Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Palette Tutorial

what’s up welcome back if this is your
first time stopping by my name is Brittany and welcome today I wanted to
bring you guys a smoke sessions makeup tutorial by melt cosmetics now if you
guys are not familiar with Mel Cosmetics I’m sure all of you know who Mel
Cosmetics is they are a huge brand they just recently launched their smoked
sessions palette now there’s a lot of controversy over this pilot online
because people don’t like that it has weave Leafs on it and the theme of it is
wheat which to me is not a big deal I mean where I’m from here in Canada pot
is legal and I mean there’s so many other worse things that you could be
doing out there than smoking a little bit of wheat I’m just saying um so the
theme of this pilot does not bother me what gravitated me to Ward’s palette
obviously if you’ve been following me is the shadows in this palette this year
Mel Cosmetics did release the gemini palette which sold out in like minutes
and took a long time to restock but they did end up restocking it and i’m not
sure if it is still in stock i know that this time that they stocked
it was going to be the last time but this is what both palettes look like in
comparison to one another they are kind of similar but still very different at
the same time this one I feel is a little bit more cool tone where this one
is a little obviously more warm toned I don’t know I honestly want to say that
there is a completely different formula altogether with the smoke sessions
palette you will know what I’m talking about throughout the tutorial because
there are a couple negatives that I do have about this palette but I will get
into it throughout the tutorial this is what the palette looks like right here
you get eight shades and they are super beautiful and if you love green shadows
these are really beautiful shades as well so I’m just yeah this is the look
that I came up with I really hope that you guys enjoy it so I’m just going to
stop rambling about the palette I’m gonna dive right into the tutorial but
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love makeup right so if you guys want to see how I created this smokey sessions
eye shadow look today then please keep on watching right guys skins prepped
eyes prepped and I did go in with my P Lewis base today because I want to get
the best pigment obviously from the shadows and I’m just going in and
blending in it a little bit more because it likes to crease in the crease so I’m
going to start off this I look by going in with my crown brush and I’m gonna go
into the shade a space Queen and I’m just gonna focus on packing that right
in the crease then I’m gonna go in and blend it out now that I have it nice and
packed on so now that that part’s done I’m gonna go in with my morphe m51 4
brush and I’m gonna go into the shade a Sour Diesel it’s a really dark kind of
cool tone brown shade you want to go in very lightly with this shade because you
don’t want to overpower the crease and then you’re just going to lightly blend
this shade over top of the edges of where you place that green shadow just
to further deepen up the crease you want to go in with an extremely light hand
because these shadows are so pigmented that you literally only need the tiniest
amount of it to blend it out let that PERTs done I’m gonna go back in with my
crown brush into the shade space Queen and I’m gonna pack that green shadow on
the outer part of the eye and the inner part of the eye because we are going for
a halo look today so we’re just going to go in and pack it on really nicely ok now that that parts done I’m gonna go
back into my P Lewis base and I’m gonna go in and cut the center of the lid I’m
gonna go back in with my crown brush and I’m just going to buff the edges of the
concealer into the green shadow again just so that there’s no harsh lines I’m
going to go in with my makeup Shakti to brush and I’m going to go into the shade
sweet tooth and I’m just gonna pack the shadow right on next to the green shadow
but I’m still leaving the center of the lid bare because I want to go in with a
nice gold shade after I blend this out and I’m gonna wipe that brush off and
I’m gonna go into the shade gravity AAG and then I’m gonna place that on the
very center of the lid I do have a negative point coming up about this
palette in a minute I’m just focusing on getting this base covered up so that it
doesn’t transfer on me before I give you the details on it
that nice impact on you’re literally just gonna go back and forth between the
gold in the blue shade and you’re just really going to make sure that they’re
nice and blended in together so that there’s no harsh lines I will say though
when you do get these shimmery shades on the lid they are super beautiful
they’re super pigmented or really creamy and then when I have those on I am gonna
go back into that space queen shade and I’m just going to blend the edges into
the blue shadow so that there’s again no harsh lines we know the drill we thought
Oh a negative that I do have about this palette don’t get me wrong the shades
are really beautiful I am gonna zoom you in here so you can see if you guys can
see how dented in those shimmery shades are for this being my very first time
using the palette I’m just gonna give you an example here with this blue
