Maybelline Advent Calendar 2019 – Full Face of Maybelline Makeup Products

hi guys and welcome back to my channel I
am Vasiliki and in this video we are going to be testing the makeup products
from the Maybelline advent calendar a lot of you liked the variety of this
advent calendar and you also wanted to see a full face makeup look using the
products I’m also going to use some of my favorite products by Maybelline so
I’m going to do a full face using only Maybelline products a few days ago I
have posted the unboxing video for this advent calendar and you can find it in a
cart here and also in the description box below the nice thing with this
advent calendar is that you can find all the products in the regular line by
Maybelline so if you like any of these you can try them again I’m going to
start off with these Baby Lips 2 lip balm that we have from the advent
calendar and this is the hydrate one this is a clear lip balm it doesn’t have
any color and it is very soft on the lips also it gives a very light sheen
this lip balm also has SPF 20 so let’s continue with the headband and in
this advent calendar we also got two primers and I have here the hydrating
primer and also the illuminating and these are both from the face studio
prime line in the US these have different packaging and they say here
master prime not face studio prime on this side I’m going to use the hydrating
primer and this is in the shade 50 with hyaluronic acid this one has a thick
consistency and it feels like a moisturizer it is looking exactly like this side
that I only have skincare it is a little bit sticky and let’s continue with this
one this is a little bit more liquidy than the previous and it also has a pink
Sheen it is like iridescent it is softer and also easier to distribute on
the face that is not a very big difference between the two sides of my
face this side here is a little bit shinier but not something very
significant my pores are a little bit more
noticeable than on the other side the primer on this part of my face is not
very sticky the other one is a little bit more for foundation I’m going to use
this one here this is a dream urban cover full coverage lightweight
protective makeup this one contains SPF 50 and I have the shade 122 creamy beige
this one gives a very nice full coverage to the skin you can also use less
product if you want to give a more natural finish to your skin this
foundation is oxidizing so be careful when you try to choose the correct shade
for you up next we have the fitme concealer by
Maybelline I have the shade 10 and this is one of my favorite drugstore
concealers I’m blending everything out with the
real techniques sponge this is the miracle complexion to set my face makeup
I have used their face studio setting powder by Maybelline and this one
doesn’t have any color it is transparent let’s continue with the city bronzer
this is mine but we also got one in the advent calendar I’m going to use mild
and I have the shade medium cool 200 I’m going to apply this on my face with the
brush 3 by BH Cosmetics for this bronzer there are not a lot of darker shades
also this ones here I need to layer it to make it more visible on my skin tone
I like the formula it is very easy to blend it but I would prefer if it was in
a deeper shade after that we have this blush from the
advent calendar this is the fit me blush in the shade 10 above this one here has
a very light color I hope it works for me I’m using the same brush as before ok
I can see something but it is very very light yeah this is going to work for
lighter skin tones than mine it is very late for me okay so you can build that
color but you need so much product I am constantly dipping into the pan I think
I have applied 40 layers I also want to use it in some other colors that I have
for another video this one here is a 25 pink and also the 35 Coral coral coral I
don’t know I’m going to use this in another full face first impressions
video in this advent calendar something very weird happened we didn’t get any
highlighters so I’m going to use a face to do Chrome extreme intense metallic
highlighter I have it in the shade 300 sandstone shimmer I’m going to highlight
the highest point of my cheeks with the brush II forced it by Sigma you can also
find this one in a lot of other colors the formula is very nice it blends
beautifully on the skin and it doesn’t intensify the texture of the skin I just
found this concealer palette I forgot to use it in this video I’m going to use
this one in another jax-ur video so make sure to subscribe and click on the
notification bell I totally forgot we have this new mod maker mattifying
powder from the advent calender that you can use to set your face makeup this one
is in the shade 20 nude beige it is a little bit lighter for me I want to use
this one to clean the edges of my contouring and also to see how it blends
with other products okay it works but it is a
little bit lighter for me so I need to be careful not to give a ghostly finish
to my skin I’m also going to press a little bit on the t-zone I’m cleaning my
brows with a q-tip because a lot of times I apply foundation on top of them
I’m going to define my brows with a brow precise shaping fancy and we go to the
shade soft brown in the advent calendar on one side we have a spoolie and on the
