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what our lat hi everyone so today my dog
okay Daisy it’s not your moment right now starting well hi everyone so today I
am going to do a bug unboxing first impressions my dog is acting a fool
right now maybe so recently I have really been on the hunt
for an everyday bag because right now I carry a backpack with me especially when
we all go out as a family I feel like backpacks are more
convenient it’s just a need of a medium-sized beautiful bag if you don’t
know anything about Mac Mac they are a luxury vegan brand they do have shoes
but they are mostly known for their bag I do have a little mat neck collection
video if you would like to go check that out I will link that but I found the
Matt Matt Malone at Nordstrom online and I was like yep
that’s it that’s the one initially I wanted it in black but they didn’t have
been black they had this one and it was on sale so I just jumped on it and I’m
glad I did because I feel like I always gravitate towards black bags and I
needed something different so let’s open this up I did open the box just to save
time but I have not opened the bag so all of that nut bags that I have ordered
even straight from the website come in these plastic bags
I have to say that that is my one gripe about them because I feel that they are
in luxury you know handbag brand they need to have dust bags in my ever so
humble opinion the wet luxury bag does not come with our own dust bags I don’t
know that’s my one critique that I wish that they would do different they call
it a doctor style bag there she is it is a beauty
the color is koala that’s what it’s called
I actually thought that it would be more on the nude side but I do feel like it’s
transferring well on camera the color it has more of a greyish towfish cue to it
which I am really digging Mac net weekend’s a little bit about their brand
by choosing this product and we’re supporting the cruelty free movement the
lining of every one of our products is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
this year we have recycled over 3 million plus plastic bottles that is
awesome stand up and show you the bag it is beautiful and it has the silver
hardware and it just looks gorgeous against the color of the bag excuse my
raggedy nails but it has the mountain that logo here it’s embossed in the bag
alright we took that off the handles nice and sturdy I am obsessed with the
silver hardware on this color it is just beautiful let’s see how smooth the
zipper is and then it opens up super wide which
was something that really attracted me to this bag because and now that I am
back into the YouTube thing I will be carrying my camera with me maybe
sometimes my little desk tripod so I really wanted something that was
spacious but not like super big or bulky okay drink transcend this blue color the
blue lining can you see that how amazing it is with the color the bag the
contrast is stunning so it does come with a little pocket here where I will
most likely be keeping my phone let’s see if it fits
yes it fits perfectly in that little pocket look at that all that the lining
of the bags it does say this lining is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
compartments here again the mat and that tag right there I am already in love
with this bag I just love the way that it opens I think it’s so unique I don’t
have anything like it and I never have had anything like that so you have the
option to grab it like this it fits kind of snug if you want to wear it on your
shoulder like that to be honest but that’s okay because I usually carry my
bags just like this or like this or with the strap I love that it does come with
this longer strap let’s take a look at the strap it is
adjustable which is very important for short girls alike
so now I am wearing a cute top but I’m in my sweatpants so to show you a full
body shop right now okay now on the back it also has a tiny little pocket there
hmm I really wouldn’t put my phone there
because for one I don’t think it would fit it’s too snug I mean it kind of
sticks out a little bit as you can see but usually I prefer to keep my phone
and my jeans inside the bag nice and safe cuz you never know and it also has
the MN so you can see it is a bust it’s not officially in love I mean it’s
safe to say that right I mean can you guys tell can you tell let’s just see me
do a what’s in my bag almost beauty let me know and I will do that for you I’m
so weird sometimes guys I don’t I don’t know but we’re gonna embrace it okay so
that is it for this bad unboxing video definitely let me know if you want to
see eight what’s in my bag okay you guys what is your favorite cruelty free bag
brand I’m always looking for new backwards that is my thing from you guys
and interact with you in the comments section and thank you for watching I
will see you guys next time

11 thoughts on “Matt & Nat Handbag Unboxing | Vegan bags

  1. I love Matt and Nat! This bag is so stunning! I love how wide it opens and the deep blue lining! Thanks for sharing, I've wanted to purchase one for the longest time but can never decide on a style and color so this is very helpful! How is it as far as weight? Is it heavy?

  2. I was totally eyeing that bag the whole time when we were at the plant and sip event. Love it I think I might get one soon

  3. 🤤…😍…😞…👜…💳…💻…💸

    Thank you Cynthia! My mom is going to be mad at me! You better wish me luck! 😓
    Jk (Only slightly though) Luv ya girl! ❤

  4. I agree with you that M&N should include a dust bag with each purchase! I love your purse, and Koala is a gorgeous colour! 🙂

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