Melt Cosmetics Smoke Session Palette

hey guys what’s up what’s going on today
I’m bringing you guys another eyeshadow look using the male cosmetics smoke show
it’s a tongue-twister smoke session palette um this is what the inside of
the palette looks like right here mine has been beaten and broken mine did come
a little shattered um Mel Cosmetics was really good to me though when I reached
out to them they offered me a refund or another palette when the restock date
went I figured I would just press the ones that I like it back in myself and
well whatever with this one I don’t really care for the shadow anyway um so
I did just take the refund because I would rather have you guys receive the
palette and aside from that this talent is fucking mom like the pigmentation on
these shadows is no just like perfect I love them
the restock date for this palette is 420 how appropriate you guys will have to
let me know in the comment section below if you guys are planning to pick this
palette up because I would love to know okay if you are new to my channel guys
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if you guys want to see how I create this really sexy and smokey eye love
today using the Mel Cosmetics smoke session palette I got at that time then
please keep on watching all right guys ready to go in with my
base and today I use the Milani conceal and perfect concealer I really like
using this for a base for my eyeshadows and because this palette does not have
more transition shades I really wish that they had that lighter transition
shades in this palette but they don’t so I have to go in with two other shadows
for the crease area so I’m going to start off by going into my color grain
single shadow in chocolate I’m going to take this with my Crandall luxe crease
brush and I’m going to buff it right in the crease and I’m also going to drag it
out because we are going for a really nice smoked down and blown out look
today I’m going to switch over to more feet and 506 and I’m going to go into my
other color grain a single shadow in the shade hot cocoa and then I’m going to
use this to further blend out the crease as well believe it like that for now and
I’m going to hop back into the shade chocolate with my crown deluxe crease
brush and then I’m just going to connect the crease area to the lower part of the
lid I’m gonna blow that out more in a little bit so I’m just gonna leave it
like that for right now I’m gonna hop over to a makeup Shack a t56 brush and
now I’m gonna go into the smoke sessions palette I’m gonna go into the shade Sour
Diesel and then I’m going to walk that directly in the crease and I’m going to
take it about half way out to where we winged it out as well and then I’m just
going to go back get my brush I swear I’m so fucking clumsy when it
comes to filming these video guys I’m just going in with my crandall excretes
brush with no additional product and I’m just making sure that that Sour Diesel
shade is just really nice and blended in with the other shades in the crease
alright guys so I did hop off-camera and I did go in and cut my lid and I did it
drag it the concealer it a little bit because we want to create a little bit
of a wing with the neck shadow that we’re going to go in with as well so I’m
going to go into the shade Grandaddy from the smoke sessions palette and with
my makeup Shakti 39 brush I’m just going to pack that all
over the lid and then when you pretty much have that filled in I’m gonna hop
over to a makeup Jack T to brush I’m gonna go back into the exact same shade
and I’m just gonna use this brush to really tight line against where I cut
the crease so that I make sure that the entire base is covered with pigment it
just helps you get a little bit more of a precise area this brush does I go back
down with my eye makeup checked e39 brush I’m going to go into the shade
gravity aughh and then I’m just gonna place this directly on the very center
of the lid it didn’t do much of a difference but it just gives it a little
bit more of a pop right there now I’m gonna go back in with my M 506 back into
the shade hot cocoa and I’m just going to further blend the crease out a little
bit more to where I want it now that I have that lid shade on thing I’m also
going in with my crandall luxe crease brush into the shade chocolate blending
some more of that underneath there and then going back in with hot cocoa and
just really smoke it out if it looks a little messy don’t worry about it
because when you go in with concealer and foundation stuff you can really
clean it up anyway so I’m just gonna leave it looking like that for right now
I’m going to hop over to my Maybelline black gel liner and I have that on I’m gonna hop over to
is my Sigma liquid pen eyeliner and then I’m just gonna go over top of the liner
that I already created with this just because I didn’t like the finish it was
giving me over top of that shadow I said hop off camera and I did do the
rest of my face and my lashes off camera because I want the main focus to be on
the ice so I’m gonna move in underneath the lower lash line at this point and I
am going to go in with you’re gonna go in with my morphe m43 – and i’m gonna go
back into the shade Sour Diesel and then I’m gonna buff that right underneath the
lower lash line I’m gonna go in with a makeup Shakti 63 brush and I’m going to
go in to the shade chocolate from color grain that I used at the beginning and
then I’m really gonna buff this shadow into the lower lash line because I
really want the lower lash line to be super smoky and just connect it up with
that outer part of the eye that we have really nice and blown out
I’m gonna go in and coat my lower lash line you like going in and doing a bit
of a liner on the waterline as well so I’m gonna go in with my Sigma long wear
eyeliner pencil yeah I’m lucky living for this walk
right now love it for lips I’m gonna go in it to
my NYX lip liner in the shade Brown and then I’m gonna go in with my Patrick
Starr MAC lipstick in the shade she better work alright guys so that is
it for my smoke sessions makeup tutorial today I really hope that you guys
enjoyed it please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed today’s look
and let me know in the comments section below what you thought of this look –
okay forget to subscribe before you leave guys on with us being said thank
you so much I love you and I’ll catch you in my next video

18 thoughts on “Melt Cosmetics Smoke Session Palette

  1. You need to do a palette count and let us know how many you have…#goals!! I also love your new fun!!

  2. So watched this with my GF and at the beginning she was like "Stop, go back, that's in my perfect colours"… cue 3 restarts! 🤣Is it available in the UK? (asks GF)

  3. Hi beautiful look as always Brittany thumbs up we have similar shades in our collection, hence didn't purchase this plaette

  4. I love this palette!! Love these colors. Where do I get this palette? On-line or can I get it at Sephora? Great video, Brittany 💜

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