it? I’m so, eww! What the heck?! – It’s toilet water. – Oh, bring it on. – That is not funny. – I mean, disgusting! (laughter) – Okay so who do you want? – Sister James. – Tati! That’s so fake of you! You’re the fakest of the fake! – You ready? – Tati no! – Wait, okay I’m out. – You ready? Get ready. (spritzing) – We’re stepping over here,
what does it smell like? (spritzing) What is it you guys? – Eleven is my favorite
number, maybe a few more. – Tati! (laughter) – What is that? – What was that? – Tears from an angel. – Was that Lysol? What did
you just, was that Windex? – [Producer] Yeah it was Windex. – No! – No way. – That cannot be skin safe! – [Producer] Thank you
so much for watching. – No. – What was that? Wait why does my face look like that? What did you just put on me? – [Producer] Just a little mixture of my cellar water ensconce oil. (laughter) – Are you kidding? – [Producer] Two really
great makeup removers. – Oh… – And now you have to rub and rub… – No! – [Producer] For real life. – Will you just film the outro right now before it melts off?
My makeup looked good! Wait, so are we done? – Yes. – I think we are. – We’re done! – We’re done. Jeffree’s done. – I feel like we took our savage hearts and just really ran. Like we all… – We went with it. – Yes we sure did. – Well I hope you guys
enjoyed this episode of Messy and Makeup Trivia. I feel like we all look
really, really good. But it’s up to you guys,
leave us a comment down below. Let us know who you think
killed this the most, whose look do you think looks the best out of all three of us? To be honest I think
we all look sickening. But it is up to you guys to
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think I’ve ever said it. – Wow. – That was so good! Oh my god! – It really was, and I
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you for having us James. – Yes! I had so much
fun too, so thank you. – Of course you guys, I love you guys. Thank you for always
being the best friends, literally in the entire
world, and being role models, and inspiring me and just being real ones in the beauty community. – We love you. – Love you guys too. And love you guys all at home watching. Thank you so much for
watching this video today. We love you, and I will
see you in the next one. – [All] Bye! (upbeat music) (click) (click) (click) (click)

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