shadow like look at the fallout that you get bold shade you see the fallout but
it’s definitely a negative I don’t recall the Gemini palette doing this to
me I know it has a lot to do with the
formula of the eyeshadows but and these shadows maybe they’re better used with a
finger but for somebody like me like I just never really used my finger for my
lid space I just feel like my fingers are too fat to get in there
so these shadows might be better used with a finger or maybe with a wet brush
they are still definitely doable don’t get me wrong you can still pack them on
but I feel like you have to go over the shadows a few times in order to get the
desired pigment out of them do you know what I mean
so that is one thing that I do find really annoying about the palette I mean
the shadows still work I just feel like they’re super crumbly and you have to
kind of build them up that’s just my opinion I don’t know if you guys have
this palette let me know what you think in the comment section below but that’s
just my opinion so I’m gonna go in and finish off on the lash line now and I am
gonna go in with my next black liquid liner and I’m just gonna line the lid alright guys now that the upper lid is
pretty much done I’m gonna go do my false lashes my foundation and stuff
off-camera right quick and then once that’s on I’ll be right back to wrap
this look up okay so I did go in and do my face off-camera and I’m gonna go and
finish up underneath the lower lash line so I’m gonna go in with the shade space
clean with my morphe 36 brush and I’m just gonna buff that underneath the
lower lash line we’re going with the exact same brush into the shade Sour
Diesel and I’m just going to buff that right into the green shade as well what’s my Marc Jacobs black liner and
I’m just lying in the waterline I’m also going to go back in with that small
little brush that I used on the lid with the shimmery shades I’m gonna give it a
good white I’m gonna go back into that gravity oxide I am at this point they’re
gonna give my brush a spray with my skin and navy setting spray because I feel
like that’s the only thing that’s gonna pick this product up and I’m just gonna
pack it right on the inner corner of the eye I’m gonna go in and set the face I’m
gonna go in with my morphe M 310 brush into my jus a citroen highlighter and
I’m going to highlight the cheekbone area alright guys now that highlighters
on I am gonna go hop off camera right quick I’m gonna put my lashes on and
then I will be right back alright guys and back lashes are on and I’m going to
move on to lips now so if your lips today I am gonna go into my Jeffrey
Stehr Sagittarius liquid lips I haven’t used this in a hot minute so I’m trying
to remember if I did a look like this with this liquid lip now that I am
putting it on okay so that is it for my smoke sessions and makeup tutorial today
by mal Cosmetics and while this palette is super super beautiful and the colors
are really nice and everything do I think that this palette is absolutely
necessary absolutely not especially for the price point if you’re a Canadian
because I spend a lot of money on this palette guys I’m not gonna lie I do
still really like it but I just feel like I said with the shimmery shades in
this palette there’s almost too buttery do you know what I mean and they crumble
everywhere as they do still work don’t get me wrong they still perform but you
have to be super careful with this palette and I would definitely not
travel with this palette because I can guarantee you it would probably smash
unless you were to carry it in your carry-on but the shadows are really
beautiful they perform really well it is a really beautiful palette but if I had
to pick one or the other I would totally stick with the Gemini palette over the
smoke sessions palette I don’t know if you can still get both palettes but I
don’t even know if you can still get the Gemini palette but if you could I would
highly recommend getting the Gemini palette over the smoke sessions palette
I still will use it because I did pick it up and like I said it is a beautiful
palette I just don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to have to your
collection unless you’re a makeup collector or if you just love male
cosmetics products in general because they are an amazing brand those are just
some of the little negative downfalls that I had about this palette but it’s
still a really nice palette so let me know in the comments section below what
you thought up today’s look let me know what you want to see next on my channel
don’t forget to subscribe before you leave and with that being said guys
thank you so much I love you and I will catch you in my

20 thoughts on “Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Palette Tutorial

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  2. Since I'm Gemini I should get that pallette. Great video Brittany.. BTW – getting you closer to your 1000 goal… Subscribed πŸ‘

  3. Loving the look! Tbh i love the other 2 palettes better. This one to me seems like it wasn't pressed right like i had to do it myself idk how to explain it lol.

  4. Great look!! I hate that they are so soft; such a disappointment at that price. πŸ˜’ Gives A whole new meaning to fall out. At least they preformed well! Totally can relate to "momma needs a touch up". I'm right there myself. ❀

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