Matte Purple Smokey Eyes | Makeup & Hair Tutorial!

the forty video me showing you that make up
a great here I am style excited forties video because this either by are my most favorite makeup tutorial then I’m
actodine on my channel it’s gotta be my most favorite makeup look that I 100
on period down cook story that you probably don’t
really care but i dont this I show came out for me for ever about a year ago it and dash
928 it came out last summer and it sold I’ll past and its old out lake up until about now so excited
because this luck had been in my brain for about
a year because as soon as I saw that I shall dont care soon as I thought I shall I just not this look great here I’m so
excited cue make this video today now yeah go ahead
and get started some starting out with my Anastacia
brown with in the colored hope and should myself feeling you may
browse in a while so I felt like it was time that I’m taking this concealer from
urban decay and I’m starting cue cry my eyes with this I like using a
concealer because it helped to Canton any discoloration my I is and hope to prime for the eyeshadows I
car about the bottom part %uh my brow and then tap it in to my
skin blow calm down on down man I’m taking this
painterly paint app for Mac and this is also going to help Prime II
this is not really necessary I just take an extensive amount of steps to prime my eyes if you wanna hold video on
how I primate I is to the 10 just let me know
I can totally do that video here under setting my area with the
light is coming from the Anastacia can’t work it because I like to have a nice I shadow base for the other eye
shadows to go on to you and taking Peach Smoothie
for makeup geek and also Anastacia Beverly Hills Birkin I shadow in with an Eve 40 brush from Sigma I’m
just going to work this into my Cherie I find that it’s the easiest way to
blend out your shadows if you are afraid to go all over the I area and using circular
motion Center when should my promotions because
back hot so that it looks more blown out and blended rather than just focused
anyone area next and kicking dusty rose from
Anastacia and on a more precise brush death is in
e35 from Sigma and Annette same exact thing
and putting into the crease with circular motions than to define it even more
intriguing BlackBerry from Mac nm focusing their more into the
crease a little bit lower not so high up now is when you wanna be
a little bit more precise and use those windshield wiper motions
and set up circular motions because you want more defined in that crease area to highlight and he
can mac cosmetics shroom I shadow and e25 brash and just highlighting my brow bone area
we will be highlighting with the shadow later on that first we want to go and
with this I shadow here this is and ash 19
aid this is the star this makeup look and on 8 Mac to party too brash I’m going to
rub this I’ll over that lead area make sure that
you’re patting and not swiping or you can pull it off in with a lit into the skin and this
brush actually helps that you don’t have a lot file out match shadows usually do
get fallout but this one is pretty creamy for eight-match shade then I’m just
taking an e25 brash and with blackberry I shadow from for I’m just
helping to planned out that shadow so that it looks
very blown out than with dusty rose I’m just
planning it out even more and feel free to go back to any up the
lighter colors that we use earlier because that will help him find
out shot for me eyeliner applying them much eyeliner and I’m
surprisingly not doing awaiting and then i’m taking a little
bit more on that and ash ninety a shadow and helping to plan out the liner
because I wanted it to be a little bit more stock and not now
dramatic now I did not like a thick black mine next
I’m applying for mascara the is be battered in fact mascara from two-faced
any mascara will deal because we are to be putting sessions on top the lashes
that amusing are from Scio in there and the style viola and needs are just bea utiful I the link down below where you can get
10 percent of it’s the code Briana box and even your lashes at a
discount so I’m just applying these here I have a full in
dept detailed video on how to apply false lashes I’ll post that down below NP took moving
on to the face in taking this primer for Make Up For Ever it be using primer and I’m just focusing
right where my pores are and then also Greg texture this helps to
smooth out those areas and kinda blur out your imperfections so I’m also
bring it down to my job line because that’s where my makeup
tested come of throughout the day so now I’m using the two-faced Born This
Way Foundation with cosmetic brash I’m but thing that into
the faith and this is quickly becoming my new favorite
foundation use it ever since we got it at
generation be and it’s just beautiful I love it so I’ll
post my in-depth review this foundation down
below in the infobox if you wanna know all about it
my thoughts on it and just more information about up next I’m applying the can you meredith
be naked in condylar from Urban Decay and I’m playing under
me eisin also highlighting and blending in with
the other side and that it cosmetics brash and she’s pretty
awesome I love that has both and because they
can go back and forth with it and it saves time when doing my makeup
if you want a full cream highlighting and contouring video let me know down below I’m using this:
Bobby Brown Foundation technicolor army and this stuff is
amazing this is my first time using it but I am
already in let anything that’s fresh from Crown cue planned out and I’m using this: he
just can’t or and chisel out my face nice I’m just
taking that consider that we used before and is helping to sizzle out that condor area and now I’m
setting are the highlight areas and using
emphasize shaping powder from Mac to do this and putting that
underneath my eyes anywhere also that I highlighted with
that concealer of and then I’m setting the rest of my face
with the mineralized skin finish natural from Mac and Jess using this big fluffy
brush from segment you this thank you brands
me can anything be Makeup Forever Pro brand
fusion bronzer nm branding and not contract I’m putting
this where the Sun would actually hit my face
right on the top my forehead kind of like I’m a cheap for you to put
your blast but just to give it a more brandy a fact and this is really really pretty I love
the fact that again and then Q strengthen my country a
little bit more mixing these two colors from Anastacia and I’m sizzling out and setting that
green contour with beaners you too brash and then for my highly and
mixing these two highlighters from back and we
have millions down and we have opal moonstone really works for me
because I’m are fair but because I have more but an opal works for me as well and give
champagne color that I’m taking Desert Rose blush from
acronym applying it to my cheek with the 160 brash from act and then and finishing up the under a area I’m
using the tangled brush from Anastacia it made for the day row but
you can use it for whatever you want and taking that make up forever I shadow
that we used before all over the lid you precisely define my
lash line and then I’m using the fresh from Sigma
2 bath out using and you have those transitions you can
use dusty rose from Anastacia you can use Bergen Peach Smoothie whatever you want I think
I just kinda went back and forth together to line out then we’re going
back to the shroom shade that we use hey later brow and we’re highlighting be inner corner and then I’m applying
mascara cue my bottom lashes just Balan out be have your top lashes
that we have going on for my lips I’m using my new favorite
lip liner from Mac this called edge to edge and the perfect color for me is like my lip color better kind color now I’m applying this all
over my lips area filling it in completely and it is
just so pretty here I’m looking for my lip brush and I
cannot find it anywhere because when I’m high a liquid lipstick from Anastacia and you
can get a more precise application that way so here I am using pure Hollywood would expect from
Anastacia and with my lip freshman thick Madame applying it mainly to the center of my lips but I’m
feather in it out over the rest ability area as well and then I’m gonna go back to that and to add let liner and focus that
mean on that outer part and this kinda helped
you to you lend out your lip color even more and make it look really
blended seem less like a very natural looking hombre shouldn’t even look like you have
to the colors on your lips she just looked like it fades out very
nicely then I’m going to fat my whole face with the all nighter makeup setting
spray from Urban Decay and death is the completed makeup look moving on to my hair it was Cerruti
ratchet up in this messy bun clip saying that I
had gone on so I’m effect that I’m using this: flat
iron from knew me and just kind of straightening out the areas that
were kinda King from the clips that were in my hair and
than and wants you clip in my here extension just to give
myself a little bit valium and a tad that a blank doesn’t
give me a lot of link but I usually use it just for the valium then I’m using this thirty
two millimeter tight mind from you need to create them
pearl in my here I merely putting all of them
away from a case but a couple random ones are going towards my faith
as well and now my here is complete and FB
completed ok articulate everything with video I
really hope that you get like that make up work and will be there straight up for
yourself I think that death with looks so good on everybody style if you recreate it makes you tie me on
Instagram Twitter and Facebook anything I would love to see here like
that create so if you have any questions please let me know down below in the
comment section and don’t forget to check out my Information Act because I have just come
code and a Grecian up in cell yeah he entered this video and I’ll TSX hockey game

