Master Class: Nude Makeup Tricks with Ting Duque

Hi! This is Ting Duque, and I’m a professional makeup artist. And today, I’m going to show you how I do a nude makeup look on my celebrity clients. Now, on prepped skin, I’m going to perfect her complexion by using the Tom Ford Soleil Cushion. Today, I use the shade Natural on her just to even out the areas where we just need to brighten. The next step we’re going to do is we’re going to conceal. Choose a shade that’s just a few shades lighter than your skin tone. The darkness is usually found right here in the inner corner of the eyes. Now we’re going to define Ange’s features by using the Shade and Illuminate and the Illuminating Pen. That’s exactly where you’re going to apply the contour shade. A tiny bit on the nose area. I’m going to use the Illuminating Pen. Anything that’s dark will make it recede. Anything that’s bright or light will make things pop out. I’m just going to blend it by stippling it to the skin. So the next step we’re going to do is we’re going to add a little bit of of color to the cheeks and a little bit more illumination. I’m going to use the Shade and Illuminate Cheek. This is the beautiful shade that I chose for Ange. The reason also why I like working with creams: It just looks more natural. It melts on the skin. Personally, I like to use my fingers. That way, I don’t rub off the foundation that we put on Ange’s skin. In this palette, there is also a highlight where it’s applied at the top of the bone, right near the eye area. I’m going to warm up the skin by using the bronzer. This is the Tom Ford famous bronzer that everybody wants to have! And this shade is called Hera. I usually a bronzer by forming the number three. I also use this to contour the nose. The next step that’s so important, especially if you’re doing the nude look, is to have define brows. So I’m going to be using the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in Taupe. I’m just going to fill in the areas, or just give it like a stronger line. Now that we have perfected the brows, we are going to start contouring her eyes! We all have that problem where the eyeshadow doesn’t last. A good trick is actually to use eyeshadow base. I’m using the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Base Duo. This is the Quad eyeshadow that they have. I’m going to use this really nice peach shade, and I’m going to get the darkest shade of the eye pencil on the outer corner, going in to the crease area. I also use the darkest shade with the pencil brush, then I just apply it right here, on her lower lash. You get the satin shade and just apply it in the middle part of the eyes. Just to bring light and just to make the eyes pop. I’m going to get the lightest shade of the Quad. I’ll just apply it here in the inner corner of the eye. We’re going to do the highlighting that everyone loves! Don’t go ham. Huwag masyadong magwala. Ayaw naman natin magmukhang masyadong oily. Who doesn’t love a good lip color? Line the lips with the Lip Sculptor in Extort. It’s such a beautiful brown shade. I’m going to define Ange’s lips by just lightly touching the lips with the lip pencil. If you want your lipstick to last long, you can use this as a base. I’m just overlining just a tiny bit just to give Ange a little bit more of a fuller lip. The last step we’re going to do is we’re going to do the lipstick. And this is the Lip Lacquer in Soft Core Vinyl. You want a little bit more definition? You can go over it again with your liner. If you feel like you just want to knock down the oil, just get a bit of the powder that you used, then just go over the areas to bring down the oily areas. This is my basic nude makeup. Usually used by my celebrity clients as their daytime look. Now we want to switch it up to a little bit more of like a glamorous look, so let me show you how it’s done. This has been going on the whole day. What I would do is get any oil-blotting paper through the excess oil. So I’ve done that off-cam. The first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to strengthen Ange’s brows a little bit more. I’m going to use the Eyebrow Gel. This will make the eyebrow hair stand up and just give you more of a bushier look. The great thing about the Tom Ford selection of colors is they have a cream shadow that I super, super love. And what I’m doing is just patting it over whatever she has right now. The key here is use shades that are almost in the same family. I’m going to get this rose shade and just apply it in the inner part of Ange’s eyes. So I’m going to add the yellow shade here at the inner corner of Ange’s eyes. And I’m going to apply this bronze shade in the outer corner just to intensify that area. And just to add a little pink shade just for some drama, I just use my fingers. And now we’re just going to add a little bit more drama by adding some kind of arteng eyeliner. And Tom Ford is known for their double-sided eyeliner So this is in Black. Just press it and bring it up. I recurled the lashes. Tip that I can give is when you do it again, just do it very gently as much as possible. And I’m just going to add a bit of mascara. Now I’m just going to intensify the contours that we made. I’m just going to use bronzing powder, and I’m just going to add a brighter blush. It’s okay to put a little bit more extra, because blush is usually the first to fade. Okay, I removed the excess lipstick. I’m going to change her lip color, and I chose something that’s a little bit more festive, brighter. Again, I like doing that technique where you fill in the lips with the lip pencil. And I’m just going to finish off her lips with Lip Lacquer in the shade Flame. And I think this just goes so well with her eyes, and it just looks beautiful on her skin tone. I’d like to thank you guys for watching the transformation from daytime to nighttime. I suggest that you guys give it a try, and have fun.

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