other one we have a regular brow pencil I’m going to brush all of my brow hair
downwards to see the upper part that I need to fill in so this one has a waxy
consistency this is great to keep the brows in place but the product itself
it’s not very rich in color okay this is a very weird formula I don’t have
another brow pencil like that you can see that it sticks my brow hair on my
skin it is very waxy I think I need to use another product to fill in the gaps
of my brows it’s not a bad product but I think it is not going to work for
everyone especially for someone that has very similar brows like mine thin and
also with a lot of sparse areas also the spoolie is blending the product very
nicely on the rest of the brow hair on me it looks very messy so I’m going to
continue with the brow precise brow micro pencil by Maybelline this one is
my favorite at the moment for my brows and I have this shade deep brow I’m not able to use this brow pencil on
top of this one I’m going to remove everything and apply my brows off-camera
ten hours later I’m finished with my brows and let’s continue with some lip
products I’m going to apply the color sensational lipstick more to adorn shade
157 this one has a very light sweet chemical scent it has a little bit of a
greasy texture it is shiny but also it intensifies a little bit the dryness
that I have on my lips the color is transferring a little bit I don’t have a
very opaque layer of color on my lips it is a little bit transparent it feels
like a lip bug on the lips and it is a very light pink shiny lipstick it smells
like cookies and it reminds me of a very specific Greek dessert that we have not
a dessert it’s like a sweet pastry it is cold to likey
it smells like Turkey if you know what this and if you have ever tasted – thank
you and we have one more lipstick and the lip liner so I’m removing this one
next I’m going to line my lips with this lip liner this is a color sensational
shaping lip liner in the shade dusty rose I’m also going to fill in the lips
with this lip liner this is a light novice lip liner like a dusty rose it’s
not creamy when you press your lips together but it has a very nice coverage
and it is as creamy as you need it to apply it all over the lips it is very
easy to use it as a lip color if you want on top of this I’m going to use the
color sensational lipstick in the shade 162 fill pink this one looks very nice
on top of the lip liner I also like that you can use both of the lipsticks with
the same lip line and they are not alike random colors we
also have some eye products from this advent calendar we got this eyeshadow
and also this gold eyeliner and also some mascara I was doing some testing
here this is the eye shadow and the gold eyeliner and I don’t think I’m going to
use this one for this video because it’s not very noticeable on top of the
eyeshadow and I want to show you more and I should look with this one like a
smokey eye look because I think it is also going to work better with the
lipsticks I have also tried it on top of a black eyeliner and it smudges the
black eyeliner this one here is from the advent calendar tool and it is the line
refine expression Kajal soft Kohl liner and this is in the shade 33 black I’m
going to use this to line the outer corner of my eyes I’m also blending that
out with a brush and don’t worry a lot if it’s not a straight line because
we’re going to use it as a base for the eye shadow I’m also smudging that with my fingertip
I’m going to take a little bit of this light beige eyeshadow and this is from
the burgandy bad eye shadow palette by Maybelline I’m diffusing this in the
crease area I’m also going a little bit of the black eye pencil about the – say
it is very creamy and easy to blend on the eyes I want to use the eyeshadow on
the eyelid and this is the color sensational eyeshadow in the shade need
glow 40 with an eyeshadow brush I’m taking a little bit of this eyeshadow
and I’m going to press this all over my eyelid it’s not easy to transfer this
eyeshadow on the eyelid with a dry brush I’m going to use it with a setting spray
as well I’m using the same eyeshadow on the lower lash line to intensify the
outer eyelid I’m going to take this dark matte brown eyeshadow I’m also going to
use just a little bit on the outer lower lash line we got three mascaras in this
advent calendar and I want to try this one for this video this is the falsies
volume express mascara in waterproof this one has some natural bristles and
also the applicator has a cure it is very thin and small and also easy to use
on small eyes this one doesn’t have any microfibers in the formula and it
doesn’t build the volume of my lashes this mascara is going to work better for
someone that already has a lot of lashes and also it has a liquidy and thin
formula so it is also going to work for someone that has longer lashes and it is
not going to add extra weight to your lashes it gives a very nice uplifted
effect but it’s not volumizing let me know in the comments below what is your
favorite product of today’s video I think that we got very nice products
from the advent calender you can find here more advent calendar videos if you
liked this video please give it a thumbs up don’t forget subscribe and also click
on the notification bell and I will see you in my next video

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