43 thoughts on “Matte Purple Smokey Eyes | Makeup & Hair Tutorial!

  1. I love your hair with a tan! Soo much more lively. You pull it off so well. And I'm about to run to sephora for these eye shadows! NEED!

  2. Very beautiful look! And I never would have thought to put eyeliner on top without a wing. And I love that owl pillow that's always playing peekaboo behind you 💜

  3. I don't know if its just me but in this video and the last one you look so much happier than usual! Loving the glow and your personality in this video, and as always amazing tutorial.

  4. You're so sweet and so bubbly I just instantly get in a good mood watching your videos C: this look is gorgeous! I can't wait to recreate it on my brown eyes! Much love❤️❤️❤️

  5. I love this look so much! And love that you switched up a few products you were using, I always love seeing new products! This foundation is amazing, and btw your skin is looking great, your skin care routine is obviously doing its job. Beautiful from the beginning to end of the video 😄

  6. Brianna, you have been one of my favorites on Youtube for SO LONG! You are so beautiful and I am so jealous of your amazing ability to look incredible in both cool and warm tones! haha And the fact that you live in Chicago (I think that's what you've said in videos, at least lol) makes me always think of While You Were Sleeping and it  gives me the warm-fuzzies lol Hope you are having a wonderful day whenever you read this!

  7. You are so talented with makeup darling =) I am so happy to have found your channel!! This has inspired me to do more colourful looks on my own channel! Keep up all your great videos, you have a new subbie xx

  8. Just found your channel looking for videos of the new too faced foundation and I've watched almost all of your videos already!! You have a new subbie here!!

  9. Hi Brianna! I just found your channel and I absolutely adore you..after watching this, I bought the matte purple shadow. It has been on my wishlist since last year and I took the plunge! I also follow you on Snapchat and I completely agree with what you were saying today. I too am a Christian and I knew there was a reason I liked you so much when I found you. You are beautiful, talented and super cute!!! I have been binge watching your channel to catch up! Xoxoxo Chelsea

  10. I love that eyeshadow & your hair color!!
    Do you know if there's a dupe or a similar color from mac for the eyeshadow mufe?

  11. love this look! so funny, since i got it around the new year i laugh every time i use m-928 b/c i ALWAYS wanna use it!! on the lid, outer corner, in the crease…i think I've finally deemed it neutral. if i could dust it on my shoulders i would! thanks for sharing my obsession!!!!

  12. I just found your channel and I am already in love with you ❤️❤️❤️ and that eyeshadow is life… I am deg going to get my hands on it and start playing with it. Thank you so much and love you already ❤️❤️❤️

  13. I have learned so much in just last two weeks that I have FINALLY discovered that has patience and knowledge!!! Please don't stop. Wish I could share the looks I've done from watching ur vids!!!

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